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Diablo III : Reaper of Souls will be unleashed on March 25. This kind of genre never fades away all around the world in the past few years. Fans of ARPG seem like addicting to the story of dark western magical world. Since mobile games on iOS and Android explode in popularity, more and more developers turn to produce this genre instead of casual games, card games, for example Eternity Warriors, Dungeon Hunter. However, most of them focus on the Diablo frame with multiplayer. Gamecomb blazes a trail to trace back classical gameplay in 90s, concentrating on the initial motivation of the game with cool fighting experience and fluent controls. From now on, the arcade memories would be called back.

Two classes are available for you in the present(more in the future), warrior and assassin. Both of them are melee classes which emphasize on the fighting techniques. After the Warrior masters the basic attack, he can accumulate strength for the sword attack and cause multi-section damage, while the Assassin loves to wield her knife to quickly strike her enemies critical points with deadly precision. The dungeons here are consist of several chambers in a horizontal line, where massive foes will attack you. Each stage owns a final boss in the deep of the dungeon awaiting for you, so you kill them for golds and materials to buy items and enhance equipments. The core item in this game is called Soul through killing foes. It is required here and there for a lot of functions. With your progress moving forward, you might need to purchase for more souls, but you can collect them through clearing dungeons again and again. In the meantime, daily login and quests award lots of items. Your equipments are able to evolve into more powerful ones with gorgeous appearances.

It’s the fact that fighting experience makes the game stand out of others. Not only fighting with friend in dungeons impress you a lot, but also the sophisticated arena allows you to fight against them cheerfully. Arena is divided into three modes, which are Dual (online), Mirror (offline) and Dark Moon Trial (special event). You can challenge your friends whenever and wherever you want. You may doubt how to defeat a player with a higher level. Balance System is a hidden function which can adjust disparity about level and equipment. Operation plays a significant role in PVP, using dodge skill to avoid attack and super skill to KO. That’s the true essence of fighting. Assassin is much harder to control but more popular to the fans of PVP.

Lots of players are fascinated by the superbly delicate graphics and thrilling skill effects. Although the release is only limited to Australia, it is predictable that fans of this genre would fall in love with this game. If you are interested in Diablo type game but wish something different, give this a try. You can enjoy it without costing anything, or you will explore more fun by spending a few.

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What's new soon!

Call up your friends to assist you in Dungeons! Super Skill Immediately!

You can set one of your friends as a helper assisting you even if he is offline.

Double attack the Bosses! Raid the dungeons!

My Heroes, prepare for new updates approaching this February!

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