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Hi Everyone, I'm a new developer on iOS. I would like to share you my first game on iPhone/iPod touch: Ball's Escape It's a simple, but funny and easy to play. You control your ball in Yellow moving to advoid cautch by other balls (Red). There are 3 modes for you to play: - Escape Mode: starting from 1 RED ball, but they will come by numbers and moving faster after each round. - Survival Mode: choose the fix number of RED balls. More balls, more points & more fun. - Fun Mode: Just relax. No RED ball could harm you.  Ball's Escape let you customize balls by your photos (from camera or library) and play with them.  The full version is only 0.99$ but you can try the lite version at Thanks for you attention and hope you love this game!
#152 Posted by stef_vfxsoft (2 posts) -
BATTLE REIGN (Universal App, requires iOS 5.0 or better, Game Center) Any Battle Isle veterans out there? Battle Reign is a military-themed, turn-based online multiplayer strategy game. In each of the ten unique scenarios players can take control of a set of varying combat units available from a modern weaponry arsenal of four selectable factions. During the game, players strategically move their units on a hexagon tile map, attack opposing forces, conquer enemy buildings, build or repair new or damaged units in various types of buildings to ensure an advantage over the opposing player. An advantage can be gained by collecting energy resources - oil barrels - and by using them to produce units following the rock-paper-scissors principle. Units are able to gain experience and to rise in rank which makes them powerful assets that can rival large amassments of inexperienced strike forces. Every unit has a special set of stats (accessible by double-tapping on a unit), which determine their ability to move, defend and attack ground, airborne or naval opposing units with varying efficiency and over specific distances. The goal on every map is to destroy all enemy units or to capture the opposing players headquarters while preventing the opposing player from being successful in the very same endeavor. The overall goals of the game are to progress the players rank, to climb worldwide leaderboards and to master a challenging list of achievements. Features Compelling graphics Sophisticated set of unit-, turn- and player-based statistics Focus on multiplayer duels with the opportunity to compare player progress in leaderboards Challenging achievements Simple, intuitive interface Link to App Store Link to Support/FAQ Promo Code(s) P44XF9MNE3NE XHN6ENPWKPTY JAJKFYNPL4MX AJE4NR77E764 4LTH3ETXJK4M Screenshots
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 WHAT IS SHIFTS? Shifts is a turn-based strategy game set in a desolate universe. You play the Captain of a ship fleeing a dying Earth. Lost in space with the last five humans in the entire universe, its up to you to guide them through the stars. Find habitable planets and colonize them with creation engines before your nanovirus-infected Arkship self-destructs. With strategy and luck you'll find a new home for humanity. MAN-UP, WISE-UP TACTICS Chances are, space will get you killed. Make smart tactical decisions and you just might save the human race. Play recklessly and humanity dies with you.  RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CRAZINESS Your ship's artificial intelligence just might go insane. The thruster reactors leak and the hull is cracking from the stress of intergalactic flight. Your robots need constant maintenance, and pesky nanobots are trying to corrupt the creation engines and break the ship apart. Manage your resources carefully or there's no tomorrow.  SYMBIOTIC CREW = SUPER POWERS Every member of your crew has been engineered to give the arkship a special power. Activate those powers by connecting crew to the ship's artificial intelligence (interfacing).  YOU'RE ON SHIFT! Assign non-interfaced crew to shifts. Every crew member is armed with a different speciality to deal with the arkship's growing list of problems. Decide who's on shift and when to keep the arkship from falling apart. But be warned, your symbiotic crew members will grow fatigued if you keep them from interfacing with the artificial intelligence for too long. RANDOM MAP GOODNESS Look, space is a very big place. There's no reason to play (or die) in the same place twice. WEBPAGES AND OTHER LINKS Threadbare games page: Book of Faces: Twitter We have at least 5 Promo codes to give out just PM Threadbareconnor for one (hilarious jokes and/or meme's greatly improve your chances).
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 Coming exclusively to the Singapore App Store on 20th June! Violet Arts would like to introduce our latest game Toby Space Rush - an endless runner like no other. Crashing into asteroids may not always be a bad idea!      Catch the game trailer on our YouTube Channel Features: ^ Smooth navigation controls ^ Beautiful visuals and effects ^ Active and passive skills to learn and master ^ Upgradeable ship elements ^ Solo mode for offline mission ^ Arena endless mode for Facebook (MUST TRY!) Visit us for the latest news on Toby Space Rush:
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Dead On Sight is the first game released by UK indie developer Bombhead. It is a touch controlled sniper game (no on screen joypad) where you can literally blow zombies to bits. The object of the game is to prevent the zombies killing the locals. The people will try to escape by running away, hiding in buildings and climbing ladders. The amount of people you rescue are then brought to the final level where you have to help them escape out of town.   iPad Screen Shots  iPhone 4 Screen Shot You Tube Trailer: TouchGameplay You Tube Trailer: iTunes Link: For more info: Facebook: Twitter:
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Real Dance: A motion sensing game on iOS The most healthy, and sports App is here! This is a new type of dancing game on mobile device, and we call it Real Dance because the dancer is no longer the cartoon character on the screen but YOU in real world!!! You should do the actions with your mobile device according to the game tips, and your device will become a motion sensing equipment to judge your actions. With the melody, with the actions of device, you can start to dance! There are 64 kinds of actions in 7 categories: 1.Move up, down, left, right, upper leftupper right, lower left, lower right. 2.Push. 3.Move and push up, down, left, right, upper leftupper right, lower left, lower right 4.Draw a semi-circle outward from up, down, left, right. 5.Draw a 90°, 180°, 270° or 360° arc parallelly to the screen in clockwise or anticlockwise from up, down, left, right. 6.Tilt your device by -90°, -45°, 0°, 45°or 90°. 7.Turn left or right by 45°, 90°or 180°.
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Hello everybody! I'm the developer of the upcoming puzzle game Free Fish! which will be released for iPhone, iPad and Android this July or August. In Free Fish! you have to rescue a bunch of fish and other sea animals caught in fishing nets. Build combinations of same-coloured fish to let them squirm out of the nets! And make use of the special skills animals like the sawfish or the octopus have - there will be at least 9 different species in the end game all with different characteristics! Free Fish! will provide different game modes (even online and local versus modes), global leaderboards, unlockable achievements and HD graphics for high-resolution tablets like the Retina iPad or the Nexus 10. And all for free of course!  Stay tuned for updates! --- Christoph Skorupa
#158 Posted by katyartkelly (1 posts) -
COLAR APP - FIRST IN THE WORLD AUGMENTED REALITY COLORING "BOOK" APPDESCRIPTION Hi my name is Katy and our small company Puteko in New Zealand just released a coloring book App for iOS that uses Augmented Reality. The amazing thing about our app is that it takes the texture directly of the page that has been colored in and applies it to a 3D model! WHY WE CREATED THE APP Our company developed this idea to make coloring books cool again! It is a great group activity for children between 4 and 11 as you can keep printing the colouring pages out again and again off our and only need one I-pad. Finally, we would love feedback and how we can improve our product. My email is We are also really excited to see pictures from app so please email them to me! Thanks again! Katy Kelly Puteko Limited Website: Video: Images: Twitter: @ColArApp Facebook: colAR App
#159 Posted by PixelPounce (2 posts) -
Hi everyone, I have released a new game called Beetle Bots onto the Apple iTunes App Store. It is a cute, and quick game to play when you have a spare minute. The aim of the game is to help guide the beetle bots into their colour coded portals (like Flight Control). However, you can not control a beetle bot directly, rather, you draw lines on the screen to bounce them to their intended destination and away from the screen edge (which destroys them and is game over). They can also bounce off each other just to add to the craziness. See how many you can help! Download it from the iTunes App Store: Download it from Google Play:
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hi guys do checkout our most loved game Boat Load the Game - Loads of loadin and boatin fun for iOS Boat Load the Game is a fun physics based game for everyone in the family! Load your boat with every last bit of cargo sitting on the dock, from fruits and barrels to animals and an entire volley of bizarre containers without toppling the boat. Speaking of bizarre, this isn't any ordinary cargo as you'll soon discover. The animals can get frisky if kept close to their favorite kinda fruit and some animals just loathe each other entirely. Oh and did we mention there is TNT on board too? Whatever will you do? For starters have barrels of fun as you battle the cacophony of grizzly gorillas, cranky crocs and hungry hippos in 40 exciting levels. Boat Load the Game is available for sale now at the iTunes Store ( and you can read more about it at our website Want to see em party animals groove like theres no tomorrow? Watch as the Harlem Shake fever infects all the animals Follow us on Twitter for updates and upcoming features Become a fan of Boat Load The Game on Facebook: RZ2 Games:
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Hi, I'm happy to announce that I have released my first (iOS) game called Cats, Flowers & Labyrinth. It is a puzzle game with some action. Player can:
  • move blocks of the labyrinth (similar to classic 15-puzzle)
  • control Marvin, which is a hero of this game
There are several types of blocks (movable, stationary, one-pass, magical), items (keys, cones, bonus flowers) and enemies. Combination of these things creates a variable and quite original gameplay. The game currently contains 64 levels. In each level, player has to bring Marvin to Kitty, Marvins love. I also have "lite" version of the game - Cats, Flowers & Labyrinth mini". Feel free to ask me anything.  Trailer: iTunes: iTunes mini version (free): Web:
#162 Posted by mariuskatsby (1 posts) -


Fold is an original and addictive puzzle game for iPhone, developed by Once a Bird, an independent studio that placed in the Top 20 of the DreamBuildPlay contest twice with Graveyard Shift and Bennu.

Screenshot #1Screenshot #2

Release trailer:

App Shop:

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It's a not an ordinary ball. It is not even a super ball. It is UBERBALL! Control the mightiest Ball in the universe and blast your way through the legions of Evil! Use your Uberpowers to defeat your enemies and earn a place in the Hall of Glory! Uber Ball is a classic Arkanoid game with fresh, dynamic gameplay, cool retro pixelated graphics and 8-bit rock music by LukHash. UberFeatures: - 9 different and colorful worlds - 12 powerups which help you in your quest for glory! - Different levels each time you play - Epic Boss battles! - 8-bit styled graphics - 8-bit styled music - Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards - It is FREE! Official website: App Store: Google Play: Music by:    Official website: App Store: Google Play: Music by:
#164 Posted by Embiema (3 posts) -
Hi, I would like to invite you to try the beta version of the iPhone/iPad game Spelling Millionaire 2. The current version is fully playable and we are looking for feedback. We have created a simple yet challenging game that we believe is very entertaining and addictive. What do you think? Spelling Millionaire 2, challenges you to guess if the words that are presented to you are correctly written or not. In each round you have to guess fifteen words of increasing difficulty, and if correct you are rewarded, with the goal of winning one million. Full game features: - 4 game modes: normal, expert, fast and child. - More than 2,000 words grouped by their level of difficulty. - A definition of each word is available. - Wildcards for consulting the public and overtime. - Chance of setting records by country or the entire world in an online panel. - British and American dictionaries. A playable PC version is available through any web browser (not on the App Store yet) Would you like to give it a try? Password: clvk4 I would really appreciate it if after trying it you take the time to fill the short survey.
#165 Posted by abhelly (1 posts) -
Ultimate Trivia: The Quiz Hi guys, I want to introduce our latest game for iOS devices, also we'd really love to know what you think about it. Description: The game is similar to the famous English TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. In order to win the grand prize of one million game dollars, you must correctly answer 15 questions from various fields of expertise. 15 questions, 4 possible answers, 3 Helps and $1.000.000 top prize. Our trivia quiz covers all of popular topics like Movies, TV, Politics, History, Geography, Literature, Pop culture, Sport and much more. Rules: You will be asked questions of varying difficulty. The main goal is to answer 15 questions to win 1 million in game currency. Hints: "Help of the crowd" - Statistics based on people answers. "Help of virtual friend" - Try to get the correct answer from virtual friend. "Increase the chances" - Removes two wrong answers, increases your chances. More: - You can take money anytime during gameplay. - You can share your winning results with your friends via social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.) - Check out "Scores" section where you can see results from all around the world. Your scores also can be there if you use GameCenter. - More than 15000 questions in the database. And we'll add more with every update. You can visit official game website and submit your questions, that will show on the next update. - Universal app Retina and iOS 6/7 support Features: - GameCenter. - Share results via social networks (twitter,facebook etc.). - More than 15000 questions in database and counting. - Universal App (All devices supported). - Written with Unity3d engine. iPhone Screenshots:    Links: iTunes: Official game website:
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CubloQ An innovative puzzle game about cubes, color and gravity physics uniquely designed for iOS touch screens. Inspired by the classical Tetris, but probably plays like nothing you have seen before in the puzzle genre! Features five unlockable exclusive electronica tunes. Game center leader board included for online play. Itunes The HD trailer Screenshots    How to play CubloQ HD video tutorial /Oceanturtle games
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Webelinx Games & Apps - iOS

Hello all,

We have just released a new Facebook page which contains all of our iOS games and apps,

Check it out:

Webelinx is an entertainment mobile developer company and the creator of many popular games & apps for iOS including Beauty Salon Nail Art, Geography Quiz Game, , Football Players /Clubs, Beauty Salon - Fashion, Guess the Celebrity, Defender etc.


#168 Posted by aunurogames (4 posts) -
 Mayas & Aliens, a game from Nurogames. Mayas and Aliens - Save yourself before the end of the world! Lead your team to victory and earn the ticket to a distant and safe planet! Get more support from other Mayan warriors or alien fighters and use their technology! Have fun in the fascinating world of the Mayans and Aliens. It was 884 AD, when a small idyllic Mayan village was suddenly threatened by a volcanic eruption. But this harbinger of doom was just the beginning. The prayers and sacrifices of the Mayas were increased. Incredibly, one day alien gods with strange green faces descended from the stars. What joy, what hope! They promise the Mayans salvation from the destruction of the world. But there's a catch. The alien spaceship doesnt have enough space to save everyone. So the Mayan people have to pass some tests submitted to them by the aliens. That means that youll have to beat them in different challenges and win races. Only the winners will earn the gift of being part of a secure future. Features - 9 extra-terrestrial tests with over 90 tasks in the fascinating world of Maya - High quality illustrations in a funny cartoon style - Over 90 beautifully designed characters, buildings and hieroglyphs - Fight against other players in the leagues and get extra rewards - Search for collaborators to increase your chances in fights - Gain experience points and upgrade your skills and much more Compatibility - Android smartphones & tablets - iPhone & iPod touch - iPad TRAILER: LINK:
#169 Posted by BeDeKa (1 posts) -
 TR: DungeonsSize: 301.7 MB Version: 1.0 Price:Free     Dungeons is the prequel to the Temple Raider story. Explore mystic medieval castles in search of ancient artefacts. Find all Dark words magics and take them Beyond the world of the living to return them to the Guardian of Knowledge. Dont get lost or trapped in the maze of tunnels while carefully exploring the cause of paranormal activities in those dungeons. COLLECT ANCIENT RELICS Explore the medieval dungeons to gather the artefacts and solve the mysteries to reach the primal truth. BEWARE OF FIERCE CREATURES Uncover the secrets of the haunted castles but watch out for traps and ethereal dwellers. USE MAPS AND ITEM SEEKERS If you get stuck at any temple go to the Black market where you can find explosives, item seekers, crayons or even old maps COMPETE WITH YOUR FRIENDS Game center achievements to compete with your friends. Unearth more secrets to earn higher adventurous titles. INTUITIVE PRECISION CONTROLS Extremely easy to navigate and move while preserving the rich experience of a joystick controlled game. UNIVERSAL APP Temple Raider is a universal game that can be installed on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It will always present the best graphics for your device without the need to purchase a new game for iPhone or iPad. LINK:
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Hey guys! TurtleStrike is a hardcore twist in multiplayer, a game for both casual and competitive players. It is a game that mixes Worms-like fun with deep strategy and real-money tournaments and we finally have a release date for you. The carnage begins July 25th 2013!  What can you expect from TurtleStrike? * iOS/Android Live Turn-Based Multiplayer Strategy; No more waiting for your opponent! Both players plan their moves at the same time and the turn is then resolved simultaneously. It isn't a classical asynchronous Turn-based strategy; players have to play the whole match at once rather than check in and play their turn when it's convenient. * Skill-based competitive gameplay with regular tournaments for real money prizes * Its Free-to-Play, but not Pay-to-Win; you have to unlock all the weapons first, you cant just buy them right away. All equipment tier upgrades are sidegrades: That fresh new gun might not fit your strategy at all! Screenshots: - - - - - For more information, go to: TurtleStrike Home: email: Twitter: @eeGonGames Facebook: Google+: TurtleStrike FAQ: Press kit available at
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 NAME: VegTycoon TYPE: Slot Machine Version: 1.2.0 PRICE: Free SIZE: 38.1M DEVELOPER: Ruankosoft Technologies (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd. © RuankoSoft Rated 12+ Bet and click. A flow of gold coins flock in after vegetable Marquee stops. Enjoy excitement and surprise from good fortune. VegTycoon is an awesome virtual gaming machine with 8 different funny game characters and amazing odds from 2 to 100. Matching with multiple bet strategies plus some adventurous spirit, you can enjoy endless amusement from each coin earning. Once start hardly to cease. Features Funny and cute vegetable characters Push 10 coins every 30s iTunes link:
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Hi, everybody! Check out our educational iPad app for toddlers to learn new words and letters. It`s called "I Know My World" and it is available here for free: The app is very simple to use: a kid will just tap on flash cards with words or letters and hear a friendly voice saying what is depicted there. It`s an effective method for little learners to expand their vocabulary and to memorize letters playfully. * It is free (up to 85 cards) * No any ads * Retina support * Child protected interface: you can lock menu, settings and store to protect accidental purchase * Responsive images * English and Russian localizations We`ll be happy to get your feedback;)
#174 Posted by Ledicek22 (7 posts) -
Hello to everyone, here is our baby ;) Lums - mind bending puzzle game, for all the fans of Angry Birds!  All the vampires are scared of light, so they wait in their hideouts. Burn them by exposing these creatures to the light. Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPhone Touch devices on the App Store on July 24th, 2013 Trailer: Get the latest news on Facebook -
#175 Posted by leonardoopitz (1 posts) -
Hello, The Idea Factory Indy Game Developers developed a new casual game for iPad named Magbaden World - Fly HD. It is already in AppStore: The Facebook page is: You can check the press release: Some screens:   Icon:  Best regards, Leonardo Opitz
#176 Posted by Ledicek22 (7 posts) -
 Use 5 different Lums to unleash the power of light and burn evil vampires. Cannonball Lum destroys all the bricks. Light Lum creates the cone of light wherever you want him to. Antigravity Lum makes Vampire´s hideouts fly away. Transparent Lum turns cover to glass which lets the light through. The last hero, Stone Lum, turns everything into stone. Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPhone Touch devices on the App Store on July 24th, 2013 Trailer: Get the latest news on Facebook -
#178 Posted by TheGeoff_ETX (1 posts) -
Hi guys! Eutechnyx are proud to announce that our new game, Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs is currently available in the App Store - Since the dawn of time, two old foes have fought for territory and honour; this is the story of the ancient feud between cats and dogs. Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs combines the addictiveness of a tower defence game with the tactical variety of a role-playing strategy game, for a fun and unique gaming experience. Key Features: - 60 levels on an interactive map - Build/Defend/Attack gameplay - full strategic control - Unique ability branches - Magic, Might, Martial - 35 skills to earn and 5 artefact skills to find - Multiple unit types alongside towers, traps, magic and interactive martial abilities - Levelling and XP system leading to feature unlocks - Free to play!    For more information, check out: Forums - Trailer - Facebook - Twitter - @TeamNinjaCat & @TeamSamuraiDog
#179 Posted by AwemGames (4 posts) -
Hey, guys! We're casual game developers from Belarus. And a few days ago we've released our new HO - Golden Trails 2 HD for iPad. It'll soon be available for Android too. It would be great if you could share your opinion on the game here on in the Appstore Travel back to the 18th century and join Henry's gripping adventures whose granddad is accused of being a pirate and condemned to death. Take the advantage of your iPad display, scour perfectly designed locations to find over 2000 hidden objects, solve mind-bending puzzles and practice your accuracy in the unique shooting gallery. Look for the clues in passionate Spain, exotic Maghreb, and the legendary islands of the Caribbean. Don't let the bandits get away and save the innocent. There is much more behind the story! GAME FEATURES - 45 Fantastic hidden object locations and over 2 000 items to search - Three game modes including Unlimited mode and unique Shooting Gallery - Travel 4 continents in search for the truth - Solve puzzles in and between the episodes - Get 47 marvelous in-game trophies - Try before buy! Start your adventure for free and unlock the whole game without leaving the app! You can download it here - If you like casual games, you can also try other games by Awem or even like our facebook page)
#180 Posted by ChickenBoyBig (1 posts) -
Chicken Zooma - Cartoon Take on a classic game! Hello, I'm Chicken Boy and I want to present our latest game - CHICKEN ZOOMA It is GIGA-MEGANTASTIC! So have fun! :) Chcken Zooma: Chicken Zooma FREE: YouTube: Facebook:
#181 Posted by Diplomat_9 (1 posts) -
Hi there, we're excited to announce Decromancer, a new free-to-play battle card RPG thats coming to iOS and Android soon!      ABOUT:The tactical card battling game that puts you at the core of a whirlwind adventure across an epic storyline! Explore a hand drawn world where almost all species have evolved into a humanoid form. Advance further into enemy territory by challenging and defeating the AI in tactical turn based combat, where formation is key and your cards abilities matter. Unlock and recruit more cards by completing quests and befriending the locals. Learn powerful spells that can turn the tide of battle in order to defeat more powerful enemies and advanced AI commanders.
  • Command forty unique hand-painted cards, each with their own tactical advantages and powers.
  • Explore a large, beautifully illustrated open world.
  • Outmaneuver your opponents in deep turn-based combat, requiring forethought and strategy.
  • Cast powerful spells to turn the tide of battle.
  • Unlock new cards as you progress to supplement and improve your army.
RELEASE & PLATFORMS: Game release for iOS and Android devices is planned for September 2013 BETA-TESTING: We'll be entering beta in a few weeks, so if you are ready to battle the enemy now, you are welcome to join the front ranks! Here is the link where you can sign-up: MORE INFORMATION: To find out more about the game, visit us here, or follow us on Twitter
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I'd like to announce the launch of 'Gadzookery Free', and an update to our earlier upgraded 'Gadzookery' beta version. Both are available on the App Store now.

Gadzookery is a test of vocabulary, spelling, creativity, and speed. The object of the game is to create a unique sentence or phrase based off of a target word. The twist? The target word must be an acronym of your sentence or phrase and its meaning must relate to the target word. Creativity is encouraged, so its OK if your sentence is a bit of a stretch, or even just tenuously relates to the target word. Let's look at few examples: If the target word is GAMES, you might try "Gadzookery App Making Entertaining Sentences." The target word becomes an acronym, since the first letters of each word spell out the target word. And the sentences meaning relates to the target word, since Gadzookery is a game (and an extremely fun one, at that!). For the target word YOGURT, you'd be clever to play a sentence like "Yummy Organisms, Gloppy Underrated Refrigerated Treat." The target word becomes a perfect acronym of your sentence, which nicely describes some of yogurt's moregloppy qualities. If you're working with NYMPH, you could write "Naughty Young Men Prefer Her." Again, the target word becomes an acronym, and your sentences meaning humorously ties back to it. Stuck for words? Need some inspiration to help complete a sentence or phrase? Use the thesaurus on your gameplay keyboard for a list of synonyms. How to score points? Players earn 1 point for every letter used so long words are real good in this game. Players also earn an additional ten bonus points for completing a sentence or phrase against the timer. Let's take another look at the first example sentence above; 'GAMES - Gadzookery App Making Entertaining Sentences' would earn a total of 50 points for 40 letters used and 10 bonus points. Incomplete sentences and phrases, spelling mistakes and fake words lose you points. You lose the bonus and every other letter played loses 50% of the points. You can play single player or multi-player. The multi-player version has a challenge system for misspelled or fake words. If you spot any go ahead and challenge that sentence or phrase. If you're correct you'll take all the points in that sentence/phrase from the player challenged. If you're wrong you'll lose your points to the player challenged. Got it? Good. If this game appeals to you you can download it from the link below. If you know any avid word game players they might also appreciate you telling them about it ;) Thanks for reading
#183 Posted by rgogescu (1 posts) -
I'd like to announce the launch of 'Railroads of America', a puzzle / time management game for iPads:

Description: Enjoy a challenging railroad construction time management game in which you have the mission to build a big railroad across United States. Use various pieces of railroad, which you have to connect and use, to build a track for the train, from the start to the end station. As you play through the game, levels become more and more complex, as they start to feature terrain elements such as: rocks, water, tunnels. Make sure you finish building the track before the train starts moving and then while the train is moving defend it. Gameplay Trailer: Features: - Nice graphics designed for iPad; - Free level addons; - Fight with Bandits and Indigenes and protect your train; - Mine iron mines to gather resources; - Collect gold to buy workers and achieve a higher score. iTunes Link:
#184 Posted by AwemGames (4 posts) -
Hi everyone! We're Awem Games, casual game developers from Belarus. And we've just released our new hidden object game for Mac - Golden Trails 3 ! It would be great if you could share your opinion on the game here on on the Appstore Golden Trails 3 on the Mac App Store: At last all Mac owners can get this intricate and fascinating game full of the Knights Templar's riddles! Experience the atmoshere of mystery in the continuation of the popular series. Golden Trails 3: The Guardian's Creed Key Features: -Five captivating episodes with more than 35 locations to explore -Engaging mini-games and inventory-based puzzles -Secret Mission, Adventure and Unlimited game modes -Unexpected twists of events and Templar theme -Powerful artifacts to solve puzzles and find clues
#185 Posted by matosnek (3 posts) -
Hi there, we're Alda Games and we recently released our first game called Save the Snail HD. :)   Save the Snail HD is a casual puzzle game where you have to protect little defenceless snails against dangeroust traps and help them to evade burning sunlight and falling rocks. Curious? Watch the gameplay on Youtube: The game is available for iPhones and iPads and you can download it for free on the App Store : (and also on Google Play - The game features: *24 exciting levels *easy to use controls *beatutiful hand-painted graphics *realistic physics *... and much more :) The game is localized into many languages: English, German, Spain, French, Russian and Chinese. We hope you will enjoy Save the Snail HD, such as we do :) And don't forget to rate it ;) Sincerelly,
#187 Posted by iplayalldaygame (1 posts) -
Hi guys, Kung Fu Quest: The Jade Tower is a 2D side scrolling beat'em up game that emulates the classic yet tries to bring new take in the genre for mobile device. Here's a trailer for the game in case you're curious : Available now for free on App Store : KungFu Quest - The Jade Tower KungFu Quest - The Jade Tower HD Also available now for free on Google Play: KungFu Quest: The Jade Tower Beat all the enemies and make your way up to the top of the tower to face the ultimate evil. This isn't just a simple beat em up game, a touch of classic with new awesome features. Use different strike moves and make your own combos, upgrade and customize yourself to beat the enemies. What you'll get from Kung Fu Quest: The Jade Tower: - 37 challenging stages, 7 unique themes including 8 intense boss fights - List of different strike moves allows you to set your own fighting moves and combos to match your fighting style. - No awkward virtual D-Pad! Controls specially designed for touchscreen allowing easy and responsive inputs - Character upgrades and customization - 60 fps animation and awesome graphics Here are some screenshots to see what actions this game will bring to your iphone/ipod/iPad and Androids:       Available now for free on App Store : KungFu Quest - The Jade Tower KungFu Quest - The Jade Tower HD Also available now for free on Google Play: KungFu Quest: The Jade Tower KungFu Quest: The Jade Tower official website : KungFu Quest: The Jade Tower Facebook page: Thank you so much for your time and if you like what you see, please help me share the game FIGHT ON!
#188 Posted by oyabunAOD (2 posts) -
Hello, I am Oyabun, and today I would like to introduce to you Age of Defenders, a game my friends have been working on for the past 3 years. Age of Defenders is a online tower defense strategy game where the players defend their main base by building the defensive towers and sending the attack forces to destroy the opponents main base.  Recently we released the updated beta, with absolutely amazing singleplayer campaign and new multiplayer maps. You can find more info on our website: And if you want to keep yourself updated with the latest development, visit our Facebook page: The game will be available for Windows, iOS and Android platform Questions, suggestions and critiques are always welcome! Thank you!
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We are proud to introduce our new iOS game Retroid. Check it out. Classic arkanoid arcade style game ! Can you break all the bricks ? This task needs some lighting reflexes ! * Different Episodes for you to choose * 15 levels per Episode * Every episode has unique look and gameplay * Cheerful graphics and effects * Groovy music Stay tuned for brand new Episodes and levels ! Game link: Facebook:
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Hey there everyone, We'd like to announce our newest game for iphone, available on 11th august 2013 Title: Fats of Pyori Genre: Arcade - Puzzle Description: Hoonimals miss their home after shocking accident take places. Help Pyori to return each hoonimals to their lovely home. Pyori is an alien bird who has a unique ability, he can adjust his own weight as he want to. Use his unique ability to throw hoonimals back to their home by increasing or decreasing his fats percentage. Feature: - Unique Gameplay - 4 stages n 60+ levels (at the moment) - Tricky levels, puzzle SS:      Trailer (sorry for the poor quality) :
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Planet Miner This is our first game, actually this is still development stage. We also launch this game for IOS too. See here for more details: There are 6 different type of gameplay: 1. Space Exploring. Explore the entire solar system and looking for resources as much as possible, you will find a wide variety of missions, and you can also create a defense system to defend the headquarters from the unknown enemy attacks.  2. Gold Mining. You have to create a base to take the gold and survive from asteroid strikes.  3. Helium Mining. Here you can create a unique helium base to withstand attacks from enemy attacks and asteroids. Helium Base can be customizable by the player and can be upgraded as you wish.  4. Asteroid Mining. You have to catch as many asteroids to get gold. But you also have to be careful with falling asteroids.  5. Reclaim Resources. Your resources have been stolen! Your job here is to take back all of the resources that have been stolen.  6. Satellite Assembling. Our satellites has been broken, your task here is to fix it by replacing the scattered parts but you have to be careful with the asteroid because they can destroy your satellite.  This is the pre alpha trailer:
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Armed Conflict 2 was released today for iPhone, iPad & iPod! The World War 2 Has Begun! Eggcodes second multiplayer First-Person-Shooter (FPS) brings high quality console graphics on your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. Fight with your friends on 9 varied Maps and 6 different gamemodes like Team-Deathmatch, Free for all and Territory! Join the fight and prove your superiority on battlegrounds all around the globe in World War 2. 15 LETHAL WEAPONS MP40, M1918 BAR, GEWEHR 43, M1 GARAND, COLT 45, LUGER PISTOLE 08, THOMPSON, STEN MK VI, BREN, KAR98, SPRINGFIELD, PPSH-41, MOSIN, M1 CARABINE, STG44 9 VARIED MAPS Snow, Crater, Maus, Tank-Trap, Railroad, Passage, Airport, Village, Islands 6 DIFFERENT GAME MODES Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch, Territory, Hunted, Team Territory, Mystic Ball FEATURES Hardcore realism mode 14 different perks Multiplayer with 2 to 8 players High quality console graphics Player statistics and level Right and left handed control Extensive serversettings Realistic sounds Precise touchscreencontrol VIDEO: SCREENSHOTS: ________________________________________________ Twitter: Facebook: Website: Copyright(c) 2013 Eggcode iTunes-Link:
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Hardscore Games announces Star Admiral: A competitive and deeply strategic game that aims to set a new standard for mobile gaming. We believe that mobile gaming needs to change! We're bored of waiting for crops to grow, endlessly collecting resources or crushing candy with our fingertips. We want games that provide worthwhile challenges and reward a players skill, not just their patience. Everything you earn in Star Admiral will increase the tactical depth and provide different strategic options to use against other players. Check out our teaser here: Star Admiral takes trading card games to light speed with its 3D Graphics, fast paced PvP duels and epic tournaments. With Star Admiral we want to create a new kind of mobile game; one that is made for players who love deep and challenging gameplay said Felix Buchwald, founder of Hardscore Games. We put a lot of emphasis on creating a mobile game that appeals to passionate gamers who usually play PC or Console Games. This is Star Admiral: Build an Epic fleet! Designed by gamers for gamers. Mobile gaming exclusive. Fast paced and highly strategic. Competitive PvP battles and tournaments 3D Graphics Free 2 win Strong community focus     Star Admiral drops the cards from the trading card format and lets you collect kick-ass 3D spaceships. Build a massive fleet from a collection of 17 different races with over a hundred varieties of spacecraft to command, cunning traps to arm and deadly strike teams to unleash. Instead of flailing away with a rusty longsword, you can blast your enemies with powerful lasers, sabotage the enemys forces or even open up an artificial black hole and devastate the battlefield! Choose your tactics wisely and lead your fleet to victory as you rise up to the rank of Star Admiral.  Hardscore Games
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 Release Date: August 6th, 2013 Kingdoms Fall is an epic action adventure game available now on the iTunes App Store. You will get to explore an open world, finding items such as the Boomerang, Bombs, Grappling Hook and Fire Wand. You will need to venture into the realm's darkest dungeons, conquer tricky puzzles, and survive intense boss battles to save your kingdom and everything you love.     Official site: App Store Link:
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 BaBaBear PuzzleDescription: This is a lovely puzzle game. little bears struggled for honey!!! Smart "touch skill" system, easy to play, fun to play!!! Lovely story and attractive skill's images, join the adventure now!!! free for three days^^
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Hi I am James and I made this little puzzle game as a hobby. I was wondering if I could get any feedback on how to make it better? I also have another one designed which is even harder but I worried that maybe it is too hard? Android iOS How do I embed the video?
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Hi all, My name is Jakob, I am Incuvo co-founder. I am happy to finally show you our project, Createrria, which "turns making games into a game itself":) Createrria allows you to create your own 2D mobile games, share with friends and play stuff created by others. Our goal is a game creation app that requires no technical skills and gives users all the fun of game creation. There are already several different gameplay mechanics, four unique graphic themes and a lot more! Still - we do have a huge roadmap prepared for future release and want to work with you (users) to choose the best features to add first (and worst bugs to smash...) Everything you create can immediately be shared using in-game community or Facebook. You can also record and share replays of both gameplay and creation on Everyplay and Youtube, including your commentary:) Createrria was selected to Game Connection 2012 Best Project finals, we have also shown it at Indie Prize Showcase in San Francisco.  We have just released preview iPad version in Australia and Canada. We are planning worldwide release (including iPhone version) later this summer. AppStore link: I invite you to try it and give us your feedback! Cheers, Jakob P.S. Createrria is free to play (and create), with additional content as in-app purchases!
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Isn`t it a good time to cool down this hot summer? Get the App Store and Google Play hit Ski Park and enjoy some fresh winter breeze! The game is the first one to combine two genres: a city builder and hidden objects. Build the most popular and extraordinary ski resort in the world! Create beautiful buildings and turn the natural wonders into a real mountain paradise. Detect all mysterious visitors hidden in the city, to and get rewarded! Ski Park Ski Park HD Features: - Great mixture of hidden objects and city builder genres. - Impressive structures in the mountains surroundings, from the Taj Mahal to the Empire State Building. - Quick and interesting tasks help you get a feel for the game. - A loyal helper will always give you hints about what to do next. - All buildings can be upgraded. - There is always something interesting going on at the resort and you will regularly receive new tasks. - You can hold events in any commercial building to bring profit.
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As a continuation to my previous post in this thread: The game will offer both singleplayer and multiplayer, beautiful cinematics in between the missions, beautiful crisp graphics and it will be cross-platform (for iPad, Android tablets and on the web). it´s all made in Flash, using Adobe Air for porting to tablets. I prepared 3 fresh screenshots from the game :)