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#102 Posted by Cohort_Studios (25 posts) -
Cirkits: Toy Robot Racing an exciting new Combat Racer is now available on the app store and is free to play. You can check it out here it Requires iOS6.0 and up, and iPad2 and iPhone 4s and up. Website: Facebook:
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My name is Austin Patten and I just finished creating & updating my latest indie game on the iOS store. I'd love for you to give it a try. Fight the swarm! Turret Tilt is an action arcade shooter where you control a turret that's combating a constant onslaught of incoming enemies. Unlock weapons, upgrade items and see how long you can endure! --Breakdown-- Upgrade your weapons and items to ready yourself for the swarm Master 11 various weapons in your struggle to survive Battle 19 unique enemies in 2 different modes of play Compete with friends worldwide to see who can dominate the leader-boards iTunes Direct Link: Website Link: --Screenshots--     Austin Patten
#105 Posted by jedwsmith (25 posts) -
 We at Big Idea Games have recently released Clamor, a fun fast-paced word game that makes Words With Friends feel like playing Scrabble With Grandma. If you like your word games played at a bit more of a frenetic pace, then you should definitely check us out. Play against a friend, random opponent, or a frienemy. Choose from many different board layouts, and use three different power-ups to increase your score, and decimate your opposition. For a video and more information, please head to, or to download the game for free, Thanks for looking, and we hope to see you in the game. Feel free to challenge me; my username is "jedediah."
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Release date: 27.04.2013 Apple Store:  Zombie Smasher is the #1 addicting and entertaining game available on Apple Store. Get ready to defend your home as a mob of zombies is about to invade your town! Those undead creatures are back, and it's up to you to keep them brainless. Use your finger to tap on the zombies to smash and eliminate them before they break down your door. How to Play: - Simply touch the zombies to kill them - Don't touch the kids from neighborhood - Use the special power-ups wisely Game Features: - Story Mode (60 levels and more to come), Survival Mode, Time Mode - 7 totally terrifying enemy zombie breeds - Amazing visuals & immersive CD quality audio - Intense zombie-blasting action game play     Play Zombie Smasher and give us some review on Apple Store or feedback on Facebook.
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Flipcube Flower Hi, me and my friend make this game . Hope you like it. Also check out another 3d game adventure from us called : ZeroLine . its fun too.
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 Touch.Play.Repeat proudly presents DASH & BASH, a fresh take on the side-scrolling racing genre. Check out our latest trailer: To enter our COMPETITION to try a copy of DASH & BASH before it's released simply click this link below to Like this Facebook post and then go and Like and Share our DASH & BASH Facebook page. We will pick a winner at random every day until Saturday 5th May!! Race as Dash against the clock or against your rival Bash!     Dash the duck has arrived and is ready to race in the Spring Banks Racing Championship. Have you got the skills to be the champion and win the gold trophies? The current champion Bash has filled the race tracks with a range of dangerous obstacles designed to ruin your race! With simple, intuitive controls, just tap to make Dash swim, fly, dive and shoot through a range of obstacles that can slow him down. Avoid obstacles and eat juicy fruit to speed up until Dash reaches top speed and transforms into Super Dash! Follow the rivalry between Dash and Bash in the comic strips between chapters. As you race through many exciting locations, Dash will meet both friend and foe that will help or hinder him as he tries to become the new champion! Race to win stars, trophies and gold to spend on a wide range of outfits for Dash that will upgrade his abilities. Achieving 3 stars on a track unlocks VS BASH mode! In this advanced mode, Dash can race through an entire track at top speed against Bash in a high-stakes drag race. Beat Bash in a head-to-head race to win a golden egg! Collect golden eggs to win gold trophies and unlock special edition upgrade outfits for Dash! Game features: ADDICTIVE, fun and exciting racing action for all abilities. RACE through 5 chapters (25 race tracks) and meet friends and foe that will impact on your race time. SIMPLE, quick to learn controls that improve your reactions and skill as you play. BOLD and dynamic art style that brings both the characters and environment to life. UNLOCKABLE race mode "VS BASH" for advanced players to master the tracks and become the new champion. WIDE range of outfits to buy for Dash, using gold earned, that upgrades his abilities as well as his appearance. UNIVERSAL game with retina graphics for supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. SERIES of comic strips to unlock that reveal the story of the championship. EASY mode for younger players the next instalment "Chapter 6. A Dash Through Time" coming soon.... Supported Devices: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch (4th and 5th generation). For latest news and updates follow us at:
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Hey everybody, I'd like to introduce SPOOKY MOOKY Here's the description of our game on App store. Help release your friends from the evil spell which the haunted mansion cast turning them into monsters REQUIREMENTS: Made for iPhone 4S, iPhone4, iPhone3GS, iPod Touch(3rd and 4th Generation) ***** iPhone 5 compatible version coming soon ********      How to Play: * TAP and DRAG to CONNECT 3 or more monsters to kill them. * Playing quickly and correctly gives insane score multipliers. * Consecutive correct connections gives lane clear power up. * Tap on power ups to activate them. * Quick gameplay sessions of 60 seconds each. Spooky Mooky Features *Excellent Graphics. *Insanely Addictive fun game. *Highly rewarding with insane powerups and bonuses. *Quick sessions anytime anywhere. *Challenge friends and be number one. *Endless hours of fun. *Game centre support. *Leaderboards and achievements. Are you a fan of the game? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Spooky Mooky Visit us at Mile Nine Studios Pvt. Ltd. Visit us at DOWNLOAD LINK -
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 . Hi eveyone. I am working on a new game called Battle invasion. Battle invasion is a modern strategy war game, with different maps and missions to complete. The game is going to be in HD, there will awesome soldiers with different types of weapons and vehicles too. The game will be compatible for all the iPad models and hopefully it would be on app store at the summer vacation. Please have a look at it and if you like this game I will really appreciate if you will answer on the questionnaire in the link below, it only takes 30 sec. Like my facebookpage for more information and updates. Thank you for your time.
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FREE to download now:



Knock, knock its well whos knocking from inside the egg? Arent you curious to find out who it is? Tap, click and do everything you possible can to get into that mysterious little egg!

 1 MILLION CLICKS - That's all it takes  

Have you got what it takes?! 

 Nobody knows whats inside that Super Egg.... and it's YOUR special special task to find out who's knocking and waiting for your help to come out!! Trust us, you will get the surprise of a lifetime! Get that egg open now, you will not get disappointed.... 


Its very simple: you have to tap the screen one million times! If you want to crack the egg faster, you can choose between a wide range of cool special tools. Give it a go! Tap that egg until it cracks, using Spoons, Hammers & even Dynamite! 




Simple yet powerful controls 

Amazing HD Retina graphics 

Funny sound effects 

Uplifting HAPPY music 

Game Center Leaderboards 

Incredibly addictive 


Check it out now! You will not regret it, the surprise is waiting for you inside and it's AWESOME!


FREE to download now:


1.jpg 2.jpg

3.jpg 4.jpg




Some of the App Store reviews 



by Andrea_dea347 - Version 1.0 - May 2, 2013

I've been breaking the egg for a while now and I'm super curious to find out what's inside. It's a briliant idea for a game if you ask me. I also like how the game looks


Tap a million times

by m1kelee_beng - Version 1.0 - May 2, 2013

Well I haven't cracked the egg yet but I plan on trying..this game has really peaked my interest, I gotta hand it to the devs for coming up with a very unique game idea. 


Is it really surprising!

by shelliccain - Version 1.0 - May 2, 2013

I can keep knocking, I can keep waiting, I just hope the thing inside is really surprising!



This one is my type!

by melanierlarmon - Version 1.0 - May 2, 2013

I know it is unbelievable, but I love this game! I don't like normal games, I just want to play one thing everyday, and this one is my type!


One Million Times?

by joycejmaclennan - Version 1.0 - May 2, 2013

OMG! One Million Times? I though I was going to break the egg soon, but when I found out how to play, I realize there was still a long way!


I'm very curious!

by dorothylramos - Version 1.0 - May 2, 2013

Who can tell me, what is the present inside the egg, I'm very curious! but I guess I'll never get it!


The whole thing is crazy!

by juliercurry - Version 1.0 - May 2, 2013

The whole thing is crazy! I have kept taping for three hours, I just want to know what really is inside the egg!



by Drepidge - Version 1.0 - May 1, 2013

Fun egg cracking game with neat animations and options.



by chihkobe535353 - Version 1.0 - May 1, 2013

This game is really good for all ages. Simple concept and easy to play. My son is very hooked on the game and can't put it down.



by hskjopijdf12 - Version 1.0 - May 1, 2013

Extremely excellent game. I really love the amazing graphics and funny sound effects. A fun way to pass time. Try it out.



by jackuuggok - Version 1.0 - May 1, 2013

This is a super fun game. I'm very addicted to it. Very simple to play and it runs very smoothly. I am sure you will enjoy it when you have nothing to do.


Very nice game

by Jhonio - Version 1.0 - May 1, 2013

Really cool game with nice interface and easy control with awesome tools. It is really addictive game with attractive tools.


Good game

by wisesun - Version 1.0 - May 1, 2013

Funny music.good game.


FREE to download now:

#117 Posted by 2GMGRudy (25 posts) -
Blaster X HD by 2GMG (2 Guys Making Games). Over 400 Levels, 100% Independent! (On Sale at 99cents) Hi Everyone, My name is Rudy, and I wanted to let you know that we just released our first game, Blaster X HD to the AppStore. This is our first title at 2GMG (2 Guys Making Games) and we are 100% Independent - no publisher, no funding, just the two of us all on our own. This is a very exciting time for us, as we have spent quite a long time in development, so it feels good to be at this point. Blaster X HD is currently available at 99cents as our way of saying Thank You to our early supporters. Please take a look at our game and let us know what you think. If you play our game, please rate it and tell your friends, it really goes a long way by helping us out, as we are finding visibility to be tough. Any Support would be greatly appreciated. A few specifics about Blaster X HD: 1.) Over 400 Levels of Mental Addiction. 2.) 9 Diverse Worlds, with over 200+ unique layouts. 3.) Fluid Control System for more innovative gameplay/mechanics. 4.) High Resolution HD Graphics 5.) Created for all generations of iPad and iPad Mini. 6.) 100% Independent - no publisher, no funding, just all on our own. Gameplay Elements: (Taken from our AppStore description) Launch your Blaster by pulling your finger back and let it fly! Manipulate and guide your Blaster, as you blast your way through the Orbs to clear each level! Absorb the Orbs energy, as that is the power source for your Blaster - so grab them all! (Non-violent gameplay, suitable for all ages.) Blaster X HD (AppStore Link): Blaster X HD Images: Blaster X HD Trailer (Teaser Trailer at the time): Blaster X HD: The Worlds (Gameplay Footage - Montage) Please join us at and Thank You for Your Support! Rudy
#118 Posted by Rockpin_Games (26 posts) - Hi there, My name is Carlos, and I have developed and released my first game for iOS platforms: Cubeball. It's the clasic pong game but in 3D and with 3 game modes. Hope you like it. Any feedback is appreciated.     Features: - Three game modes: Match, Survival, Multiplayer - Game Center integration with leaderboards and achievements (iOS version). - Facebook and Twitter sharing available. - Three available languages: english, spanish and french. - Universal for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (Android versions will come soon) - FREE with no ingame ads. Video: Download: More info: - Web: - Twitter: - Facebook: Thanks! Carlos
#119 Posted by oujea09 (25 posts) -
I'm Jasmin Nisic - 3rd year student at Faculty of engineering at University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I develop apps for iOS and my first game has been published on App Store few days ago. It is called Tank Bang! and you can find it on this link:!/id644486831?ls=1&mt=8 Tank Bang! is remake of famous "Battle City" game with new features and graphical experience added. It's an addictive, fast paced multi-directional shooter arcade where a player controlling a tank must clear levels of enemies and keep the base untouched. You definitely should try super easy "matrix forced" tank control - it's not turning pixel-by-pixel like all other "Battle City" remakes for iPhone and that's what makes my app better and more serious than any other Battle City remake. Also I think that it has very good sound effects. CONTENT: - 20 levels filled with enemies to destroy - Four levels of enemies with different capabilities - Series of terrains that affect tanks - 4 enemy tanks with different capabilities - Various power-ups -Now you can place mines! You can publish your score to international database and see your worldwide ranking. Screenshots:   Here is YouTube video showing specific things about this game: iTunes link:!/id644486831?ls=1&mt=8
#120 Posted by cycleplay (25 posts) -
We're Cycleplay and this is our first game Mad Dragon! Please enjoy the game and feel free to leave your comments on our page:)  Download it FREE: App info: >>>>>Go on a rampage with the Mad Dragon! The thieving goblins are stealing coins while the dragon is asleep. It drives him so mad when he wakes up! Lets chase down the goblins and help the Mad Dragon to reclaim his treasure but beware the goblins will put up a fight! = FEATURES = Addictive physics-based gameplay Simple 1 tap control Compete with friends and others on leaderboard Over 70 challenging achievements Customize your dragon appearance with unique looks Customize your cave with cool items Upgrade your dragon abilities Share your progress on Facebook and Twitter iPad retina support iPhone 5 support Beautiful hand drawn artworks  Game trailer  Our website: facebook page twitter:
#122 Posted by ComboApp1 (25 posts) -
Don`t let that egg turn into omelette! (iPhone/iPad app) Hi guys! We need your feedback on the newly released game - it is developed it in Unity 3D editor. The idea is quite simple, still we wanted to make it fun. The egg, Tido runs away from chefs who want to make omelette out of him It kills enemies with various food (you can unlock Mama Chicken, Teleporter Tube,Protection shield, etc...anything that will keep him alive). iTunes link:!/id623724306?mt=8
#123 Posted by xnothegame (25 posts) -
Digital Eclairs is thrilled to share with you our first production XnO - 3 D Character Based Adventure Game. Hope you enjoy it!!   About the Game The inhabitants of Vazooka have been captured. Join X and his friends on their whimsical journey to rescue lovely lady penguin O, and other penguin families. Shoot the jolly puffer, P, using the unique aiming powers of the mighty turtle, T, to break open the cage and release the captured penguin. Discover the power of double headed turtle TT. Power-up on angels while evading the destructive power of demons. Core Game Features 3D Character based adventure game Whimsical environments Accelerometer for enhanced gameplay Enchanting characters and engrossing story Hug the angels while dodging the demons Awesome physics and brilliant game play Multiple game modes - Practice & Challenge Game Center missions (iOS only) Youtube: Google Play: iTunes: Facebook Visit us at Additional Game features: E - everyone, iOS, Android (Google Play), For iOS - 5 demo levels free, 5 unique environments and 52 levels, Non-Violent Family Friendly Gameplay, No micro transitions, one time buy, 3D game involves use of spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills About Digital Eclairs Digital Eclairs is an independent game development studio with a team of creative minds passionate about creating fun and challenging games with focus on solid gameplay and raising global awareness. Digital Eclairs was founded in 2012, with headquarters in silicon valley. XnO is the first in the series of groundbreaking projects being launched by Digital Eclairs. With XnO, Digital Eclairs aims to raise awareness about Penguin endangerment and threats.
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[iPad] Dream Cruise HD an arcade approach to simulation games [FREE] Embark on a round-the-world trip on your own ship, visit the best holiday resorts in the world, unravel the puzzle of the lost liner, and build your own cruise empire! Experience a sea of spirited emotions with Dream Cruise! Decorate your ship, open new luxury shops, attract crowds of customers, and even celebrities! Earn your millions and buy an airplane!  Dream Cruise combines a rich plotline and reactive gameplay with a new approach to business simulation. Unlike other simulators, you must constantly manage their own yacht using arcade-like approach; theres no need to wait for an upgrade or new facility to finish building in order to progress through the game. Key Features: Your own ship in your own hands - Make it the best cruise liner ever! Exciting cruises - Sail the seas and visit world-famous holiday resorts! Good vibrations - Make yourself and your passengers happy your liner has everything you need to make it happen! Dozens of shops for any taste: Arrange them at your discretion; monitor customer demand; fill the shop windows - and it won't take long until you line your pockets! Exciting adventure - Follow the hints provided by your crew to unravel the puzzle of the lost mega-liner belonging to your millionaire uncle! Cool kit. A pretty assistant, a wise captain, and a rough bosun will make you trip unforgettable!    Go off on a "Dream Cruise" and have incredible adventures:
#125 Posted by hungrylizards (25 posts) -
Hungry Lizards - Universal iOS Game w/ Real-Time VS, Co-Op, & Single Player Campaigns, Out NOW! Trailer: Description: No Timer, 3 Rounds, Race Against The Night. Meet the hungriest of lizards, Spike & Lizia. After the great bug famine of 2013 these two have been traveling the globe (and beyond) in search of any little bug they can get their grubby tongues on. It won't be easy, this famine is far reaching and the local lizards are defending their turf. How Many Can You Catch Before The Sun Goes Down? Highlights: 3 Playable Modes: Versus the AI, Against The Clock, Consecutive (Until You Miss) 3 Ways to Play: Multiplayer VS, Multiplayer Real-Time Co-Op, & Single Player Campaign 10 Levels, 10 Bosses, & Unlockable Bonus Rounds Original Soundtrack, Original Artwork, & Custom Game Engine Connect Through Bluetooth, Game Center, or Invite Friends Through Facebook 35 Achievements & 15 Leaderboards on Game Center Earn Stars on Each Level & In-Game Statistics Stored Locally Universal App - Optimized for iPhone 5 and iPad Retina (HD) No in-app purchases, ever! New levels, Characters, and New Features are Free Updates, no DLC! Post Your Scores In-Game and Invite Your Friends from Facebook & Twitter Blast Processing! iTunes Download:
#126 Posted by sidewalkergame (25 posts) -
Sidewalker - Late to Work. This exciting FREE endless walker that blends the best of "Temple Run" and "Frogger" with Mindcraft graphic style. Are you tough enough to survive the mean sidewalk of New York City? Sidewalker is free to play so if you have an iOS device please check it out! Download FREE on App Store Watch Trailer The first Endless Walker -3D New York City Street Simulation -Weave IN & OUT of crowds -Avoid pedestrians -Dodge killer taxi cabs -Unlock Powers from the Joker Tourist. Who is the mysterious tourist? -Bypass moms with double-wide strollers -Hit tourists to collect extra cash -Keep from running out of time, -Don't get fired! Pick up Cell Phones to call you boss. -intuitive controls give you total freedom over your walker. Walk as slow or as fast you like.
#127 Posted by peaksel (25 posts) -
Watch out! You are in a zombie lane now! Zombies: Run or Kill is one of the best zombie shooter games! Your home was a place full of peace and tranquility until a zombie invasion happened. The living dead can nowadays be seen all over the place. This is a true zombie zone now! Zombies attack you! UNDEAD has occupied the village. Get your weapons; go into actions, because ZOMBIES MUST DIE! This is one of those addicting games that you will play for hours. For iPhone, iPad and iPod! Screenshots:
#128 Posted by nick_paintteh (25 posts) -
hello we are a new and small game dev shop. Paint teh Castle is our first game. The Lite version has only few levels, while full version has 40 levels. Top 2 features of Paint the Castle: 1. Relaxing and calm game-play; 2. Discover great castles; Take a break, relax and enjoy great moments while discovering stunning castle landscapes! Any criticism and suggestion is welcomed and much appreciated! Many thanks!:)     Paint teh Castle Lite free version (iTunes links) Paint teh Castle Full version (iTunes links) Trailer game-play: Game web page:
#129 Posted by Moomos (25 posts) -
Moomo's Adventure Trailer: Follow Moomo on an adventure, when he one day suddenly catches sight of some objects falling from the sky. Moomo goes on a mission, to find out what fell from the sky. In search of the objects Moomo will meet several different opponents and bosses, who will try to stop him. Help him to find all the objects that are hidden on each level. 48 exciting levels. 15 different enemies. 6 unique bosses. iPhone 5 Support. Supports Retina. Moomo's Adventure Plus, 0.99$: Moomo's Adventure, Free:    iOS 5.0+ Leave a review on App Store if you like it
#130 Posted by Michael_wlb (25 posts) -
Minesweeper Genesis itunesconnect: Description: Classics minesweeper game, smooth and easy operation, abundant records and achievements. What are you waiting for? Come and challengeSee if you can set up a minesweeper genesis. -------------------------- How to play -------------------------- -Touch a square to open it. -Touch the flag on the Right-Bottom and then touch a square to mark a mine -Touch a number to open the squares around it(Only if the mines around it has been marked) -Touch the icon on the Right-Top to change difficulty -Touch the icon on the Left-Bottom to see your records and achievements -Login Game Center to upload your records -------------------------- Features -------------------------- -Enjoy the beautiful cartoon pages -Try to find out the easiest way to operate -Three different levels -Four records and twelve achievements -------------------------- Acknowledgements -------------------------- It has been 10 years since I first knew about minesweeper. Now I am very happy to provide a minesweeper game for all of you. Thank you for your support and wish you a happy game! -------------------------- Teammates -------------------------- Zang peng, Pan meng, Grace and Michael Special thanks: Zhang Rui ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A free version is also available:
#131 Posted by appdevelopment (25 posts) -
Winner Blackjack is a 3in1 Blackjack game. It includes Blackjack, Spanish21, and Blackjack Switch. Just released in the App Store. Please check it out. Features: - Basic Strategy -Advice Feature to help new players -Card Counting -Game Center Leader Boards -Keep Track of Various Statistics for Player -Universal iOS compatibility with HD Images -Daily Free Bonus -Computer(AI) Can Be Used to Play One Or More Hands -Keep Track Various Statistics for Computer(AI) player -Multiple Hands -Swipe gesture to HIT or STAND iTunes Link:
#132 Posted by koalakick (25 posts) -
Hi Gamers, We have developed a new IOS game called Koala Kick. Koala Kick is cross between paper throw and basketball type games except here you get to unleash your anger onto koalas by sliding your fingers to where you want them to fly. Fun, entertaining and exciting gameplay download Koala Kick now and put your aim to the test! View or Download from iTunes Please review and let us know what you think - we'd love to hear from you.  Also check out our website for further information; Features: - Hit the targets to earn points goal posts, targets, snowmen and UFOs. - Kick two or more koalas in a row to earn multiple points! - Responsive game control slide your finger to determine direction & height - Keep records of high scores Play all four exciting levels; - Desert Farm - Snow Glow - Ice Fields - Park Scene    Let us know if you have any queries or want to discuss anything at all - please also rate our app on iTunes! Regards, Meng Email: Promo Codes: MERPW736WTJ3 YF44XKWXK7PY 9FR4W9YX6HP4 7TNMRM3PMY7P
#133 Posted by aunurogames (25 posts) -
WORLD OF KINGDOMS has just been released by Nurogames.  Are you excited to start playing medieval games as an empire builder? Then this is the game for you! This stunning online war game is completely FREE to play! Imagine a World where you are the King! In World of Kingdoms you are the ruler of your own Kingdom! Develop your infrastructure and create a mighty army so that your empire may prosper. The world is in turmoil! Beware, your rule and realm are under threat and the other Kings are trying to steal your diamonds and gold! Build up your army to become powerful enough so that no enemy can defeat you in battle. Attack other Kingdoms to expand your empire! And remember that a besieged King will always have friends to support him! An alliance system exists so that players can join their armies together and warriors can fight against other alliances in epic battles. How will history remember you? As The Great Leader? The Defender of the Empire? Or The Fallen Tyrant? In World of Kingdoms you have the power to forge a new chapter in history. Do you have what it takes to become the ruler of a Kingdom? Have a try and find out! Features *Completely FREE to play *Beautiful hand-drawn designs *Over 90 unique quests *More than 75 different units *Multiplayer ONLINE Role Playing Game *Alliance system allowing you to invite your friends *Weekly prizes for the top 10 players of the leader boards And a lot more..! Compatability * Android smartphones & tablets * iPhone & iPod touch * iPad TRAILER: LINK:
#134 Posted by d_taylor (25 posts) -
 Jump Mania FREE Coming soon on the App Store Jump Mania is a remake of the classic Q*bert. The game employs quick thinking and good reflexes. Jump Mania consists of uniquely themed worlds with different game characters. Features - 3 episodes - 9 levels per episode - two virtual currency - coins and diamonds - friendly characters (Green Orb, Disc, Golden Orb) and enemy characters (Purple Orb, Snakey, Phil&Dill, Won&Gon) - Energy - unique music - different ways of movement - power-ups help you complete the harder levels Check the site of the game for more info, screenshots and video -
#135 Posted by belmacinter (25 posts) -
Hi everyone! Let me introduce a new game for iPhone / iPod / iPad. Incredible Jack is an exciting platformer where you will be helping Jack save his family from evil monsters. - A great game for kids and adults - 37 levels in 7 worlds - 7 vicious bosses - Lots of bonuses and secret rooms - Extremely convenient controls (something you seldom find in platformers for iOS)   Video: App Store Link:
#136 Posted by elmikemike (25 posts) -
Hello, We are very excited to announce Robo Jungle Rush [Universal and Free] Download Link: Hope you like it and all your comments are most welcome!  Robo Jungle Rush :: Official Launch Trailer Key Features
  • Fast-paced, engaging gameplay for both newcomers and experienced players.
  • Exciting power-ups like turning enemies into gold or blasting everything in your path!
  • Hop into incredible vehicles and master their own challenges!
  • Play a casino style mini-game for additional boosts and prizes.
  • A wide range of costumes available for your character.
  • Collect unique trophies and fill the jungle cabinet!
  • Tons of missions!
  • Full Social integration with Facebook, Twitter and Gamecenter. Compete with your friends through local leaderboards, and then take on the rest of the world!
  • Share your best moments with the video-replay system. Upload your best moments to facebook, twitter, youtube, or via email.
iPhone Images    Facebook:
#137 Posted by anderstaylor (25 posts) -
Hi all, I am a developer at Jawfish Games and I've been working on a poker game for the last few months. Professional poker player and WPT champion Phil Gordon designed the game and a group of professional poker players developed it. Our game is the ONLY poker game to offer massively multiplayer tournaments (and King of the Hill play!) and we would love to get some users so that players don't have to play against our bots! If you like poker, we would really appreciate it if you give us a chance and download the app. If you send an in game support message and mention you found us through touch arcade, we'll send you some free in game currency! The game is completely free to play, so please check it out! Here is the link to the game: A screenshot:  Some reviews: Editor's Choice at!
#138 Posted by RunningLamb (25 posts) -
Running Lamb - a wonderful intuitive arcade game coming soon to iOS (subscribe at to get the promotion code) The game have been already released in Android platform. It have been developed by a small team of developers in Taiwan and marketed by a international team of marketing enthusiasts in Japan. Description Once upon the time, there was a herd of white cute lambs living on a hill blessed with abundant of green fresh grass. One day, the sound of excavator invaded the peaceful farm. Evil Mrs. Malcom came, wanted to shave all the lamb for making her wool coat. Game features: Free to play!!! The basic of the game that everyone can understand No skill required No language barrier in the games No age limitation Easy to pick up and play anytime Sticky and addictive to the games that players keep playing repeatedly Available for Android, coming soon for iOS. Gameplay video: Official website: Facebook page:
#139 Posted by Frank_Boi (25 posts) -
[FREE] The Lost Mayan Temple Secret Of The Golden Turtle
Can you solve the magical math puzzles by connecting numbers to help the princess recover the sacred Mayan treasure? Can you complete all 50 levels? Your goal is to always unlock 1 gem per level by destroying the magic door on the bottom of the screen.

- Each level has a harder degree of difficulty. You will need to carefully select your next move in order to complete the objective. We know you can do it! - During each level, golden gems and other special stones appear to help you through the game play. - Be prepared to act fast, your time is very important and it will run out quickly if you slow down. - Make sure you always add the numbers on the rocks to equal the number 7. - The Mayan princess will help you along the way by giving you ancestral powers and hints. - You will use magical turtles, a powerful mana potion, and an enchanted millennial spell that can stop time! Do you have what it takes to find the treasure? Try it now! Game Play Trailer: Lost Mayan Temple Lite: version for only $.99: out all of our great apps!
#140 Posted by yasarcan (25 posts) -
Whats the compound word we are looking for? Each puzzle contains two pictures. You need to find these words and combine them. *** INSTANT FUN *** No registration or no complicated rules. Just install and start playing and have fun! *** CAN YOU FIND ALL COMPOUND WORDS? *** Can you find all words and unlock all levels? Countless puzzles from easy to tricky are waiting for you! *** SIMPLE BUT VERY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY *** What is the word you need to find? Look at the two pictures, find out what they are and combine them. If you need help, reveal letters or remove letters. Find them all and win ! iTunes Link: *****SCREENSHOTS*****
#141 Posted by giorashc (25 posts) -
Good day, I have recently released my first game for iOS iPhone devices and I would really like you to try it and tell me what you think. The game is named "GyroBall : Roll It!" and it is available in full version (0.99$) and a lite version (free). (The game is also optimized for iPhone 5 devices) Any comments will be appreciated! iTunes link for lite version : Demo gameplay video : You are also welcome to email me at :
#142 Posted by phoenixgs (25 posts) -

Hi guys, 
this is our first game for Apple App Store. Check out our first gameplay video. We would appreciate your opinion and suggestions, so we can improve our game.

T.E.C. 3001 (Tesla Energy Collector) is 3D Action Arcade game with third person camera. It is based on speed and a lot of obstacles on levels. Easy to learn, hard to master. This game has won XBOX Indie Game Summer Uprising 2011. 

Every opinion is important for us in order to make our game better, so don't hesitate to write us. Thank you in advance for your time

Phoenix Game Studo

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Hi all! Check out our new social sports betting game Sports Bet With Sports Bet, you can place bets on sports games and events with friends. The app lets you place bets on games in 5 major leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS) and create your own custom bets on sports events of your choice. You can join bets created by other Sports Bet community members, or play with just your friends by creating private bets. Sports Bet is an interactive game, in which the rewards are not directly tied to the outcomes of actual events but are instead based on the votes of bet participants within the app. Each player may influence the outcome of a bet, making the experience more interactive and fun. Winners are declared based on which outcome receives the most votes. AppStore Link: Sports Bet Site:
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Redfish Inc. is happy to introduce the biggest update since the release of Pics and Words fun and addictive word guessing game: Master over 3500 words in total! Progress into the depths of 5 bright fantasy worlds: land of sweets, deep underwater or even castle with ghosts and let your fantasy run wild Step up the friendly competition with friends and see how far you are ahead Improve your vocabulary in foreign language weve made the switching easier! Now available in Russian or Chinese Up for a new adventure? You can always start over in your journey now from the settings screen Thanks for the support! Your feedback helps us to make the app better. We hope you enjoy playing Pics and Words as much as we enjoy making it! App Store Link to the app:
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The notorious Dragon crime family has engulfed your city with its evil power. The only hope in this martial arts, beat-'em-up, stick-fighting tour-de-force is for you to master a challenging assortment of awesome combo moves. Embrace the soul of the great warrior to stick it to 'em and save your city! Get Ultimate Stick Fight in the App Store: Google Play link: TWO HEROES, ENDLESS COMBINATIONS: Play as Ryan or Slash, one uses a sword and the other his bare sticks Each player must master his own 20 fight moves and styles Learn insane combos that punch, kick, juggle, slide, spin, and more String together built-in combos to create incredible attack combinations Pick up and throw objects like boxes, dumpsters and phone booths! FEATURES: Overcome challenging bosses in 40 stages and 8 unique environments 3 levels of difficulty to prove you've got the biggest stick in town Earn coins and stars as you defeat your enemies Purchase new combos or upgrade existing skills to unlock new moves Upgrade your skills for new animations and more effective combos
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Hey Guys! Im very happy to announce that after several months of polishing & procrastination, I have finally released my first iOS game! Developed in my spare time after work, this was a project I originally took on in an effort to sharpen up my programming skills after years of neglect, but eventually it turned into something with a life of its own Full of thumb bending action packed gameplay, PYXL is the story of a baby pixel, born to the land of screens. Just like thousands of other tiny little pixels, he dreamed to one day grow up to be a real life pixel, displaying magic and amazingness to all the humans that watched them. Its available now for 99c on the appstore I would love if you could buy it, rate it, and share it with your friends! Also feedback / bug reports would be super appreciated. Here are some example posts / tweets you could use if you like: - Check out this new iOS game just launched by @salmansq! - I just discovered PYXL, a great iOS game you should definitely check it out!
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I present you Glean ! the lastest game of our start-up Loon Apps.

In Glean, you have to collect some items scattered in colorful worlds.

To play, simply draw a path with your finger from the starting point, and made them slide to collect all large items.

Watch Glean Trailer at:


Glean is available on iPhone and Windows Phone.

App Store Link:

Windows Phone Store link:

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Exotic! Hilarious! Cant stop playing it! The game is inspired by the old and mysterious Tibet culture. To find his mom, little lama Lan begins his exciting journey. Many interesting stories happen on his way. Lan, controlled by the player, will walk across the primeval forests, climb up the snow-covered mountains and go through the underground palace. By drawing vines to connect the two sides of cliffs or streams, lan could pass the difficulties and walk forward. Present by Shrine Studio Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iTouch Estimated releaseAug. Feel free to ask anything interested you, we are more than willing to answer! To keep posted: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter
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Survivor Morads our newest game out on iTunes for FREE can you keep King Morad Alive?