Any suggestions for good WM8 games?

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Anyone got some good suggestions for WM8 games? I love games like Rayman Jungle Run, Flight Control, Cut the Rope was pretty good (although it keeps losing my progress), Plants vs Zombies... but that's about it.

Wouldn't mind hearing people's opinions on some good titles to get

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@Chickan_117: Ilo milo ^_^

Halo spartan assault is boring IMO.

The problem with WinMo is most games that are free on iOS and android you have to pay for here.. so its only really worth getting exclusives.

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Not necessarily as I only use one phone at a time. Not gonna chop and change handsets just to suit games and, depending on porice, I don't mind muying them again.

I got Spartan Assault on my tablet. Screw trying to play that on a phone :)

Btw is ilo milo a real suggestion?