Android Game Console?

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It is reported that Google is developing android game console. What do you think about it?
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No interest.

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No interest.

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I'm curious and will probably buy it if it is priced right. I had a Ouya on order but after seeing how they handled E3 and the fact that they still have founders without consoles made me change my mind. Had they attended E3 and showed off their wares I would have been more inclined to buy one.

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i dont think they should try to make the hardware exclusively if they are going this route. they should stick to whats working in the phone market imho. so android 5: designed to run on anything including console form factor. beef up support for different types of controllers and displays etc. and then let samsung and co battle it out. it would cause a huge amount of fragmentation but it could be a far more disruptive force in the console market. a range of consoles at different price points would give people a lot more options. they could have a nexus console of course. just that shouldnt be the only android console if it happens. thinking about it some more would need some serious rethinking to get it working well for a console. the UI would need to be redone for a controller instead of/as well as a touch screen (some manufactuers may try to go the wiiu route), there would need to be the option of supporting full fat geforce/radeon hardware not just mobile hardware and so on. app installation through other mediums than just the play store would also have to be looked at. at the moment i have a 10" tablet and looking at games on the play store the thing i notice is that many of the games on it are games i would prefer to play with a mouse and keyboard or controller. so it could be interesting to have that option (i know controllers can be connected to my tablet..but that kinda defeats the whole tablet thing). however if google were to tackle this seriously they would have to get the big guns on board also. not just some cheap spin off of COD for example, there would need to be the full console version available.
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No interest.


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But the OUYA's already out...

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I wish this can be true.
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I wish this can be true.atobe29
Hey guy. We seem to be kindred spirits, I had been playing Console Games since i was a kid,my first game console accompanied me for many years. While as i know Android Game Console has been launched out and sold in Amazon and ebay with nice price. Now i take a shine to 2 Android Game Consoles, but i don't know choose which one. One is 5" Android 4.0.3 Game Console with WiFi 512MB/ 4GB Another one is 7" Android 2.3 Game Console RAM 395.4MB/ 8GB Pl suggestion!
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dont really care. What i want is someone come with a good docking station with hdmi/usb out and a decent and friendly big tv software so i can connect my HTC/Samsung/Sony/Lg phone on tv and play games via a bluetooth gamepad with out the need of a dedicated device. While most manufacturers do sell docking stations none comes with media center/Big tv friendly software and they usually miss on something like Usb ports
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Well the Ouya sucked big time, a huge waste of money, so I don't really have any hope for another Android gaming machine.
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The Ouya is garbage. Android consoles are pointless.
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Is that not the £99 Ouya you guys are talking about here? Its been about for a while now and from what I have seen around forums and reviews, it failed to meet the right audience and had a bit of a clunky controller. The console initially seemed pretty sleek though, with a distinctive Rubix cube size. I am really looking to test it out and give you all a more reliable feedback though. :D

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I think the Ouya is a good idea and I like the type of games that can be played on it. Though the console itself is a phenomonal price, the reports about the controller make it seem like a risky purchase. It would be nice to try it out in a store like Wal-Mart. I am betting the Ouya 2 will have a better quality controller.

Apparently though Google is also developing their own console based on android, and it is a different console than the Ouya.

After looking into the Ouya I think these android consoles are going to flood the market pretty soon. I predict that one or more of them is going to be very successful eventually. I think there could be a very large audience for a casual game console like the Ouya, the same kind of audience that supported the Wii.

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Google is creating an Android console. One big advantage is they can avoid the mistakes of Ouya Android mini console. Interesting to see what they come up with at the bowels of the GooglePlex. MadKatz is also developing an Android console. So in a way another console war of the Android Mini Consoles is beginning. Even Amazon is thinking about an Android mini console.

Google could win this Mini android console race/War since there are a large multinational company like Microsoft and Apple so they have the resources to launch an Android console. It is just that if there are enough android gamers to support Google in this. As well as the other Android mini console makers.

Most Are traditional console gamers or traditional PC gamers. Android games are mostly afterthoughts by most Smartphone users. While Smartphones are huge about 50% versus iOS iPhone users 50% worldwide. So it depends if interest in android games. The thought of using a $500 Android Smartphone to play a .99 cent android game is "puzzling" It would seem that buying a $100.00 android console makes sense if you want to play android games.

Let's see what Google can do.

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I don't have any faith in smart phones or the applications with it.

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A tablet is enough for me to play games, not need a console with android


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