2 Great JRPG series heading to android and iOS

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Rise of mana coming to iOS and Android


Tales of Asteria also coming to iOS and Android...

I must be in mobile JRPG Heaven.
anyone else as excited as i am about these?

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A bit - not a fan of having my hands in front of my screen though. Games like these are also pretty long to enjoy in short bursts. Could be just me, though.

#3 Posted by mystic_knight (13801 posts) -

What about on a tablet, the screen is large enough not to invade too much of your screen.

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If the control are anything like the android port of chrono trigger then i might check it out. Though i am still pissed about square not releasing secret on mana on android.

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@mystic_knight: Agreed. Tablet gaming is far superior IMO.

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Are those remake like FF VI or just a port like Chrono Trigger? just asking.

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@curiousarman: Neither they are completely new games

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oh, i thought it was secret on mana :((((