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I think this game is going to be good. I've seen some videos and news on the game, and it seems pretty solid. What does everyone else think?

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I think it has incredible potential to be a masterpiece, but so I thought about GTA5 so I admit I am concerned that the trend of dumbing down games gets to this game.

Hopefully not, but since witnessing what Rockstar did with GAT5 driving and other mechanics to please the casual market, I can expect anything. The fact that Kojima is focusing the fox engine as a strong point is a good sign.

Developers no longer stress how good their engine is anymore, or how great the physics are, that has passed, now it's all about graphics and cinematic pieces.

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@jagcivtec: I agree, I thought GTA 5 was gonna be a masterpiece too, but the final product felt so dumbed down I could barely enjoy it. On the bright side, at least the combat in MGSV looks good and immersive; no cheap screen flashes or hit markers to let you know the target is dead(*COUGH GTA V*), just good old fashioned blood spraying out of the enemy, followed by the enemy falling to the ground and no longer moving. l hope they don't water down MGSV last minute for all the Madden/COD gamers.

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I don't mind waiting until fall of next year for this game. Kojima should take his time because from what we have played in Ground Zeroes, it is looking hella good and has tremendous potential to be a masterpiece.

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I think it will be one of the greatest MGS of all !

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Definitely it will be fantastic game of all time.

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all the comments here are delightful i wish there were reasonable comments like this on bayonneta 2 review, gta 5 where every fanboy argues why the game is so perfect but barely played all that a hardcore had.

Anyway i loose a lot of hope in PW the game was so easy though the content was so big 100+ hours, but after trying MGS Zeroes my mind change i though it was just a demo but the truth was it was a worth content and it was only 1 stange besides MGS GZ is much more difficult than previous MGS but at the same time feels more natural, MGS PP is gonna take the same mechanics of PW with the new gameplay which is a mix from MGS 1, 3, the cinematics are beyond any game at this point the physics and voice looks so natural, we all know that the story telling isnt going to be an issue, the main problem i think would be the conclusion as we dont really know if we will see a game of big boss or solid snake after this and the turn from the boss side to the dark side must be make convincently

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Definetly,MGS V gonna break the ground also because it's gonna be first MGS released on PC so big wishes to great PC Port of MGS V.Cheers!

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@Dredcrumb9: @jagcivtec: Maybe GTAV was not as good as we all expected to be, but at least it introduced some new mechanics, swapping between characters, and it came back to the classic GTA style with crude humor it used to have before the endless and boring and repititive GTAIV, and I don't want to even mention Trevor, (the best character ever in GTA series).

Though even if was not that great, it still a masterpeace I believe, so please guys cut it some slack

@zillaman101: (tag failed?) I think this is going to be one of the best MGS, and of course a candidate for the GOTY, plus I like how MGS is getting darker, and so Big Boss as well.. Kojima hasn't ever let me down and I don't see why he would do it now..