question to anyone playing on ps4

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Ive been playing Madden for about 15 years, I buy every year. I didn't buy this years PS3 edition because I had pre-ordered a PS4. I got the PS4 edition yesterday, I put it in today, and was really disappointed. To me the graphics are not as good as a PS3 version, the cut scenes are really nice, but when they went to kick me the ball, gameplay honestly looked like PS2 graphics.

My question is, is this normal? I'm wondering if I got a bad copy, im wondering if, that im playing while it still installs the graphics are bad? Im wondering if this is actually how bad it looks, do you get used to it?

I started a franchise, played one game until halftime, and turned it off. I used to play for 3-4 games straight.

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I have the PS4 version as well and have seen none of the complaints you are talking about. I've seen a pretty big improvement from when I played the X360 version. Smooth gamplay, good graphics, etc