Michael's car changed on its own to dollar sign alloys

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I upgraded Michael's default car and maxed out the tuning with turbo etc as well as giving it a chrome paint job, custom wheels and alloys etc. I played as this for ages and I am now at about 50% completion and suddenly it has changed to look like the default car but with dollar sign alloys. I have switched back and forth, completed missions etc and it still looks the same way. It's especially annoying for missions where you have to use your default car.

Anyone else had this happen and what caused it? I really don't want to spend money to recustomise everything back to the top spec as it says I have to pay for it again.

So frustrating!

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Michael's son Jimmy changed the car when he took it when his family left him.

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I thought that was earlier on in the game when you have to drive a red car etc. That has happened already. When did he come back to modify it again?

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The red car that you drove with Franklin to save Jimmy is Amanda's car. A couple of missions later Jimmy buys drugs with Michael and makes him take some and tells him that he took some money from his bank account and that he is leaving and taking his car.