Developers, Post your games in here.

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Hi guys~ I would like to recommend a simple but funny (brain development) game. It was funny to me. I hope the same for you guys. Here is the Google Play link
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Hello to all the GAMESPOT community ! I developed a little game I like to share with you : SUU DOO KUU ! Yes! it is another a sudoku :) To try to distinguish my application other I made the following choices: - View the puzzle full screen without any button to make the game more readable as possible. Only the numbers selector appear when you need it. - This may be the first sudoku to use every action bases on Android. It is possible to "push" a number for example, or use long press. This greatly facilitates the filling of the grid. I try to maintain an image-rich documentation about it here: - No unnecessary option to have the easiest and more enjoyable to play sudoku. All your comments are welcome and will undoubtedly useful. Sincerely, Jerome PS : Sorry for my bloody english.
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Hey all - New alchemy game ! Mixem Free version (limited discoveries): Full version: Enjoy !
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wah, thats chicken! haha nice game!

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Hey, I like your posts and you would be happy if you write a review on our new app.
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Boozoul Operation Overlord, the next title of Atomic Turtle Studio.

Hi everyone !

I want to present you the next title of our studio. This is indeed the introduction of Boozoul (playable character in this case) already seen in one of our previous game, Kill The Swak. The Swak are an integral part of Boozoul Operation Overlord by the way. More info will come later with an overview of the storyline and gameplay among which we are currently working on.

While waiting, here's a new concept art showing the different versions of Boozoul (sketch, 2D playable version).

The previous concept (Batzoul) :

See you soon !

Graphics looks Awesome!
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Hi guys~ I would like to recommend a simple but funny (brain development) game. It was funny to me. I hope the same for you guys. Here is the Google Play link
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Recommand another logo quiz game.
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Can you help to add the answers of this 4 pics one word,
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Nice article. Would you be able to add our logo quiz game to the list? Many thanks!
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We're pleased to announce that Space Bunny Shooter is now available on Google Play: It's easy to play. Just walk, run, jump, shoot annoying space zombie bunnies and get cosmic carrots. You can't lose but have to work hard to open additional missions. 4 episodes and 39 missions of fun, very strange physics-based game with more levels to come! Features: * Fun gravity in all directions a la They Need To Be Fed game * 4 episodes and 39 missions * Outstanding graphics and fantastic soundtrack * 30+ minutes of addictively fun gameplay * NO ADS * More updates with new episodes and missions to come Get all Space Carrots in a mission and stay alive to earn a Star. Stars and Carrots will unlock more missions and episodes. Get Mushrooms and shoot Bosses in Secret Missions to upgrade your hero. Have fun! PS: No bunnies were harmed in making this game. Disclaimer: Yes, we like They Need To Be Fed and Bunny Shooter games but we are not affilated with They Need To Be Fed and Bunny Shooter creators.
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Hi, i would like to show you some of our apps: - Modern Snake (Video Preview and screenshots in the link) Modern Snake is the classic snake game but with all new features and graphics. It has 30 levels and it is totally free. - Hungry Monster Balls (Video Preview and screenshots in the link) In Hungry Monster Balls you will help Hang, Sticky, Biggy and Grumpy to reach their food, tilt your mobile to control them and avoid obstacles as holes, mouths, etc. It has 30 levels and it is free. - Findiff (Screenshots inside) Findiff is a game of finding differences between 2 images. With 75 levels you will have lots of hours of fun. It is suitable for all ages and has almost 500000 downloads. It is free. - Hidden Objects (Screenshots inside) Hidden objects is a game where you will have to find several objects among many others on the screen. It has different modes of play and 3 difficulties. It is free and suitable for all ages. - Mr. Snowby (Video preview and screenshots inside) Help Mr Snowby (a friendly snowball) to reach the finishing line! Tilt your smartphone to control his direction and avoid obstacles, use springs, go through tunnels and have a lot of fun travelling in different levels like a jungle, a huge house, north pole or even the space! It is totally free and suitable for all ages.
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 Want a game that blends the perfect combination of challenge, fun, and..bunnies? Then the Bunny Rush App from developer "Incyre" is just the app for you!  The Bunny Rush app is a game bundled up full of cuteness, fluffiness, and borderline frustrating fun. Select from various worlds such as Bee Dash, Balloon Pop, Sharp Edges , or Trigger Happy (coming soon). The Bunny Rush app boosts an appearance that is covered in pink, blue, white and more fluffiness. But dont let the cute demeanor deceive you into thinking that the game concept is just as cutesy. With simplistic game play (along with step by step instructions throughout the game play), not only will you find yourself immersed in the game itself just because of its pastel imagery, but also because of its terrifyingly addictive features. The background music, sound effects, and device vibration all contribute in making this app an even more enjoyable one. Yet, if you find yourself being distracted by them, you always have the option of turning them off in the settings option on the apps main page.       The Bunny Rush app is offered for free, and thats another plus that makes this game app a good deal. Looking for a game that will keep you busy? How about a game that will make you want to keep on trying and trying again until you reach the end of each goal? This app will do that to you, and add a fast paced, pink bunny along with some uncalled for obstacles along the way and youll find yourself fluffed.
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Tangled Tut The adventures of King Tut and Madu is coming our for your device soon! Playable on iOS, Android, Windows, PC, Linux and Mac! This much talked about and greatly anticipated game boasts vivid graphics and a stimulating gameplay style like never played before! Officially launching on Kickstarter on Wednesday 2 October. Main characters, Tut and his crazy bat compadre Madu cant wait to meet you there! Until then, see what the hype is all about by watching our Tangled Tut Teaser: Were also on Facebook and Twitter
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Tangled Tut The adventures of King Tut and Madu is coming our for your device soon! Playable on iOS, Android, Windows, PC, Linux and Mac! This much talked about and greatly anticipated game boasts vivid graphics and a stimulating gameplay style like never played before! Officially launching on Kickstarter on Wednesday 2 October. Main characters, Tut and his crazy bat compadre Madu cant wait to meet you there! Until then, see what the hype is all about by watching our Tangled Tut Teaser: Were also on Facebook and Twitter
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[FREE] Movie Quiz Game 3D

Challenge your movie knowledge by playing the one of a kind MOVIE QUIZ GAME 3D! Get this unique trivia quiz with questions and answers, compete against other players and prove you're a real movie maniac by playing this addicting multiple choice quiz game for free! Movie trivia questions have never been more entertaining download this free quiz app and see for yourself!

Movie Quiz Game 3D:

Facebook Page:


- Choose from 4 offered answers: A, B, C or D!
- Each time you answer a question you spend 1 energy point!
- You get one energy point each 2 minutes!
- Answer the question correctly to travel around the world!
- You have 4 attempts to give the correct answer; choose the correct answer on the first try to travel the longer distance!
- Use help to pass the longer distance than your opponents: double the length of the distance you can pass or remove one wrong answer!

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Hi, all! I'm glad to introduce you my first game for android. Now I'm working to make the gameplay more interesting. If you have any advice, criticism, suggestions, please let me know. GAME: Defense Line Genre: Tower Defense, Strategy, Arcade. Description: Defense Line - addictive strategy based on the best Tower Defense games. Defense Line includes 16 exciting missions, and all of them can be played in two game modes: Campaign and Survival. Defense Line combines the best aspects of the popular Warcraft 3 scenarios: Green Circle TD, Legion TD, Element TD, and other Tower Defense maps.  Game features: A lot of towers and enemies
  • Defense Line provides for player 15 excellent towers, each of which has 3 upgrades stages and unique characteristics.
  • 60 detailed types of enemies.
Random enemy on every level
  • In the genre of Tower Defense games there are waves of enemies which attacking player. In Defense Line each wave has a certain type, and that type is determined randomly. Thus, each time playing the same mission, the game process is different. The player sees what the next 3 waves of the enemies, and builds a defense, given the characteristics of enemies. Types of waves: Norm, Armour, Moto, Crowd, Boss, Air, Aeroboss, Convoy.
System throughput hero
  • In Defense Line every enemy defeated brings to the player experience that can be spent on improving the characteristics of the towers, increasing lifes or money earned. All progress, earned by player in demo version will be moved to the full version after purchase.
Customizable Interface
  • Defense Line has a convenient and functional interface. Also the player can minimize some UI elements - information unit, which displays the towers characteristics, and the information block on the next waves. Thus, the entire screen smartphone will occupy the battlefield.
100+ Achievements Endless Survival Mode Support devices with screens of all sizes Combined with beautiful graphics, amazing effects and cheerful music, Defense Line will give you many hours of good mood! Screenshots   Video on youtube: Category: Arcade & Action Technical Requirements: Android 2.2+ Version: 1.09 Free version includes 2 missions, all towers and enemies, and both Campaign Mode and Survival Mode. Download free version from Google Play: Full version includes 16 interesting missions and extended soundtrack. New music and new missions will be with upgrades to the full version. Download paid full version from Google Play:
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30,000 download - Rating 4.75 belt scroll action game!!:twisted: Ninjas - STOLEN SCROLLS Download Trailer Image
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Angry World - new action tower defence game. Description: You have found yourself in unknown world, survived after a spaceship crash. All you can do now is to survive. Even if it means destroying all creatures in this world. You are free to move around the map and there is only one way to protect yourself from creatures - to build defence towers. There is energy cells located on the map, which can improve your characteristics. You can pass the game level by collecting all energy cells or destroying all creatures on this level. Will you be able to survive and collect enough energy to get out of this angry world? Game features: - 12 levels - Open dynamic world - Advanced creature population system - Several thousand of the creatures at the level - Strategic component - No In-App purchases - just the game for pleasure Links: Google Play Web Google Play
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Hi there! We are new studio and focus on puzzle and logical games. Are you interested in logical or numerical puzzles? Do you have fun in solving such things? Try Numiro with a completely new approach. Numiro is logical game with numbers and colors. Player paints color to grey squares and when all squares have correct color, player wins. But it is not easy. Try it for FREE! Android: DOWNLOAD from Google Play Pics:
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I've got a new site for my android based apps I've created. Two so far and one Beta available on request.

Monkey Ball [Game]

Use tilt or touch controls to steer your monkey clear of incoming bouncing balls and homing balls. Collect bananas to help your monkey survive as long as possible and get that high score!

Monkey dodge features leader board and achievements. Try to get a record high score, collect bananas and beat your friends at the same time as unlocking trophies for your efforts.

Monkey dodge ball lets you post your high scores to Facebook, twitter and =)

Dodge those balls and collect Bananas bananas bananas!

Available in the play store:"]

Short mat bowls [Game]

Step onto the mat and bowl up for some short mat bowls action!

Short mat bowls is a 2D touch screen game of skill where players take it in turns to bowl down the mat, curve around the wood in an attempt to be the closest to the Jack ball. Points are gained each 'End' for bowls closer than your opponent.

The most points at the end of the game wins. It's like a tactical angry birds, without the angry birds!

Short mat bowls features easy to pick up touch screen controls, great physics and addictive gameplay.

Easy to pickup, but hard to master!

Current edition features a 2 player local game with 3 ends per match. Each player has four bowls. Controls are all via touch screen.

CPU matches, online and other features such as trophies to be added soon!

Available on google play store:"]

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As promised we are now on samsung apps as well and also on getjar

Try these links to download the apps from official samsung apps and get jar

------------Samsung Apps-------------------------



Try these games and njoy...

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Hello everyone,

Our first RPG game, Axes & Allies had published a week ago. It's available on Appstore and it will be on Android soon. You may download the game in here,

Here it is the trailer of the game,

Hope you like it!!


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Hi Guys,

Recently I have just released an action/puzzle game using AndEngine known as "Ball in the Hole". Below is the link to my game:

As this is my first game on the google market, please kindly rate and review on my game! Thanks and I hope you enjoy playing the game :)

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Try our new games for android - 3D space Attack

----On google Play---

Please Rate and review the app

Follow us on twitter (@gamesnapps4u)

Like us fb

Write us for suggestions/queries

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Hello, We are a new independent game developer (tldgames) and we have just released our first FREE game Retroships for Android devices, we hope you enjoy it, please rate and review the app, thanks you!

Retroships is an exciting vertical scrolling shoot´em up game inspired by the Arcade cabinets era of shooters with a retro pixel-art stylish and with an added modern touch, taking the advantages of current technologies.

Your mission is simple: shoot all what you see and avoid the enemies, you can destroy the cargo ships in order to collect power-ups that will help you.

How to use: Just put your finger anywhere on the screen to move the ship (do NOT put your finger over the ship or it will be harder to avoid the enemies or his shots)


- 3 levels containing 8 sub-levels each one (24 stages).

- Power-ups (and power-nothing).

- 600 animated frames for explosions.

- Lots of ships with different behaviors.

- Great effects with planes using modern techniques.

- Impressive final bosses at the end of each level.

- One-handed game control.

Are you ready?

Download our game using the Google Play™ Store app.

Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

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Hello I'm Eduardo Revilla,i'm freelance developer and I want to show my second game "Snow Soccer":


Have you ever played football with a snowball and penguins as opposites?

This is what you'll find Snow Soccer.

Snow Soccer is a simple but hilarious game where you have to score goals by throwing the snowball finger and trying to dodge all the penguins who appear in your way.

You must beat the target goals to pass to next level and keep playing.

The difficulty increases with each level.

If you get a good score you can register your online record and appear on the "Top Ten".

Get the best score!!

You can download the game here:

Good luck!!!

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Hi! My name is Przemek and with friend we've just public our first game. I hope you will not be angry on us for such an ads.

Chilltris is a game where you arrange falling blocks. What distinguishes it from other games of this type is the field of action extended to the entire phone screen and gesture based control system. Yup, no virtual buttons. :) Each of the four levels has a layer that is placed on the screen (for example: leaves, trees) which responds to gravity sensor.

That's not all, the player can also load to our game any image that will serve as the background. He can also take picture by front or back camera and use it as background. Our game allows you to upload any music you want to listen while playing our game. The nature of the game is rather light and without obligation. We exchanged points system to reward system (received for specific tasks). All are easy to do in one evening and of course they're optional. Our game is about chillout experience.

The game it's in English and Polish language. Of course default language is English.


Many, that's true but please, do not scare. Some of them was forced on us by ads services, others are require for game functions like camera image as background or playing music from your device.


If you like our application and you want support us, please do not block or remove ads! From time to time click on them which help us making other free games.


You can free download Chilltris from:

Google Play


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Jump Robo is my first complet android game.

Its a simple jumping game like doodle jump,happy jump and others...( jumping from one platform to the next always higher and higher)

In the game is a level up system, to level up player speed, life count ,ammo count,...and some special abilities like ammo auto refill ,enemy to slow down and others

google play store:


have fun

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After a long Christmas break and other issues I have started working back again on my bowls App in my spare time. I have now given the control scheme a complete over haul. You no longer bowl as soon as you release the screen. You can change the aim afterwards and have a button to bowl. The same goes for selecting Jack position (You can now choose right at the end) and also mat position.

You can also now choose any number of Ends from the main menu for both Single and Local 2 Player games. Default is set to 3 but can be changed to any number.

Online has taken a short step back due to issues with the software used. Although a multi-player update on the program I use is coming very soon so I should be able to implement online play in a month or so once that goes live.

Once then the game play is at a good enough standard I will do a COMPLETE graphics overhaul, menus, mat / bowls etc and add animations so the bowls have a feel to them that they are actually moving =) Other features that are planned are a replay mode, match stats page, player profile keeping yours stats, trophies / online score board. Hopefully moving onto a Tournament mode with different AI. I plan on creating several AI 'names' that have different play styles. (Such as someone that fires more / a more tactical player etc....)

I didn't expect to get over 1000+ downloads with my bowls app but I am at 1800 and counting =)

Any feedback and suggestions / requests more than welcome. (

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Dragon Jumper

Dragon Jump is an addicting way to pass your time. Navigate your dragon through an unending maze of obstacles. Your character scrolls through a series of obstacles and it's your job to tap the screen to maneuver him without touching anything.

Looking for some feedback please.

Download in Play Store:

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Run Kubi Run !!

We are Jaruk Studio, indie game developer from Indonesia. We create Android Game called Run Kubi Run !!. This is endless runner game. You just have to tap the screen and character will Jump, you will find booster when running. This game is simple, run , jump and get the highest score and share to your friend, but it's hard to get the high score.

here's the link :

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Hello from Spain! Nice to meet you!

We are Tapenjoygames, this is our first game based on the epic game "Flappy Bird"! But you can see the differences!

We are starting an amazing project! We will develop 3 games in 1month, but not simply games! We have an special recipe! We are trying to do the things different! We have an special marketing strategy, taste it!!!

This is our first work, please comment and rate it!

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Landless Runner v.1.1 is on the market!


Landless Runner Google Play

Landless Runner it's the new super addicting game!

You are now a man trying to scape from the enormous land of his dreams and you will have to keep running and jump to avoid the barriers generated. But be careful! Your mission isn't going to be that easy, the gravity of the game will be

reverted when the left indicator has rotated!

Depending on how many barriers you have avoided, at the end you will get one medal, would you be able

to achieve the Diamond one?

At this moment is possible to obtain wood, stone, bronze, silver, gold and diamond medals, but you will need more

than a little effort.

Improve your position in yours friends ranking, and in the Global Ranking!

Features ✪

-Easy controls

-Infinite Level

-Global and Local Scores

-Lots of Medals

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WordSlide Battle - The fun, fast, unique multiplayer word game!

Free at Google Play:

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Hi everyone. It's our first game and we're still new to mobile game development. Got to start somewhere, I suppose. Anyways, it's available on Google Play and Amazon App store.

Google Play Store:

Google Play Store

Amazon App Store:

Amazon App Store

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first of all, thanks to the creators of libgdx.

I have just released my first game on Google Play, Jumping Owl, since now I've just developed simple native apps.

Control your Owl and reach his sweet love Owly!

Will have to jump through clouds and...cats collecting more coins as possible!

You could save your life and reach the sky also tapping the screen to perform an EXTRA JUMP, like a normal Flappy Bird !

Remember to follow us and rate the game if You enjoy it, this is the FIRST version of our FIRST game so...THANKS!

Probably you could find it similar to other games ( Doodle Jump ), but really not 100% equal.

You can get the game here from GOOGLE PLAY:

and here from AMAZON MARKET:

and also on OPERA MARKET:

Give it a try and feedback is always welcome!

Now it's time to JUMP!

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I've done a big update to the Short Mat Bowls APP. There are now FULL and LITE versions available.

LITE Version features 3 game modes, 2 difficulty levels, 5 challenge levels, 3 different bowl colours.

FULL Version features:

- 3 Game Modes (Single Player, Local Multiplayer and Challenge Mode)

- 3 Difficulty Settings

- Choose from 3 Bowl Sizes, 2 Bowl Bias, 11 Coloured Bowls

- Replay your last shots or watch you entire match

- Speed up or slow down the action in play

- Unlock Trophies by completing achievements in game

- Gain EXP points and climb the online rankings

- Online EXP leader board. Can you become World No. 1?



Updated video:

You can also get the app on PC on facebook at:



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DropBlox 99 Puzzles

DropBlox is a puzzle game where you literally make the pieces fall into place. Rotate the playing area to make the blocks fall where you want them to and solve each level by making the right sequence of moves.

Can you solve all of the 99 levels ranging from quick and easy to mind-bogglingly difficult?

get it at

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Check out my new 3D combat game on Android Play Store:

Engage in gruesome combats with various fighters to win your way back to glory. Enjoy different punch, kick, dodge, and special power moves. Earn achievements and compete with your friends for high scores. Customize your fights by choosing from 7 fighters, 4 combat arenas, and 4 combat scenes. Earn achievements and compare your high scores within your social circle.

Game Trailer:

Game Screenshots:

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Hi, I'm quite new to Android programming, although I have been programming and designing for about 4 years now. This is my first android game, which primary aim is to beat the time by pressing the randomly placed shapes and reach high scores :)

You can find it in the Android Store here:

Cheers! :)

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Hey guys I just finished my first game which I built in Unity. Feel free to check it out!

The Recycler (Google Play Store)

It's a constant 2D runner. Jump over obstacles (Recycling Bins) and collect recyclable materials for points! Also be sure to avoid or stomp enemies! Complete 5 different levels + a 6th endless run level. Currently there are 6 different characters to play with. There are also 5 challenges to complete and a personal leader board so that you can store your scores and try to beat them!

The trailer is a bit rough since I don't know much about screen recording but I thought I would include it in the post haha.

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[FREE][GAME] The Brownie Strategist Shot

Help brownie! Destroy all the enemies!

The fewer shots - the higher you will be in the ranking!

Records are stored in your phone.

Records can be sent to the online high score table, your account via Google+.

Play and win! Be the first!