Android Games Recommendation Thread (56K)

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I recommend the following for all who is a great fan of HOG games: Mysteriez: Hidden Numbers ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters
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Downloaded a nice looking puzzle game called words! You have to search Scrambled Beans in the market search or just scrambled words and go to the second page. Needs some work on the search but this has potential to be a gem. Im digging the puzzle games so if anyone has any recommendations for amazing puzzle games.

wordswords! gameplay

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great little war screenshots loook good might get that game
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wow them graphics look amazing ... hope this game is free lol want it now ..
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Glad this is freee xD
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I was one of the first person to buy this game, its a turn based games, i got totally addicted ! =)
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Glad this is freee xD soldierbwoi
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Not exactly a "game", but can anyone recommend me a free app that streams video game related news? Or is getting a RSS reader my best choice?
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Not exactly a "game", but can anyone recommend me a free app that streams video game related news? Or is getting a RSS reader my best choice?forgot_it
Download gReader really useful program for rss news streams just subscribe to the gaming websites of your choice for there news.

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Hi, I would like to recommend Frenzy Fugu. Milan
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Hi! I would recommend Fruit Ninja. So far it is the best and most addictive game I've played on my smart phone and I must say that unlike Angry Birds, I doubt you would ever get bored of it. Give it a shot. ;)
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Add Gem Miner 2 to the list. Gem Miner was first game I ever downloaded 2 years ago on my OG Droid and Dig Deeper was my first purchased game. It's very fun.

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Edge and Edge Extended are awesome game simple but fun cube platformer puzzle game. Had it on my old nokia phone but controls where unresponsive on android its very responsive when using the onscreen directional arrow control mode and games runs at a super smooth 60fps.

Anaomoly warzone HD

Awesome reverse tower defense game where this time your the one attacking the towers. You can buy and upgrade new units with the money you gain and change the route your units will follow and use various powerup and abilities to make it through the level. Fantastic 3D graphics and sound it has some of the best production values i've seen in an android game!

Lane Splitter

Fun time waster that has you controlling a high sped motorcycle you tilt your phone left and right to steer it throughe the lanes dodging other cars an collecting coins and get progressively harder as more cars appear and the game speeds up the longer your stay alive and its free on the android market.

Running Fred

Cool running game for android you tilt your phone to move to avoid obstacles and tap to jump its free on the android market


Cute puzzle game where you have to kill the demons but leave the angels alive also free on the android market

Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave

Fun Tower defense game with fantastic 3D graphics and lots of levels to playthrough and has 4 player online coop and best of all its totally free on the android market!

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I'm playing Edge too, it's pretty sweet!
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B Swift Free Version It is an exciting game with a number of levels. Different modes of this game helps the game player to analyz his IQ level,problem solving abilities and the response time.I am damn sure you would definitely love to play it :) Android Market Link: B Swift Full Version It is a full entertaning Game with exciting game play with fun loving back ground sounds. This game helps the player to do analysis of his multiple skills like IQ Level,problem solving abilities and the response time. I hope you would love being the part of B Swift :) Android Market Link:
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I love Edge. I first discovered the game on OnLive.

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I'm currently obsessed with Draw Something

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Try the new game I've made for Android, RollAMaze. This is produced entirely by me, and most of the people who have tried it have said it's fun.
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Nice list of Android games. Should check them out with my Samsung Galaxy Y. Check out my site at signature for technology news.
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Nice list of Android games.
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Recommending a game I made. Swing the owl and kill the skunks Smasher: Owls vc Skunks Site: Google play Market:
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I heard temple run came out for android
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Hi there!

Our word game WordsWorth was launched for Android Smart-phones and Tablets [including Kindle Fire and NOOK] on the 29th of March, 2012. In WordsWorth, you link letters to form words on a honeycomb structure; larger the words, more the points you earn.

Featuring cross-platform Multiplayer, Android users can play a game of WordsWorth with their friends on iPhone/iPad/Android devices. There are a host of other features like 3 Single Player Modes, Online Clubs, OpenFeint Achievements and Global Leaderboard support.

Please do check it out on the Google Play Store:

Note: WordsWorth runs best on devices with at least 512MB of RAM, 800MHz Processor and at least a 320X480 Screen


99Games, India

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Wow, you're right! Link There was so many fake ones and I didn't even bother to check. :)

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great, i like
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The lack of World of Goo is disturbing

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Avatar fight an online mmorpg join today!!! once you reach lvl 15 join dark dragon knights grow with us!
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RAGE OF BAHAMUT - My favorite Android Game Ever! Freeeeeeeee Special Code: fog05270 Anyone who likes strategy games should give this a shot. This is one game that if you are consistent and patient, you can progress far without paying. **MUST READ** TIPS FOR NEW PLAYERS: * Get through tutorial and use a code for tons of money and an awesome card: Code: fog05270 * DO NOT use your Holy Powders or Cure Waters. Later in the game you will need them. Especially for special events. You can also barter them for Rare and better cards. * DO NOT let experienced players rip you off in trades. Always check the forums for current rates for trade. For example: Some players will try and trade you 2 or 3 rare cards for a high rare. When the rate is usually 8 rares for 1 High Rare. Or they will try to get you to trade tons of Holy Powders or Cure Waters. Don't fall for it! You can usually get a rare for 2 Holy Powders :) * Don't hastily evolve rare and better cards. Enhance them first and then evolve. BE PATIENT! That is how you will eventually dominate. If this was helpful use my code: fog05270
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Check out FKS-Cricket Drive. The free version is quite a lot of fun where you flick these balls that bob on your screen to smash windows, flower pots, scooters and street lamps. quite a lot of fun, with interesting power-ups and obstacles. good for somnolent mornings or to satisfy delinquent daydreams.

fks cricket drive screenshot

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There is a new game of ninja for android. Looks a platform and nice graphic. Here the link: Bye
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SNAKE EX TOUCH ALPHA - a new Snake game for Android with an intuitive control system designed especially for touch screen devices - no Nokia simulation! Features - A new 'Alpha' game mode that puts a new twist on the classic game Cool retro look 4 difficulty settings
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Tsupz , is a free squad based tactical game about killing more and more zombies, currently in beta. it's in real time, with active pause. pretty intense. this is the link for the play store
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I would recommend adding Robo Defense on that list. :)
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I'd recommnend Parallel Mafia. It's a mobster game that takes place in a futuristic setting. The coolest part is that your guy is part android, so it's a refreshing twist on the mobster genre.:D

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Do xperia play games count? then i recomend sheep dog 'n wolf, very funny puzzle game, non xperia owners could use a ps1 emulator, as the gaming buttons are not necessary
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Hi Check out The Sopranos Quiz. Its a trivia game for The Sopranos TV show. It starts you out as a Sopranos Associate and you work your way up to the mafia rank of Boss by answering loads of questions on it. I found it great fun. Heres the Google Play link
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Have to say Cytus is probably the most fun i have had on my mobile since temple run. Cytus