NFL 2014 Season predictions thread

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Preseason's over and we're about ready to kick this thing off on 9/4 (that would be Thursday) when the Seahawks will blow out the Packers to the tune of about 35-7 because that's what Seattle does.

Playoff predictions:


1) New Orleans 15-1 (homer pick, but seriously we're stacked)

2) Philadelphia 13-3 (Chip Kelly is legit)

3) Seattle 12-4 (losses to Philly, SF, KC, St. Louis on the road)

4) Green Bay 11-5 (tough schedule but they should be fine)

5) Chicago 11-5 (Marc Trestman is legit)

6) San Francisco 10-6 (tough schedule)


1) Denver 12-4 (Peyton Manning does what Peyton Manning does)

2) Indianaoplis 12-4 (couple of tough teams but the Colts normally rise to the occasion)

3) New England 12-4 (offense gets back on track, defense is elite)

4) Baltimore 11-5 (Ravens pull away in a tight division race)

5) NY Jets 11-5 (Rex Ryan coached this team to an 8-8 finish last year and they've only gotten better)

6) San Diego 10-6 (blah)

Carolina goes 8-8, Dallas goes 8-8, Giants go 2-14, Hoyer gets benched after losing 3 straight, Brees wins his 1st MVP

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Great! Thanks for sharing your prediction. Its nice to see the list of your game prediction.

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I think I'd go lower for the jets and higher for the Broncos, because Peyton does what Peyton does. Saints at 15-1 is a tough sell, but at least you admit it's because you are a homer. I like most of the predictions, but I doubt Green Bay will get blown out with a better (hard to get worse) defense, and Lacy and Rodgers at full health.

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Sammy Watkins has one of the most disappointing rookie years in recent memory.

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Cowboys win SB, Romo MVP

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