NCAA March Madness Official Thread.

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#51 Posted by PSP107 (12131 posts) -

"Stop smoking all that weed brother man," lol

"LMAO at a bears fan talking trash though, it's gold."

Oh the irony.

#52 Posted by Braun_Roid_Rage (790 posts) -

Go Baylor!

#53 Posted by Braun_Roid_Rage (790 posts) -

Well, we got gaped ha.

#54 Edited by Master_Live (15404 posts) -

OMG Michigan.

#55 Posted by Master_Live (15404 posts) -

Ref has some balls making that call.

#56 Posted by vguy555 (4625 posts) -

Shabazz Napier. Carried his team straight to the Final Four.

#57 Posted by Boston_Boyy (3994 posts) -

That was so awesomely clutch. We'll be seeing that shot forever if Kentucky can win 2 more games.

#58 Posted by Braun_Roid_Rage (790 posts) -

The final four should be good. I think Florida beats UConn but the Wisc-UK game is a toss up. I got Kentucky in that one.

Man, the sports forum is dead.

#59 Posted by vguy555 (4625 posts) -

Who would've thought UConn and Kentucky would end up in the national championship game. Props to Harrison, it was tough to watch the first shot that knocked out Michigan, but can't deny that he's clutch.

#60 Posted by 36Ounces (2065 posts) -

Love that Florida lost. And that Kentucky game was a fuckin classic. I'm not surprised by the Cats run cuz the talent was there from the jump. I think big blue will take home the ship.

#61 Edited by Braun_Roid_Rage (790 posts) -

The title game should be real good & i'm going for UConn.

This one & done thing is ridiculous man. They should make it like college football where the players have to stay at least two years before going pro. I've seen so many young guys go pro early & struggle in the NBA. College basketball I think gets players more NBA ready then the D league.

#62 Edited by Braun_Roid_Rage (790 posts) -

Go Huskies. I'm riding the bandwagon tonight.

#63 Posted by 36Ounces (2065 posts) -

Bad ass game.

#64 Posted by Braun_Roid_Rage (790 posts) -

Congrats to UConn man they deserved it. Napier & Boatright were nasty.

#65 Edited by Boston_Boyy (3994 posts) -

Wasn't sure who I was going to root for before I saw this:

Now I'm pretty happy that this smug bitch is going to have to deal with shit tonight. Also, great game. But fuck this guy, seriously.

#66 Posted by 36Ounces (2065 posts) -

^ haha

Well deserved by UConn though. Hell of a coaching job too by Kevin Ollie in just his 2nd season there especially with the post season ban last year.

#67 Posted by vguy555 (4625 posts) -

It's hilarious how he writes "you're cheering for laundry." This guy must hate his school, you don't need to like sports to appreciate being a part of something this exciting.

#68 Edited by Master_Live (15404 posts) -

Well, that sure went as planned. Congrats to UConn.