Extreme Rules 2014 Results

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El Torito defeats Hornswoggle:

A waste of a match in my opinion. Sure it was good show starter because the crowd seems to love it when these two go at it but still, It comes off as very stupid. The match had a sort of predictable back and forth and in the end, El Torito takes it via pinfall. I just hope this is the last we seem of them on a PPV card for a long time.

Cesaro defeats Jack Swagger and Rob Van Dam:

I knew from the jump Cesaro would win, and he did, because Swagger had absolutely zero momentum going into this bout and RVD has always been a fan favorite and has nothing to gain or lose should he win or lose. Cesaro is a strong up and comer and hopefully they use this match to launch him into the title picture or, at least what I think will happy, into a bigger rivalry.

Alexander Rusev defeats R-Truth and Xavier Woods:

Another predictable match up. Rusev has a lot of momentum as of late while Truth and Woods have none and like RVD, They have nothing to gain if they win because they are already fan favorites. This match was made simply to show case Rusev and help build momentum because the WWE obviously has big plans for him.

Bad News Barrett defeats Big E and wins the Intercontinental Championship:

Yet another predictable one. Big E was the intercontinental champion but hasn't wrestled in the last few weeks on Raw or Smackdown due to the tournament deciding who would face him at this PPV. Barrett is another guy with all the momentum in the world so it was very easy to pick him winning this match and becoming the new champion, Which he did. Expect a pretty long reign from him as well due to lack of competition.

The Shield defeats Evolution:

The Shield won in predictable fashion but this was by far the best match on the entire card. It was a very entertaining back and forth that is definitely worth checking out if you missed it.

Bray Wyatt defeats John Cena:

Wyatt won in another predictable match, Mainly because the story line between him and Cena is just heating up so they wouldn't just kill it now and head onto something else. No, Expect this story line to drag out for at least another 2 or 3 PPVs. As for the match itself, It sucked. Both guys have plenty of chances to escape but didn't,Specially with Cena near the end. It went on a bit too long for my tastes.

Paige defeats Tamina Snuka and retains the Divas Championship:

Another predictable one. Paige is easily the hottest diva out there right now so it made no sense for her to lose the title on her first defense, FYI - She won the match. Much like Barrett, You can expect a long title reign for Paige.

Daniel Bryan defeats Kane and retains the Heavyweight Championship:

Bryan wins (like we didn't see that coming) in what would be an Ok match. It's finally nice to see weapons featured in a match, Something really lacking in Extreme Rules but I don't know, This match just failed to keep my interest. Despite all the attempts to make it interesting, It was a real bore-fest.