2013 World Series: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox.

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Posted by Master_Live (15562 posts) 1 year, 5 months ago

Poll: 2013 World Series: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox. (28 votes)

Boston Red Sox 57%
St. Louis Cardinals 43%

A rematch of the 2004 sweep.

#51 Posted by Master_Live (15562 posts) -

Victorino and Saltalamacchia are out, Ross/Nava/Gomes are in.

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Big 1 tonight for both teams.

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At this point the Cards might wanna consider giving Ortiz the Bonds treatment and just walk him.

#54 Posted by Braun_Roid_Rage (790 posts) -

^ Think you right about Ortiz. Great game so far man.

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All that is left is Wacha time.

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One more game and it;s gonna be real special to see a series finally clinched in Boston.

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After tonight it looks like Boston will take this, I doubt St. Louis will win the next two on the road games in Boston.

Must suck even more not only to lose game 5 of the World Series but also the Rams lost to a gimped Seattle team, they lost both home games today, that's gotta suck real hard.

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Well I hope they at least win game 6.

#59 Posted by Braun_Roid_Rage (790 posts) -

Boston close it out tonight ?

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And for the last time:

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It is Wacha Time.

#61 Posted by xscrapzx (6426 posts) -

Come on SOX!!!!

#62 Posted by 36Ounces (2065 posts) -

Don't give a shit who wins, just wanna see it go 7.

#63 Posted by Braun_Roid_Rage (790 posts) -

@Braun_Roid_Rage said:

Boston close it out tonight ?

Looks like it. Wacha a bum so far.

#64 Posted by Master_Live (15562 posts) -

And that is that.

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WTF Cards?

So Game 2 and 3 was the only goods games.

I wonder how White Sox fans feel about Peavy 5 innings of winning a WS title after being traded months ago. Oh that's me.

I really wanted Halloween baseball(lets get some runs Cards)

On Monday's Around The Horn, one panelist reminded me on Papi's steroid use.

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Farrell has to be in control or you might go the way Grady Little did.

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What's your overall thoughts on the 2013 MLB season? Personally it was the worse season in the last 10 years. I didn't get into it like years past. And the WhiteSox being out made it worse. There was some okay playoffs games.

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I think it was fine. Yankees not making the playoffs sucks but seeing things like the Pirates making the postseason is memorable. The emergence of the next generation of great players like Trout, McCutchen, Kershaw, Machado, Harper is exciting. But that is that. Tomorrow I got to tolerate a co worker who is a Red Sox fan *sigh*.

#69 Posted by Seabas989 (10835 posts) -

Congrats to the Red Sox.

#70 Posted by xscrapzx (6426 posts) -

WORLD CHAMPS BABY!!! Never expected it that's for sure!!

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But yeah, I'm not delusional. When your team sucks or doesn't make the playoffs it definitely takes something away from your enjoyment of that season. Congrats to the Red Sox.

#72 Posted by JohnBean42 (2810 posts) -

Why them. Anyone but them. Why John Farrell. Sports media and some fans will be insufferable for days now.

But congrats to the Sox. Like seeing Butterfield, Johnny Mac and Dempster win.

#73 Posted by AlexKidd5000 (1859 posts) -

Boston Strong!

#74 Posted by Cynical_Buzzard (226 posts) -

It is going to be a long off season for me after my Cardinals lost to the Red Sox last night. I still can not get over the fact that we lost the World Series. On the bright side we have a lot of young talent that will get better in the off season and we will be back in the World Series next year and win our 12th World Series title.

All in all I can not be mad at the Red Sox, the title they brought to Boston will help the city heal from the marathon tragedy and the Red Sox earned this World Series victory.

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