2013-2014 Gamespot Fantasy Basketball

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#1 Posted by No_Hablo_Ingles (8414 posts) -

Hi all, No Hablo Ingles here and I'll be your commish for the upcoming basketball fantasy season.

This year will be head to head league. Currently have 8 people looking for 2 or 4 more.

Draft is being held on 26th @ 6pm EST (unless that time becomes an issue for many people)

Looking forward to this upcoming season.

#2 Posted by No_Hablo_Ingles (8414 posts) -

This year Yahoo has changed the way you invite people into leagues, so in order to join you have to either post your email address here or pm me so I can send you the invite

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I think I signed up to retake the wrong team, so you're welcome to give Rockin' Rondos to whoever.

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That was likely a mistake on my part. I didn't know how to properly send invites the first time, so I had to resend invites to last years managers.

#6 Posted by dodgerblue13 (20845 posts) -

I PM'd you. Any update on if the league is full?

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once we have more teams and we're all set, any way we can move the draft to 4pm Pacific Time?

#8 Posted by No_Hablo_Ingles (8414 posts) -

League isn't full, I'll send you the invite.

Sure, I can move draft to 7pm eastern time.

#9 Posted by dodgerblue13 (20845 posts) -

Cool. I'm in. Look forward to playing with you guys. Hope everyone stays relatively active all year.

#10 Posted by No_Hablo_Ingles (8414 posts) -

we now have 10 people in the league.

#11 Posted by deuce4eva (859 posts) -

I wanna join.

#12 Posted by No_Hablo_Ingles (8414 posts) -

You would need someone else to join with you. We are head to head not Roto, so we must have an even amount of people.

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Draft starts soon, best of luck to everyone.

#14 Posted by RevanBITW (690 posts) -

Never done fantasy basketball before, hopefully I won't do a horrible job at drafting. I don't even follow the NBA that much. lol

#15 Posted by No_Hablo_Ingles (8414 posts) -

Great draft everyone... With the exception of the 2 time outs that were needed for a reason that will remain unspoken, it went well.

#16 Posted by dodgerblue13 (20845 posts) -

So many guys got taken right before I was going to take them. Rough draft for me, but I think my team is pretty good. I just wanted more players to watch than anything since this isn't a money league.

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Yo, Monkeytoes, I want Harden.

#18 Posted by monkeytoes61 (8391 posts) -

@No_Hablo_Ingles said:

Yo, Monkeytoes, I want Harden.

HAHAHAHA, I just saw that I got auto drafted Harden, and I knew you'd be calling.

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Yeah... I want him. You are a reasonable man, sure we can work something out so I can get the Beard.

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@No_Hablo_Ingles said:

Yeah... I want him. You are a reasonable man, sure we can work something out so I can get the Beard.

You already have KD. I can't let one team have two of the top three players in fantasy basketball.

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Preseason rating, man. Those ratings are just a baseline for building a team, after the draft they don't matter. Makeup of your team changes players value.

Last year for example I was very point guard heavy after the draft so I traded Chris Paul -ironically the 3rd pick- to cover weak points after the draft.

Dont have to accept now, just keep in mind I'm willing to trade for Harden throughout the year.

#23 Posted by dodgerblue13 (20845 posts) -

Who got Kyrie? I really want him.