Why is there another step, for downloading Videos ?

#1 Posted by basan (20 posts) -


If you click the green "Download" button, it leads to another page that has a oragne "Download" button which brings you to the third and final page with the actual download button.

Is there any explanation why this second step is necessary ?


#2 Posted by Achilles438 (5089 posts) -

I guess they think its more efficient that way.

#3 Posted by juanfraino (5660 posts) -
It's because the second step lets you choose on what definition/format your gonna download the video.
#4 Posted by basan (20 posts) -

Well .. before the evil wizard came by and dropped a step between step one and step two, the old step two was for selecting the bandwidth.

Now that is the third step. So, again, what is the 2nd step for ... i'll stick to my evil wizard theory until someone prooves me wrong :)



#5 Posted by PhoenixMDK (3258 posts) -
I noticed this too. The extra step does seem unnecessary. It looked as though it was being introduced as part of some GameSpot download manager but at the moment it's just inconvenient.
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there is not, you just went back in time so it seems like there are more steps
#7 Posted by SamP (1602 posts) -
As a part of the Download Manager beta, we've been making changes to the page flow to allow users to clearly choose their download option. We'll be making adjustments as the beta progresses and as we get user feedback. Note that we pay particular attention to site feedback in the Site Enhancements board.

Thanks for the feedback.