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I've played the crap out of Zero hour and now thinking about modding it, There's a fair few out there, but Which one would you reccommend? I want one that has a fair few aerial units and a challenging AI, Thanks
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The Shockwave mod is in my opinion the best and most complete out there. Shockwave was developed over the course of quite a few years and features 3 new generals, quite a few new maps and each existing general has been touched and altered. New units, New models for existing units, New unit portraits - There are a heck of a lot of features and I suggest you check it out. It is my go-to mod for Zero hour.

It also features a properly working Challenge Mode (some general mods can break this quite easily - and you will see the new units and abilities in use). It also appears to feature some mini-campaigns to replace the old ones. I have not launched these (available on the main singleplayer menu) so I could not speak of the quality.

The team has also been working away on the newer Rise of the Reds. This a relaunch of a much older mod of the same name. That being said, they have been going with this one for years and it is still not as complete as Shockwave.

It is available on Moddb but I am unable to access the site right now, sorry!


Also, another popular mod is Contra, but the AI can be utterly ridiculous sometimes. Balance is all over the place but it is a very fun mod regardless. If I recall correctly it also changes gameplay in that certain buildings (and by extension, units) are not available until you kill enough enemy troops/gain exp. Really big mod and also touches on all the generals in major ways. I cannot recall if it adds more generals but it very likely does. Contra can also be found on Moddb.

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I've played Shockwave before, but the AI was broken horribly,has that been changed yet?
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Shockwave AI... Depends on how long ago you played it really. The AI works as well as can be expected for such an older game.

To clarify, the 3 new generals are as capable as the vanilla factions were on each difficulty, and the older factions use their new units and promotions properly. All Challenge Mode generals work fine as well. Again, I do not know how well the campaign missions they made work, but Skirmish and Challenge work 100%.

Contra AI also works fine last I checked, but it is very eager to steamroll you, perhaps too eager!