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#1 Posted by Reepero (43 posts) -

If there was a game type you like what would it be?,you could also say the game you like

#2 Posted by GhoX (4801 posts) -
First person RPG.
#3 Posted by d-rtyboy (3178 posts) -
I like RPG's and shooters.
#4 Posted by woonsa (6321 posts) -
Action games, or third person shooters like Gears of War.
#5 Posted by quadraleap (36507 posts) -
I tend to like RTS the best, me thinks.
#6 Posted by fend_oblivion (6115 posts) -

Action Adventure games and RPGs (includes SRPGs, Tactial RPGs etc) and RTS games with a fantastic story (like Warcraft 3).

#7 Posted by johnynator (5 posts) -
MMORPGs, Simulators
#8 Posted by Hanzoadam (6576 posts) -


#9 Posted by EL1TESN1P3S (345 posts) -
fighting games or shooters
#10 Posted by MrJack3690 (2227 posts) -

Open World Action Games

Grand Theft Auto.

#11 Posted by Crimsader (11672 posts) -
RTS and Open Worlds for meh. I need more replayability than the usual gamer :)
#12 Posted by MathMattS (4002 posts) -

I like FPSs, adventure games, and RPGs.

#13 Posted by Rumble_Stud (111 posts) -

I like FPSs, adventure games, and RPGs.


same here

#14 Posted by Canvas_Of_Flesh (4052 posts) -
Action/Adventure in the vein of Devil May Cry, Darksiders, and Uncharted. I love JRPGs as well though, I just don't have quite as much time to play them as I'd like.
#15 Posted by Dracula68 (33102 posts) -
More like favorite genre for me----Arrrr Pee Gee
#16 Posted by ModeDude (1135 posts) -

RPGs, Shooters, Platformers, Racing, Action

I'll play many things, but only if they're good

#17 Posted by KeredsBlaze (2049 posts) -
#18 Posted by Strider_91 (6570 posts) -
RPG definitely first choice.. then shooters not to far behind..
#19 Posted by Krystyan68 (359 posts) -

RPG's, FPS(only with a scifi/fantasy theme), and Racing Sims mostly.

#20 Posted by GeoffZak (3715 posts) -

JRPG is my favorite genre of video game. Games like Dark Cloud 2, White Knight Chronicles, Star Ocean 4, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Legendiaand Kingdom Hearts.

#21 Posted by -DirtySanchez- (32760 posts) -
i really dont know, its changed so many times, i guess RPG would still be tops for me tho
#22 Posted by cynwri8 (308 posts) -
RPG... Oblivoin, Fable, FF type games. Also Pokemon and Zelda... I never know if those really count or not.
#23 Posted by Beard_ (1066 posts) -

Action RPGs, in the style of the Star Ocean or Tales games are my favourite, although turn based JRPGs, 2D platformers, racing sims, and arena shooters all come close. I

Usually don't stick to any specific genres when buying though, I enjoy almost any well made game that is difficult or innovative in some way overall.

#24 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (15920 posts) -

Flight/Combat sims.

Right now, I'm happy with Flight Simulator X and X-Plane 9. Those two have a long life span especially with add-ons (payware and freeware). The potential successor to FSX isn't due until 2012.

I'm waiting for Storms of War: Battle of Britain. Its predecessor (IL-2/Forgotten battles/Pacific Fighters) is getting long in the tooth.

#25 Posted by PlayBox39 (420 posts) -

Fighting games

#26 Posted by clayron (10121 posts) -

TPS, Third-Person Action Adventure, & RPG (JRPG). I like games where I am given a character, and I can see his/her face and reactions as his/her story unfolds. I do not need to be the character, as in FPS, but I need to connect with them.

Also, I love stealth-oriented games.

#27 Posted by deezoTHEgreat (51 posts) -

I'm a RPG and Stealth Action kind of guy.

#28 Posted by CellAnimation (6116 posts) -
I'll play anything as long as it's good. If I had to pick a genre it would be a toss up between RPGs and FPSs.
#29 Posted by DecadesOfGaming (3090 posts) -

mostly enjoy first person titles, but I'm extremely fussy what I play.

#30 Posted by amirzaim (1709 posts) -
FPS and racing
#31 Posted by joel_c17 (2829 posts) -
hide the sausage with my gf
#32 Posted by wizdom (10066 posts) -
RPG's and Stategy games, they usually offer the most bang for you buck.
#33 Posted by ratchet_ruler88 (535 posts) -


#34 Posted by Solid_Link22 (5602 posts) -

I have several.




#35 Posted by Ownejj (144 posts) -

FPS for sure, theres nothing like the rush of hunting people down and killin em! its just like BOOM HEADSHOT BOOM HEADSHOT BOOOM HEADSHOT!

(pp quote btw)

#38 Posted by txr302 (1288 posts) -

Adventure and JRPGs. Although my fav. type of RPGs are Action such as Ys series, FF XII, White Knight Chronicles.

#39 Posted by HELL1ZH3RE (48 posts) -
FPS Definitely. Immediate gratification for your hard work. Immensely rewarding. RPG's The most rewarding experience of them all. Seeing your character develop just doesn't get old. RTS such as Age of Empires. I never got the hang of SimCity or games of that genre. (not certain whether SimCity is Simulation)
#40 Posted by jcopp72 (5335 posts) -
Open world games - like Oblivion, Grand Theft Auto series, Fallout 3
#41 Posted by kontejner44 (2025 posts) -

My favourite genre (not necessarily most played one) remains 2D sidescrolling games. Mario, Castlevania, Metroid. I am super happy that these types of games are still being made

#42 Posted by roguas (40 posts) -
Action Adventure ... god of war .. assassin's creed ... uncharted ...
#43 Posted by LightGalaxy_07 (626 posts) -
I tend to like RTS the best, me thinks. quadraleap


I like FPSs, adventure games, and RPGs.


same here

me too
#44 Posted by MUSH_IS_PWNs (1213 posts) -

Wrpg-The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Knights of the Old Republic

Open World- Grand Theft Auto, Yakuza, Bully, Saints Row, (awesome game >) Simpson Hit and Run (< awesome game)

#45 Posted by GoldfishDave (142 posts) -
I love great racing games that are over the top, but the blockbuster FPS's often steal my attention just because I love it when multiplayer doesn't involve waiting because there's so many people playing.
#46 Posted by ASK_Story (11455 posts) -
It's getting more and more difficult to answer this question now because genres are changing, becoming hybrids, etc. Like Might & Magic Clash of Heroes, one of my favorite games of all-time. What genre is this? What kind of game is it? Is it a RPG? A puzzle game? A strategy game? How about Puzzle Quest? Or what about Resonance of Fate? And is Battlefield Bad Company 2 considered just a FPS or a online FPS since I only play it for multiplayer? How about Metroid Prime? Is that a FPS? So I just like whatever game I'm enjoying at the moment. Every genre has something good to offer and I'll play whatever is good.
#47 Posted by Mr_Cumberdale (10188 posts) -
Action / Adventure (Zelda), RPGs (both western and japanese), and FPS.
#48 Posted by -Vulpix- (2375 posts) -

Here are my favorite genres

Adventure, Action Adventure, Platformer, RPG, FPS and Third-Person Shooters.

#49 Posted by Delirium_ (58 posts) -

I like Action/Adventure, FPS and RPG's :]

#50 Posted by DecadesOfGaming (3090 posts) -

hide the sausage with my gfjoel_c17

your not the only one that she plays that with !