Your favorite fighting characters?

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#-49 Posted by Dexter-010 (494 posts) -
Tekken: Steve Fox, because he's a boxer.
#-48 Posted by ej_2010_ej (10 posts) -

wow thats a long list

#-47 Posted by Vermillion1985 (1 posts) -
My favorite fighters would be: Tekken: Bryan Fury Dead Or Alive: Jann-Lee Streetfighter: Sagat Mortal Kombat: Sub Zero Virtua Fighter: Vanessa Lewis Ofcourse I do have more fighters I love in these series, but these are my primary choices.
#-46 Posted by NaruTail (1 posts) -
probably armor king from tekken or howarang from tekkene too
#-45 Posted by D3dr0_0 (3502 posts) -
Tekken: Bryan Fury, Feng Weng and Jin Kazama Street Fighter: Guile, Ibuki and Vega King of Fighters: Geese Howard and Iori Mortal Kombat: Smoke Soul Caliber: Mitsurugi
#-44 Posted by coolguy90- (9166 posts) -

Ibuki but i suck with her.

Zero from mv3( he's really good)

Noel vermillion

#-43 Posted by omzo (13 posts) -
I play MK the most and my favourite fighters from that would be Sub Zero and Kabal.
#-42 Posted by Keegan_2634 (56 posts) -
Mortal Kombat series: #1 Mileena (all time favorite...good days back in MK2) #2 Kenshi (his a badass lol) Tekken series: #1 Xiaoyu (^_^) #2 Bryan. SoulCalibur series: #1Tira. #2 Mitsurugi.
#-41 Posted by tangyorange (349 posts) -

KOF: Kim Kaphwan (Overall Favorite)

Street Fighter: Abel

Tekken: Kazuya

Soul Calibur: Ivy..... til SCV then Mitsurugi ( due to the giant gameplay simplification they gave her)

BlazBlue: Bang Shishigami

MK: Kenshi

#-39 Posted by leonamccauley (4 posts) -
Kitana from Mortal Kombat is my favorite.
#-38 Posted by programmerr47 (14 posts) -
#-37 Posted by TheZanmato (23 posts) -

I love these characters:

1. Lei Wulong (Tekken)

2. Asuka Kazama (Tekken)

3. Seong Mina (SoulCalibur)

4. Kilik (SoulCalibur)

#-35 Posted by arkhamcity54 (2 posts) -

Some of my favorite fighting game characters are:

Kazuya Mishima: he's just a cool guy in general in my opinion, despite being evil. 

Ryu and Ken: without them, the franchise just wouldn't be the same to me.

Scorpion and Sub-Zero: they're my favorite ninjas, and they seem even better than Ryu Hayabusa (no offense).

Chun-Li: she's a cop and a martial artist with incredible legs, who could go wrong?

Heihachi Mishima: he's the coolest old man I know in any fighting game, let alone any video game.

Nightmare: his armor is pretty awesome, and for some time, Siegfried was the big guy in the dark suit of armor.

I have lots of favorites, but those are a few I can start off with.

#-34 Posted by monixchi (3 posts) -
Tekken : Asuka KOF : Yuri Sakazaki DOA : Hayabusa Bloody Roar : Uriko
#-33 Posted by Konan08 (2 posts) -

King Of Fighters: Nagase, Hotaru Futaba, Chae Lim, Xiao Lon, May Lee, Momoko, Princess Athena, Lilly Kane.

Mortal Kombat: Frost.

Rival School / Project Justice: Akira Kazama, Zaki, Incho, Kyoko Minazuki.

Street Fighter: Crimson Viper, Makoto, Pullum Purna, Ibuki, Hokuto, Nanase, Blair Dame, Area.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Crimson Viper, Tron Bonne, Son Son, Roll.

Fighting Layer: Blair Dame, Lan Yinghua, Janis Luciani.

Samurai Shodown: Mizuki Rashoujin, Rimururu.

Guilty Gear: May, Baiken, Testament.

Asuka 120%: Karina Toyota, Nana Owada, Megumi Suzuki, Tamaki Shindou, Kiyoko Mitarai.

Akatsuki: Anonym, Marilyn Sue, Sai, Kanae, Perfecti, Mycale/Kati, Tempelritter, Akatsuki, Blitztank.

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang / King Of Combat: Ameth, Linn, Ruriy, Kuraki Kaoru, Shirley, Lee Won Hee, Ciel, Claire Fox, Sheva.

Dead Or Alive: Lei Fang, Kokoro, Lisa, Ayane.

Soul Calibur: Tira, Xianghua, Shura, Leixia, Hilde, Hualin, Valeria.

Virtua Fighter: Eileen, Pai Chan, Aoi Umenokouji.

Tekken: Alisa Bosconovitch, Ling Xiaoyu, Miharu Hirano, Panda, Kunimitsu.

Tao Feng: Jade Dragon, Divinity, Geist, Vapor.

Bloody Roar: Nagi, Alice, Uriko, Shina.

Power Stone: Rouge, Ayame, Juile.

Darkstalkers: Q-Bee, B. B. Hood.

#-32 Posted by jane25 (9 posts) -
HI guys, 1. DBZ --- Goku 2. Street fighter - Ryu
#-31 Posted by Enfamous_Mr_BHC (177 posts) -
Tekken: Raven/Kazuya (hate all Hwarorangs, Baeks, Steves and Kings) Virtua Fighter: Jeffry/Goh/Vanessa SF: Dudley, Abel, Cammy & Dee Jay KOF: Mai, Clark, Ralph & Leona Soul Calibur: Mistirugi MK: Sektor, Sub Zero, Jax, Melienna
#-30 Posted by ComicaIGamer (6 posts) -
Mortal Kombat Scorpion was a great male choice along with Liu Kang and his crazy kicks. Kitana was a perfect ranged attacker while Jade did Mid attacks that were still pretty crazy. Street Fighter I really only enjoyed trolling people with Chun-Li and her kicks and that's all . Marvel vs Capcom Viewtiful Joe because he's so small you almost can't throw anything at him and deadpool because guns,troll and have you seen what he does when he wins! Morrigan because she soo fast and Felicia because she is great for air combos. Soul calibur Yoshimitsu has great combos that he uses with a lightsaber! Natsu and Leixia from the new games natsu is really fast for a slow 3d game and leixia is a med attacker with the sword. Injustice:Gods among us Batgirl is a really ranged character to play as which is really great for defense and such thing as that matter, King of fighters Ice because her Ice powers make her demolishing you while she asks you for asks you for ice cream Tekken Lili is a great kicker and a close range sweep attacker and....that's pretty much it
#-29 Posted by Hseptic (1566 posts) -

Tina from Dead or Alive

Sarah from Virtua Fighter

Ken, Akuma and Chun Li from Street Fighter

Morrigan and Lilith from DarkStalkers

Millia Rage from Guilty Gear

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat

#-28 Posted by a_marth_user (715 posts) -

Ibuki from sf

#-27 Posted by southbandidos4 (28 posts) -

Good question.

My favorites fighting characters are:

Street Fighter: Akuma, Adon, and Vega

Tekken: Dragunov and Steve Fox

King of Fighters: Iori

Mortal Kombat: Johnny Cage, Kung Lao, and Cyrax

#-26 Posted by SirEthanTheSexy (1 posts) -
Tekken = Lei Blazblue = Rachel,_Character_Select_Artwork%29.png Elsword = Eve
#-25 Posted by martinpeter013 (4 posts) -
Hello friends, Tekken 5,Mortal Kombat 9 and The King of Fighters 2002 are my best games.
#-24 Posted by 187umKILLAH (1414 posts) -

Ken, Juri - Street Fighter

Kunimitsu, Devil Jin - Tekken

Noob Saibot, Sektor - Mortal Kombat

#-23 Posted by jok3rxfear (1 posts) -

Ermac from MK9. He has such an awesome design! :D

#-22 Posted by DamnILoveGames (235 posts) -
Blazblue: Hakumen and Valkenhayne Street Fighter: Akuma and Evil Ryu Mortal Kombat: Ermac Soul Calibur: Nightmare and Mitsurugi King of Fighters: Iori and Rugal Tekken: The Mishima's in general Guilty Gear: Sol Melty Blood: Michael Roa, Kishima and Shiki