You guys gotta help me choose im afraid!!!

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OK guys i got back to work 2 months ago, bought myself a PS3 and ended up between then and now, buying 23 games (all on seperate occasions, i nkow... im not well lol. I keep turning a game on for few mins, thinking of another one and switching to that one, and rewind. I'll list the games i bought, and i want someone to sort them into What you're gonna play in order: so make a list of say 5 that i should play, start to finish, 1 at a time!! here's the games,

Skyrim Legendary Edition,

Dark Souls

Grand Theft Auto 5 (finished 4)

Deus Ex with expansion


Half Life 2 Orange Box


GT5 Academy Edition

Mass Effect 3 (finished 1 and 2)

Assassins Creed BrotherHood (finished 1 and 2)

Borderlands (finished 1)

Siren 3 Blood Curse



Killzone 2


Uncharted 2

Finfal Fantasy 7 (PSX)

Final Fantasy 9 (PSX)

Driver (PSX)

Tomb Raider 2 (PSX)

Outland (10 euro downloadable game indi game)

Thanks guys! give me 5 in order of (you're not allowed play number 2 till 1 is finished). Otherwise i'll never decide...

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I feel ya man. I have had the same problems in the past, its easy to get overwhelmed when there are so many great games at your door step.

I would go:

1- GTA 5


3-Mass effect (You need to finish the story)

4-Assassins Creed

5-FF7 (amazing game in my top 5)


I mean its hard to say you have a lot of great games here this is just the order i would choose for some of them.

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1. MGS 4 is a must first play. Fav. ps3 game so far. Although MSG1 is really fun too.

2. Killzone 2

3. GT5 (although to fully complete the game will take a very VERY long time)

4. FF7

5. Skyrim(although I would recommend Oblivion first since in my opinion it's way better)

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Tomb Raider

Metro Last Light

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Mass effect 3




Uncharted 2

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  1. Deus Ex with expansion
  2. Grand Theft Auto 5
  3. Mass Effect 3
  4. Uncharted 2
  5. Then play Deus Ex again.
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  1. Skryim Legendary Edition
  2. Deus Ex with expansion
  3. Uncharted 2
  4. Killzone 2
  5. Final Fantasy 7
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Lot's of those games I wouldn't ever buy on the console, only for the PC, Also I don't know what MW stands for.


  • Skyrim, GTA, Dark Souls, Boarderlands, GT#, Assassin's Creed are games that you won't finish in a single setting and likely get bored of before coming close to the end, and move on to something else.
  • Mass Effect, MGS4, Dues Ex, Uncharted are more story focused than the rest and have good game play.
  • Final Fantasy PSX's are story rich, but didn't hold up well in looks, nor the game play. (you'll likely get bored of them)
  • Have no idea how Half Life 2 plays on a console, but it gave me motion sickness on the PC. Finished it, but wasn't all that impressed. Good if you have nothing spectacular to play
  • Siren BC, is very clunky... and the PS3 really doesn't have the horse power to play it. Fatal Frame series was a much better game. But give it a try maybe you'll like it. But give it a chance to at least chapter 3. As for the PS2 version, you have to give it a chance until you pass a daylight mission. First few missions suck in the original; which gave it a very bad rep, because reviewers tended to not play much further than the first 2 missions.
  • Driver, Tomb Raider PSX... they show their age. PS2 remakes of TR are probably a better choice. (although gamespot's UK Johnny hated all the Tomb Raider games. You can find his let's plays on Gamespot Twitch if you wanna watch them. But most of them he just switched to playing Chivalry.)
  • Don't know anything about the others.

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  • Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Assassins Creed BrotherHood
  • Killzone 2
  • Mass Effect 3
  • GT5 Academy Edition

i would go with that if you want some variation and you mostly know what you want to play most after, but that's just my opinion