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Not sure if anyone has came back to check out xsyon, The games came a very long ways since beta. They finally just got trial servers up and pops rising again, Just had a halloween event, was awsome fun, Revants (zombies) there hps ranging from 30-350) and there was a bear with 1028 hps, Wicked fun, though that bear wiped the floor with us. There is 8x8 roofs ingame now, Totem decay, Stat and skill decay. and a Pretty epic Crafting update coming soon, itll add female armors+ new weapons and other armors. Also, the days of certain players being godly in Pvp is now over. With the new stat/skill system alot of players knocked those godly ones out . Meaning you can easily catch up to them. Also those who want multistory, you really should check out xsyon for this, Google Raven Moon Tribe, watch the videos , see the pictures, What they did truly shows xsyons beauty in creativity and just how far you can take multistories. New Videos are being made, Possibly new tutorial vids, Soon kickstarter will be launched to help the game get the funding for a full dev team so progress can speed up. Now before you crack at that last bit, remember this game was built from scratch and out of 1 persons pocket, this game has no other funding cept the players and owner. The guides ingame are a great help and do events daily and makes things really fun. Ive been playing xsyon since beta, and all this time later i still love the game. Everything is very challenging now, Hunting youll need pals if ya plan to play in the mists. Also not sure if some of ya know this or not, but when you create tools-armors-weapons, Raw materials ingame have various Stat buffs, that you can use to custumize items and really get creative on your builds, Not to mention Color choices :-P. So in short Come check out Xsyon, past players, come back see whats new and have fun. i also have a tribe ingame The Preatorian Guard, i live in zone 896, if ya need help or a tribe, just give me a shout, or ask in Global (my ingame name is fatboy) Hope to see you all there! Fatboy. The Preatorian Guard
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