XG-SRO (X-Gaming Silkroad)

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Hello, X-Gaming Community, one of the largest online gaming community online, with free to play servers, configured, maintained and updated by a professional and capable staff team is here to present his current and unique servers that you can play near thousands other players around the world. X-Gaming Silkroad [XGS] - Professional Silkroad Server SERVER RATE: - EXP Rate:468x - Party EXP Rate:584x - Gold Rate:21x - Item Drop Rate:50x - SoX Drop Rate: 2.5x - Alchemy Rate:4.5x -Job Rate:22x SERVER INFO: - Rebirth System(6000 max rebirth) - 1000 slots(will be increase if needed) - 110 cap PvPvE config - Mastery cap:330 - Max Degree:11D - Race:Chinese & European - Autopotion:YES - Fast Growth - Fun PvP - Lag FREE! CHANGES: - Alchemy rate increased (we actually understand how it works not just multiply it) - SoX rate increased(multiplied with 4.5) - Job rate increased(multiplied wwith 22) - User interface redone OTHER FEATURES: - Fortress War:YES - Medusa and Roc:YES - Forgotten World:YES - Battle Arena:YES - Capture the Flag:YES - Job level cap:7 WEBSITE/FEATURES: - Donations through a large range of methods for all countries - Lottery System - Coins Convertor - Voting System based on XP and VP - ItemForge: The First, uniques and most updated shop that can be found on a silkroad server. Configure your desire item and get it using XP or VP COMMUNITY: - Professional Staff Support - Daily Server events - Monthly community events with x2/x3 voting and donation WEBSITE:- http://sro.x-gaming.ws/ FACEBOOK:- http://www.facebook.com/xgsilkroad FORUM:- forum.x-gaming.ws/forum.php
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u never found the best server like this, come join me =)
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free plvl ingame, pm me ur ign. cya ingame ;D
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anyone else want take my offer? ;D
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keep up my post #bump
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got anyone already test this server? let's party dude =D #bump
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come on people.. x-gaming server got superb surprise for you.. =D
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You're right, good server !!