Xbox Marketing at its finest.

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Came across this on Facebook. It seems this guy is a legit Xbox marketer. He has several pictures of himself at events with backstage passes and stuff (pictures at the very bottom). I can't believe people like this are hired. He must be in his 20s and he acts like a 12 year old. This is just absolutely disgusting. People said they were gonna report him to Microsoft and he deleted some of his comments and then made his Facebook profile private. The following pictures are what I was able to get before all hell broke loose. He is talking about The Last Guardian not that it really matters...

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# It sure does seem immature for someone who seems so closely involved with Microsoft. Though, he makes a good point about the industry being dead for years if they were inspired by The Last Guardian, which hasn't been released yet.

Idk, what are you gonna do. I mean on the one hand, you can't fault him for supporting Microsoft, since apparently he works for them or whatever. Should he go about it this way, calling other people assholes and calling Sony 'Pony'? Probably not. But let's face it, Microsoft is the same company that dealwithit came from...

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@Ovirew: I think he said devs were inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, and not by Last Guardian.

That guy (Henrique) is deep throating Microsoft. I realy don't understand all this passion for one company. I mean, even if he owned the company, that attitude is ridiculous.

His loss I guess.

Edit: With that said, that guy should have been ignored from the beginning.

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@k3ck: fanboys will be fanboys. I kind of feel sorry for the guy tbh

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System wars. There is a system wars thread.

And seriously? people do this stuff over facebook? there is much more important thing in life than defending a toy that has no value but entertainment.