Xbone Media Apps List (achievements for watching tv)

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There are different media apps supported in different countries, the list below is the one for the US. In line with what they stated when they rolled out the Xbone, MS has created an achievement system for media consumption (not clear how many of its media partners will use it).

Coupled with the Kinect, that could make for some interesting achievements (Getting an achievement for watching X hours or tv in a row without turning one's head or skipping commercials or maybe an achievement for having 10 people in a room with their eyes open and their heads turned towards the game during a sports event).

Like I've said before, I think media trophies is a weird move which badly misreads media culture (gaming is active and often competitive, tv watching is passive and never competitive) but I've been wrong before. I confess that while I thought achievements in games were a nice idea, but I didn't anticipate that they would become such a success/big deal for a lot of people.

MS is taking the Xbone's role as a media player very seriously. I watched the Redskins lose last night (sigh) and the only Xbone commercial I saw (though I sometimes wandered away during breaks) was the old gameless Xbone commercial which talks about its media center functionality. Credit to the GAF for the initial find.



United States

  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Crackle
  • CWTV
  • ESPN
  • HBO GO (coming soon)
  • Hulu Plus
  • Machinima
  • Netflix
  • Redbox Instant by Verizon
  • Target Ticket
  • TED
  • The NFL on Xbox One
  • Twitch
  • Univision Deportes
  • Verizon FiOS TV
  • VUDU
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@Pedro said:

As a primerally Sony user I'm actually quite impressed with the Xbox UI and speed at which it works. I have to say there's tons and tons of stuff on there I'd never ever use but for someone who wants an all in one entertainment package it's very impressive. Bit ad heavy for my liking and not sure how "Live" some of the clips were but never the less it's not a bad effort from MS. Great if you have a super fast broadband connection but would be a completely different story in any country that struggles to get US speed internet.

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Are you a Skins fan? Thats my team! Tough loss. Regarding the Xbox One commercials during last nights game.... they ran a lot of Battlefield 4 commercials too for the Xbox One. Almost every Xbox One commercial was BF4 and it was maddening!!

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I'm a Redskin fan. It sucks that the Redskins lost and having a losing record, but I take heart from the fact that they are a lot better/more stable than they have been most of the Snyder era. I just hope RG3 doesn't get himself crippled. The fact he can run is great, but its a very high risk strategy.

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So now basicly casual gamers can have a higher Live score than hardcore gamers, how is that not backwards? But it's kind of cool though

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I don't have a link, but I read somewhere that they are separate scorecards.

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@CarnageHeart said:


I don't have a link, but I read somewhere that they are separate scorecards.

Really? What is the point then?` If it doesn't contribute to your overall gamerscore?

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@The_Last_Ride said:

So now basicly casual gamers can have a higher Live score than hardcore gamers, how is that not backwards? But it's kind of cool though

I think those dedicated enough to have high scores are more likely to do this sort of crap for the sole purpose of the achievements.

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Nice! Good to hear that their is another skins fan here! RG3 just makes me nervous everytime be runs the ball. I just hope his knees hold up over the next couple of years.

And while the Shanahans have brought some stability to the organization, I do think we need a coaching change if we do not make the playoffs this year. We should also fire our D -coordinator like today!!

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Here is an update:


the media achievment card will be something different, rest assured