WOW - what will come next?

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Love it or hate it WOW has changed the life of the gamer and the gaming industry, and wether you play it or not a WOW expansion is a big event, and everyone is expectant as to what it will bring. Some await the expansion because they are invested in it, paying subscription, others are simply trying to figure out if they should join or not and await for the latest reviews to make up their minds.

As good as they are, the latest reviews as per metacritic, have been the worse WOW has seen, leaving people to wonder, and some not at all, that the king has laid down his crown and its to anyones guess if he will rise again.

WOW is as good as it ever was, what it does it does well, yet that is not to say it has succeeded in staying young; with better game engines and fast paced combat and more innovative game mechanics, absorbing storylines, not to mention offering more for your dollar, other MMos have managed to catch the attention of the new and old generation of players, as well as swaying more than a handfull of once WOW loyals.

In responce to this Blizzard has sought to simplify the game, likely hoping to attract younger players, but which in turn has allienated many of its hardcore gaming fanbase.

One of the most controversial topics is subscription, as many argue that WOW does not offer enough to justify its high subscription cost.

MOP is a turning point for WOW, whether it will listen to the general clamor and change its tactics or blindly follow the path it has kept, WOW will never be the one we so fondly remember.