Would you rather have Fallout 4 or TES 6 come out first?

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Posted by tjj89 (30 posts) 10 months, 25 days ago

Poll: Would you rather have Fallout 4 or TES 6 come out first? (38 votes)

Fallout 4 76%
TES 6 24%

I say TES 6 because I am super eager to have either the Dwemer storyline answered or the the battle with those damn high elves wrapped up.

Fallout is just as good but I can't wait until (2016?) to play TES 6.

#1 Posted by ZZoMBiE13 (22911 posts) -

I know it's a bone of contention for long time Fallout fans, but Fallout 3 was in my top 3 for the 7th gen. I love the modern Fallout universe and can't wait to revisit it. :)

#2 Posted by SoNin360 (5502 posts) -

Fallout is the easy choice and not just because I'm a big fan of it. I also really liked Skyrim, but it's simply Fallout's turn. It's been over 3 years since there's been a Fallout game whereas Skyrim came out just over 2 years ago. For me, that's all there is to it. Seeing a new Fallout and a new Elder Scrolls game on the new consoles it going to be amazing, at least for people like me without a viable gaming PC of course.

#3 Posted by IndianaPwns39 (5037 posts) -

Fallout 4, absolutely. I prefer the fantasy setting but I'll be getting Dark Souls II, The Witcher 3, and Dragon Age III this year so a bit of apocalyptic mayhem would be a welcome change of pace.

#4 Posted by Mesomorphin (826 posts) -

Fallout 4, there is no question about it. There are way too many medieval rpg's out on the market, with Bound by flame releasing later this year. I would love a Fallout 4!

#5 Posted by NugieDX (11 posts) -

Fallout 4.

Partly because I like post-apocalyptic settings (I just said it in other thread).

#6 Posted by ObxChillin (117 posts) -

Fallout 4.

Fallout 3 was one of my favorit games for Xbox, i played too much lol. I also enjoyed TES Oblivion more than i did Skyrim so idk how the next one is going to be but im sure Fallout 4 will be amazing for many reasons. Mainly because its gonna be on next gen.

#7 Posted by osan0 (12739 posts) -

fallout 4..for evil reasons.

bethesda have no experience using the newer tech in the consoles/PC. a post nuclear world will be easier for them to build while learning how to use this tech.

i dont want another oblivion.

when TES6 does come (which i wouldnt expect for another 4 years or so) i want it to look so good that i will fall to my knees and weep (ok a bit overkill :P). i want the world to be an absolute pleasure to explore and look so good that artists will take screenshots and then paint those screenshots :D. its hard to do that when also upgrading an engine from PS3/360 tech to PS4/X1 levels of tech and taking your first stab at it.

i would also enjoy playing fallot 4 of course :).

#8 Posted by marcheegsr (2832 posts) -

Fallout 4.. It has been way too long.

#9 Posted by Flubbbs (3139 posts) -

Fallout 4 and its not even close.

#10 Edited by speedfreak48t5p (8138 posts) -

Fallout New Vegas 2

#11 Edited by huerito323 (1377 posts) -

Fallout 4 of course! It's been too long since Fallout 3. New Vegas doesn't count, that one was meh.

Besides, Elder Scrolls Online is coming out soon, and I still go back and play Morrowind and Skyrim. I can live without a new Elder Scrolls game.

#12 Edited by Gallowhand (476 posts) -

I'm ready for a new Fallout game, because Fallout 3 GOTY remains one of my favourite games of all time, and I can't wait to see what they do next.

When it comes to the Elder Scrolls series, I worry about what effect the Elder Scrolls Online will have on the future of the single player games.

#13 Posted by Gargus (2147 posts) -

Fallout 4.

But Im hoping Bethesda makes it and not obsidian. And I hope Bethesda doesn't create the tech and they instead license a good engine from someone else.

#14 Edited by jcopp72 (5339 posts) -

I'm ready for a new Fallout game.

#15 Edited by Black_Knight_00 (18507 posts) -

Fallout 4 will be at E3 2014 without a doubt.

#16 Posted by ACP_45 (434 posts) -

TES6 because dat LORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough said’.

I wouldn’t mind a Fallout game as well.

Either one. As long as both are insanely awesome them i’m fine with it.

I don’t have a favorite between them.

But The Elder Scrolls just has a LOT more LORE.

That’s why I’m sort of kind of choosing it over Fallout 4 but it’s mainly because I want to see what’s next.


#17 Posted by firefox59 (4403 posts) -

The Fallout games have always been a lot more fun. The Elder scrolls games may have more content but repetition does not make a better game.

#18 Posted by Lassiter88 (19 posts) -

I just wonder if Fall Out 4 will be another independent story, or will they try and find a way to tie it all together?

Either way, I can hardly contain my excitement.

#19 Edited by dvader654 (44751 posts) -

Seems we have a winner, I agree I want Fallout 4.

#20 Posted by ObxChillin (117 posts) -

@speedfreak48t5p said:

Fallout New Vegas 2

hahaha, your kidding right?

#21 Edited by pupp3t_mast3r (141 posts) -

I know it's been a while since we had a Fallout game but god dammit I just hate waiting to find out what's going to happen with the Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire! Not to mention I've got my fingers crossed for a TES game set in the continent of Akavir...

#22 Posted by Sparky04 (3385 posts) -

I want the next Elder Scrolls game to be phenomenal so I want Fallout 4 right now. Besides, like everyone is saying, it's Fallout's turn.