Would you consider DLC a mod?

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Posted by donut5 (1958 posts) 1 year, 2 months ago

Poll: Would you consider DLC a mod? (14 votes)

Yes 43%
No 57%

Argument is going on right now.

#1 Posted by ZZoMBiE13 (22911 posts) -

Well if we're going by the strictest definition, then yes it is. It modifies the existing game by adding new content and therefore it is a mod(ification). But in the common parlance, we separate a mod (amatuer endeavor) from DLC (for-sale content by the developer) based on how we acquire them. So technically yes, but I still prefer the distinction.

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Eh, I guess. They're much more limited than mods, though, and are therefore worse (along with the fact that they're generally paid for, while mods aren't).

#3 Posted by MirkoS77 (8000 posts) -

I would say no. Additional content and DLC is not a "modification" of what defines the game (engine, assets). Mods, at least from what I've played on the PC, generally fundamentally change the way the game originally was intended to function, be it small or huge.

I suppose it could go either way. There are graphical mods, huge overhauls, that don't really change the game aside from superficial levels. But there are some that are entire game-changers. So yes and no, but I'd tend to go with "no" if we're speaking of simple DLC.

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Meh... I always considered mods to be something that changes the actual game. For example the thousands of skyrim mods they have. But DLC kind of adds to the gameplay but not changes the original game. So to me its different but im sure people have theirs different views.

#5 Posted by Deadlysyns87 (4 posts) -

It depends yes and no a DLC is part of the game and can influence the story overall those DLC's are not that bad. Assuming they have the content worth the price. now a skin DLC or a Car or something is just a cheap way to make a buck

#6 Posted by Jacanuk (5160 posts) -

Well, if we take the pure definition of a mod, its modifying a existing game then yes a DLC is kinda a mod.

Buf if we got by what is understood by most gamers, than no a dlc is not considered a mod, since most of the content is in the game, its just a matter of unlocking it or adding it again.