Would anyone buy this game?

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A buddy and I had an idea for a game that seemed pretty good (at least to couple of guys on dev forums). It would be an FPS with some RPG elements thrown in, set in Vietnam following African-American cadet through the war. You would start in boot camp and work your way through your ranks, going on missions and such.

It would set itself apart from most FPS's by having a 15 hour plus RPG-like story. The fact that the main protagonist should be African American intrigued us because as you probably know, the 60's and even early 70's were rough for them (We have nothing against African-Americans), it would add a new dynamic between him and the rest of the soldiers. Also realism would be huge in this game,a mix of the Crysis 3 sights and scenes, the Battlefield control smoothness and the ARMA 3 tactical feel.

Other things would include a real-time base with supplies and weapons (like a city in skyrim). Object pick-up in battle and such. Really mostly ideas though hehe...