Worn game pads - fixable?

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I've got a few game pads with worn buttons. The button press isn't very resonsive and you have to press it very hard for it to register. I'm going to take one of the worst ones apart and see if I can repair it. Has anyone done this before with any success?

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I can say i have done it (with my PS2 controller) but i can also say that i broke most of the ones i tried to repair, so you kinda gotta know what your doing (which i did'nt) also from what i know triggers are easier to fix than the actual buttons. so if you decide to just go for it all i can say is good luck.
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Well, you could try cleaning it. BTW what system is the controller for?

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I have a snes controller that I want to try fix and also an Amiga CD32 competition pro controller. I dropped my PS3 contoller once and broke it. I was able to take it apart and fix it, but that was just a case of putting it all back together. My issue is worn buttons on these controllers. I found a guide online that suggest using foil. I might give that a shot.
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Sounds like it is the membrain that is worn out inside and unless you have a replacement there is no way of really fixing them, I have fixed a Snes controller recently but I done that using parts from a broken controller, I also fixed an N64 analog stick by replacing the stick itself with one from a third party controller and it is actually a better stick. I also tend to stip the controllers and deep clean all the buttons and holes that they go in as some times all the crap they collect over the years causes them to jam up.

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I'll take my Amiga CD32 controller apart and take a look at it. I want to source another first though - just in case it goes wrong. I don't think it will be as complex as the PS3 controller. Getting that all back together wasn't easy as there is a lot going on inside one of those!
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Sometimes you can fix worn-out buttons by putting little circles of aluminum foil under them. Sometimes it's just a bit of dirt that got in there.

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Yeah, I saw a website that suggested this. Its that I am going to try :)