Wonderful 101 is the best action game of the year.

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I finally got around to playing Wonderful 101, another Kamiya masterpiece. There have been some great to excellent action games this year like DmC and Platinum's own Metal Gear Rising but neither of those are as good as W101. The action is as intense and deep as you would expect from a Kamiya game but that isn't why it is so great.

So why is this game so awesome, it's that you have no clue what the game will throw at you next. This is not a hardcore hack and slash action game, in fact this game has infinite lives and is impossible to get stuck (you simply will get a bad score). This is a love letter to all kinds of action games, it brings the joy of the twitch shooter, the button masher, the platformer and all sorts of other genre moments. It almost feels like it celebrates the joy of playing video games, like a long lost 16-bit game. Its all wrapped up in a sort of awesome Saturday morning cartoon story that is surprising interesting, very cliche but like how it is a homage to video games its also a homage to all the craziest saturday morning cartoons.

I can't say the core combat hangs with the big boys in NG, DMC or bayonetta, but it makes up for it in the unknown of what kind of off the wall gameplay scenario you will see next. Even in the standard game moments this world is filled with loads of secrets often time solved by elemental puzzles. It almost has this zelda quality of "how do I get to that" maybe you haven't acquired the item needed yet or maybe haven't really explored everything.

It is such a shame almost no one will play this game. It's a hard sell with a weird control scheme on a system no one owns. Yet this game has the potential to be another Nintendo franchise, it has all the ingredients. It has so many Nintendo moments, I cannot spoil it for you cause its too AMAZING, this game is for Nintendo fans as much as it is for action fans. i read in an Iwata asks that Kamiya wanted this game to star Nintendo characters originally but Nintendo said no, they had a chance for this game to instantly become a million seller just by having Link, Mario, Samus instead of new characters. Nintendo should have promoted this game as hard as any of their biggest games, it is that good.

If you have a Wii U you better buy this game.

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I don't own a WiiU yet, but I will eventually. And I really want to play that game!

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I know very little about this game, so I decided to search for a video of it. I found one on Platinumgames.com.


It looks like it could be fun to play. It has an overall presentation of a game that is distinctly different from games with high production value cinematics and seems to be made purely for fun. It reminds me of Mario Party in that regard.

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Multiplat Please ! :)

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That very well may be. I'll find that out when Nintendo's next system arrives.

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I was looking forward to this but found the game just didn't gel with me. The combat was enjoyable and, once I figured it out, rather deep but the repetitive nature of the game meant that, after the third 10 million part mission, I was bored with it. Very rarely do I not bother finishing a game but Wonderful 101 earned itself that lofty title :(

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the button masher


being a big kamiya fan, I will be snagging it once I get a Wii U.

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There is just to much going on in the overhead camera angle or the characters are to small. Also I didnt find the combat to be enjoyable, u do not feel engaged with ur enemies or somethin I dont know something didnt click with me on this game.

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Thank you Dvader. I thought I was alone in thinking this game is as great as it is. The gameplay is amazing, and the best of the year in that department.

It's too bad it's on a platform that a large percentage of gamers are unfamiliar with. Had this game been on PS3 and/or 360 it would be the toast of gaming.

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@juboner said:

There is just to much going on in the overhead camera angle or the characters are to small. Also I didnt find the combat to be enjoyable, u do not feel engaged with ur enemies or somethin I dont know something didnt click with me on this game.

I can see this, many times I get hit by something out of screen of there is just a million things happening and I cant tell where anyone is. As for not feeling engaged I dont know, I guess that feeling can happen at first but once you know what to do its pretty much like most other action games.

It is a weird combat system, very unique so it may not be for everyone.

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lets put it this way in ninja gaiden 1 and 2 I felt very engaged with the enemies with w101 u have a gun and a big sword that u swipe at most of the time tiny characters, I dont like the movement either I guess I just dont feel connected to my character thru the controlls like how an mx racer feels connected with his bike

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I've seen some stuff about the game.

It looks really awesome. I'm definitely gonna get a Wii U whenever I get the funds.

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I cannot --WAIT-- to see what Platinum has in store for us with Bayonetta 2 after playing W-101!