Will there be another Age of Empires game??

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#1 Posted by Ironserpent (646 posts) -

Title says it all. It's one of my favorite games ever and I really think there should be another.


#2 Posted by Legendaryscmt (12532 posts) -

Currently, doubt it.

#3 Posted by stike22 (3401 posts) -
So far no word, not exactly sure what they would do in the next one either but its a well known series I'm sure they will make one eventually or they will have word on what they plan on doing in future.
#4 Posted by DSandPSP_owner (259 posts) -

since ensemble studios is no more, age of empires either isn't getting a new game or will never be the same

#5 Posted by nicktarist (237 posts) -
Eh, I loved AoE II allot. (III was a little bit of a disappointment for me) The fact that ensemble is gone; however, means that I'm not going to play an AoE IV whether it's not made or I simply choose not to play it.
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AoE II was my favorite Pc game for years. I'll miss AoE =(
#7 Posted by thusaha (14495 posts) -

I think there will be another AoE.

#8 Posted by brittoss (1028 posts) -

It seems that the franchise seems to be getting farmed out (to majesco I think) and being developed for the DS at the moment.

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im so sad, because ensemble studios is closed... for my its age3 still the best RTS game ever...
#10 Posted by coincollector78 (163 posts) -

I have Age of Empires I and II and their expansion packs. I have not played Age of Empire III but I plan on getting it sometime. I hope that the Age of Empires series is not over.

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hopefully Company of Heroes won't rip off Aoe Fans o.o
#12 Posted by sathyaiyer28 (280 posts) -

I want an age of mythology followup... i freakin loved AoM

doubt itll happen tho, with ensemble shutting down recently :(

#13 Posted by mikkemans (14 posts) -

I've got some disappointing news for you all.

Quite some time ago the makers af AoM stopped with the series.

They won't make any new ones...

I don't know why they stopped, but you don't have to wait a new AoM game.

#14 Posted by ericpol (370 posts) -
Age of Empires Online is having a closed beta got email yesterday gonna try it in a few
#15 Posted by GeneralShowzer (11598 posts) -
Why nobody mentioned AoE Online? It will be free to play, and from what i hear it's very good.
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AoE II is one of my fav' games of all time, simply amazing, so many hours spent on that fun game. They really need to make it.

But as the others have said Ensemble studios is gone so AoE will never be the same.

AoE Online? That isn't worthy of being called AoE IMO, looks very kiddy, and why is it 2D? Like a big step backwards. The art style is really a downgrade, it's all cartoony. I mean c'mon, AoE II looks better! AoE has always been striving for a more realistic, 'mature' look, this is just too different.

I really would rather would just pay for a better AoE game than these types of games because in F2P games, players pay for an unfair advantage with better items, and they tend to be very expensive sometimes. Just give me a full game for one price.

#17 Posted by James161324 (8315 posts) -

Aoe Online is coming next year. There is some rumors that a new studio may be making AOE IV but thats far from comfirmed