will TERA go free to play?

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Ive heard good reviews and Ive heard bad reviews of TERA; I personally have not played it yet, mostly because Im still undecided on the matter, but also because Ive heard that aside from the graphics the combat is the only other thing that keeps people invested in the game. From what Ive heard content in itself is lacking and at times ridiculous.

Even so TERA has recieved acclaim for being a new kind of MMO and whose steps are now being followed by upcoming MMOs like Raiderz, which will not only be endowed with similar gameplay as TERA but will also be FREE-TO-PLAY.

To those with gameplay experience in TERA, and considering the current community and how quickly others are stepping up on TERA's innovative ideas, is there a possibility for TERA to go FREE TO PLAY anytime soon?