Will Destiny be another all hype game this year?

Posted by FatalScorpion (42 posts) 11 months, 5 days ago

Poll: Will Destiny be another all hype game this year? (39 votes)

Yes 36%
No 33%
I don't care about Destiny 31%

Serious question. After all the games that have been hyped beyond belief, I'm really starting to doubt a lot of the bigger games.

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My vote is hype. The game is going to be enjoyable, but nothing like what the bullshitters (PR douchebags) are making it out to be. Nothing ever lives up to the hype, this is about the only constant I know when it comes to the gaming industry (and the movie industry too).

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I actually think Destiny has done a really good job of managing it's own Hype. I don't see anything whee the people making are claiming or making spectacular promises or setting unrealistic expectations.

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@High-Res said:

I actually think Destiny has done a really good job of managing it's own Hype. I don't see anything whee the people making are claiming or making spectacular promises or setting unrealistic expectations.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has incredible expectations for Bungie’s Destiny, the MMO-ish shooter out this September. He said with confidence the game will be the “best-selling new video game IP in history” and expects it to be Activision’s “next billion dollar franchise.”

Taken from the Forbes article, but these comments were posted in the news section of every major gaming website when they were first made. I wouldn't be surprised if Destiny achieved Borderlands numbers, but it is a pretty spectacular promise when you start saying stuff like this.

I think it'll be good and it'll sell well, so, no it won't just be hype. But I'm not sure it will live up to Kotick's projections.

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Big difference between a Publisher/CEO and Bungie though. I don't see "Bungie" doing any over selling. I should have been more specific.

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Don't really care about it; it will probably be good nonetheless

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A year ago or so, the hype was outrageous, but after that dull gameplay trailer, the hype sort of died down and the unrealistic expectations disappeared. I'd say the hype is just right amount.

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Yeah... Most people didn't have an inkling of what the mechanics were or how it would actually work/play until the alpha earlier this month.

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Hopefully not, but it's probably the game that will shut down Bungie. Half a billion dollars is a massive investment and if the game gets anything other than an earth-shattering reception there is no way it will recoup the production costs, let alone turn a profit, even in the long run. Especially in this age of "one strike and you're out" relationships between publishers and developers.

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I couldn't care less about Destiny, but I do think many people will be disappointed when it comes out. I'm sure it will sell very well and some people will probably play it for years. Still, the fact of the matter is that it's Halo all over again. I think the people that will play it the most are those who have never played a Halo game before. For everyone else who has, they'll probably play it for a while and then return it. Just my opinion.

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I don't care about Destiny but I think that the game is over hyped .

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i have played its alpha , and it deserves the hype , it is actually good !

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I really hope it doesn't suffer from over-hype... because it's looking good.

But Activision is publishing it so I won't hold my breath.

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It's the most hyped game this year that I have no interest in... it seems all the other games I've held excitement for have turned out to be underwhelming, at least as far as scores go. I have no idea how Destiny will turn out in that regard, but I guess I don't really care since I don't have hardly any intention to play it.

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its quite simple

mw2 costed 200 milion to make of which only 50 million were the actual development budget.

So destiny has a 500 million budget from activision, THUS its a game that will be marketed the crap out of everywhere with truckloads of PR in order for people to buy it, its propably gonna sell and get high scores but i doube it will be half as good as they make it to be.

Take it with a MOUNTAIN of salt before buying it.

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I think Destiny will deliver the goods. Everything that I've seen about it looks great.

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No, I got to play the alpha at E3 for PS4, it's pretty awesome.

And that was only the FPS-arena aspect of it!

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Destiny is being made by bungie - who, let me remind you made of the most defining series in video game history so if I'm gonna give anyone the benefit of the doubt it'll be Bungie. Also, their budget is huge and it's really not THAT hyped.

Look at the hype list. Last time I checked it was 9th

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@Cloud_imperium said:

I don't care about Destiny but I think that the game is over hyped .

My sentiments are very much the same. Especially with the absurd amount of money that was said to be being allotted for the game. I couldn't believe how ridiculous it was when the game looks to have about the same lifespan as any other shooter out there right now.

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To be honest, I feel like Destiny will end up being one of the few games in the next two years that will be "honest," without the bullshit.

This is a game that is coming from some very talented developers. Destiny has a lot of potential.

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So Activision is backing a game that will have to sell over 8 million copies just to turn a profit?

Whose bright idea was this to invest in such a massive piece of hype?

It was nice knowing you Bungie, good luck.

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No, its Bungie...when have they ever failed us? never

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I didn't care about it before but most people who played the alpha seemed to love it. I am confident it will pretty good based on that.

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I'm curious to see how it does. I think it will sell ok but I'm curious to see if it's basically going to be like Titanfall where everyone hyped it as game over Call of Duty but then it puts up numbers where it's very clear that it's going to have to lay the groundwork and build over multiple entries to even get halfway to what CoD puts up.

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From what I've played of the Pre-Alpha, it's going to be a feast - at least for any friend of FPS gameplay, who also enjoys MMO-type hooks, like loot progression and character customization - making your character your own. It's likely the first MMOish game that'll rival the best of its chosen genre in terms of gameplay and presentation. The best of both MMO and FPS.

I guess if the hype says it's revolutionary, that's kind of a lie, because all the parts in it are tried and true, they've just never been mixed together like this, and this well. So if it's a great game with longevity and staying power you're expecting from Destiny, that's what you'll get. If you want something that invents the wheel anew, you'll be let down.

I for one look forward to it a lot.

Also - hello everybody!

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Yes, since it doesn't look remotely interesting or fun at all.

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Now ask yourself this question, do you really think Activision will let them fail with a 500mil budget? Its not gonna happen and if you've played the Alpha you'd know this by now. IGN will be showing beta gameplay today so there's that.

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I am sure that Destiny will live up to the hype.