will Activision abandon COD for a while.

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after the fail of Ghosts. I think that Activision might change its priorities. i think they will go toward Destiny. it will be their next main IP. they said that it will be the best IP for the next years. anybody thinks so?

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Absolutely not. They'll milk it dry like Guitar Hero. When did the last guitar hero come out and be relevant? Exactly

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The fall of Ghosts? i wouldn´t say a game that is constantly in the top 3 of NPD´s saleslist a fall.

Yes it didn´t sell as well as the previous ones but it still sold more then enough to warrant its continuing development cycle

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I don't understand how you're getting the idea that Ghosts is a failure. It's an enjoyable game that flew off the shelves. I bought it twice (last gen and this gen) myself.

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lol their already making another one , so why would they abandon it , , they dont care if it is bad or not enough ppl still buy it , , i would like them to and get a 007 game out but that wont happen cause as said before they dont care if they dont break records they just care if it is being bought by enough people i bought it 3 times well technically 2 cause the 3rd was used, ---xone x360 and wiiu

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They just added a third team into the mix, to take them from two teams cranking out games every other year, to three teams releasing a game every third year. So we know there has to be at least three more in the pipeline.

Activision has a long and storied history of NOT letting a franchise rest until there is nothing left. Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, Spider-Man games, if there's a nickel to be had they won't stop until the franchise is not only dead, but rigor is setting in and bugs are feasting on the carcass. By the time they're done, you need a forensics team to identify the remains.

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Love how a game that sold 15 million copies is labeled a failure. This industry is cockoo for cocoa puffs.

Anyway, of course they won't abandon it: it's the only major franchise they have on consoles.

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COD regardless if it's good or not = sales = money. Therefore why would Activision give it up?

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Ghosts didn't fail, it sold and still sells very well. Why would they stop making them? As far as I'm concerned they've been consistently excellent games and now putting a third developer on the franchise and giving the games 3 years of development time the future of the franchise looks quite good. I purchased Ghosts twice once for the 360 and once for Xbox One plus the Season Pass for the dlc.

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I would put my money where my mouth is when Treyarch releases Black Ops 3 or whatever they call it, it will beat GTA V for fastest selling game.

Zombies is a huge ace up the sleeves, I don't think people truly realize just how popular it is. It practically carried BO2, because let's be honest Treyarch's MP sucks compared to IW.