why would anyone play Pokemon when you could play Persona?

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it lets you collect monsters AND girls

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Well, some of us have real girlfriends who'd like us to trade or battle with them.

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But in Pokemon you can trade your girlfriend if she evolves into something you don't like.

I assumed your question in the topic wasn't serious. If I'm wrong then my answer would be "because they're different games" :) Aside from Japanese stylings, turn based RPG and the collection elements they're very different.

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Because they're two different games with different merits and different styles.

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I don't have a vita or PS2/PS3

I don't care for that series

I played Pokemon back in the Red/Blue and Gold/Silver generations so I have a nostalgic connection to Pokemon.

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A guardian spamming Megadoleon over and over again and wiping your party with hours of level grinding to look forward too can kinda make anyone play Pokémon instead.

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Better idea: Play both

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@nero_rules said:

it lets you collect monsters AND girls

You're cool.

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Why would you eat dessert instead of your meal? They're both delicious and filling in their own way, and some people just don't like dessert, or prefer dessert to a meal.

Same with Pokemon and Persona. Different tastes, themes and fulfills different needs.

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Better idea: Play both

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@EnoshimaJunko said:

Better idea: Play both

Best idea of all.

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Because some people would rather focus on the monster collecting and not reading tons of dialogue. I like Persona more myself, just saying there are plenty of reasons to prefer Pokemon for many(trading, traveling different areas, different tone, etc).

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Alright then, I'll just play Persona fi... oh wait I can't. That's why.

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Cause persona is garbage

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While I find Persona a much better game, even though they have a collect them all type thing going on, they are exceptionally different.

One cannot replace the other.

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Better idea: Play both

Best idea of all.

This is very much true.