Why guild war 2? what are its unique features?

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Why guild war 2? what are its unique features? "if you are under 18 years old...please leave this page and don't give me your opinion please !! ..and btw you are a troll....and this generation of trolls must die" ------------------------------ i want to know, what is so special about guild war 2, that people all over the world are **** their pants when they hear its name.."which they do to all previos failed mmo like ffxiv". i played the beta...and i was not impressed at all.. two things were good though ,, one of them was NOT the graphics....the graphics were .. umm..ok i guess...wasn't WOW but ..um..ok.. the first thing that intrests me was the design of the areas...i think the major city at start was amazing...but i wouldn't spend my time in it..although they look like they spent alot of time designing it. 2nd is the random events..i like that..but what is with 1 million ppl joining a quest..and without doing anything i get exp..it's kinda wrong. so i want to know !! what are the features that excites you in this game....cuz for me..the spells and movement....sucks !!! simple...but poorly designed in my opinion.... so if you are a hater please don't answer...i want a full answer that will change my mind on this game
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That 18 year old and under crowd can probably help you with your typing skills.

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yay one more troll.....if you don't see correctly....no one dares answer my question...becuz they know it's true !!! ppl just lying to themselves. and as for my typing skills...i just copied and pasted this question from my other sites ... i keep asking this question hoping that some 1 acually asnwers me.. but not in gamespot...not in many other sites...any one acually dares to answers
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Well it's really hard to convince some one who seems to already made up their mind about the game. I thought the graphics were pretty decent and the environments were beautiful. Here's why I like the game.

-No grind whatsoever, seriously, if you just run around doing dynamic events, tasks, or just exploring in general you can easily level 2-3 times a day just playing casually.

-WvWvW. Three servers duke it out on a seperate PvP map, anybody can join at any level since all players are scaled to level 80 for a more even playing field. I know during the beta it was people just mobbing each other still one mob beat the other, but I imagine once the game is released and people start creating guilds, things will become a little more organized.

-Dynamic events, kinda like the PQ's akin to WAR but can play out several ways. Example: there was an npc town being attacked by raiders, the objective was to repel said attackers. If you failed, the raiders took hold of the npc town and you would have to fight back for it. If you succeeded you went out to the raiders base of operations and drove them from the area. I feel that's a fresh, if simple, twist to group quests.

-Spell combos, like seriously this right here, you can pull off some amazing stuff with spell combos like cloaking your entire group, create of volley of curing arrows the possibilities are limitless really.

-Level scaling. Are you level 60 and want to help a friend who's just starting? With this feature, your character will be scaled down to the lower level area so that you one shotting everything in sight and generally ruining the experience.

-Structured PvP, everyone's level 80 with all the skills and all the equipment unlocked for purely skill based combat

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Have yet to try GW2, but I played Aion for a long time. While I find NC's customer support amazingly sub-par, I loved the game and I have no doubt GW2 is every bit as stunning as their previous releases. And, if they've almost eliminated the grind? Well, sign me up. That was the worst part of Aion. So, if they've gone a different route in that respect, I will definitely be trying GW2.