Why do IP's Die?

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Video games have a sensational technical achievement, that developers continually push forward and surpass. Yet, what are among the developments in games , that we have seen a stray from further progression? The one's left obsolete all together. Let's tangle ourselves in the realm of dying IP's or the ones that have passed away

Now for the likes of Pokemon and Mario, their state of play stays in the same consistent directional path as day one. They only flirt with the opposition to differentiate from the original, these differences are usually graphics, almost entirely. With minor tweaks along the circumference of same play style. Yet, what of the games that have died or in reference to the title. Have retired?

Resistance Fall of Man, was a significant leap in graphical power. The forerunner for PS3 launch lineup, with positive scores from Game Informer of a 9.5, and GameSpot a 8.6. While Resistance 2, had similar ratings across the board, though slightly lower should be noted. Yet the IP, fell in complexity in level design when introducing it's third installment. Still the third addition would receive adequate ratings, jumping from 7 to 8 out of 10. So what went wrong with this Franchise, did it just come to an end because the story had to conclude. Or was the basis of it's game play flawed. As movies, as games, sometimes the story plays a large role in reason for the downfall. Such as the Matrix trilogy, that I am sure people are still steaming over. Yet, Resistance did have a well developed story, a catchy tone with addictive to the unknown. With jaw dropping conclusions, such as the end of Resistance 2. So what is the flaw to it's production of further progression. It wasn't the graphics, it wasn't the replay-ability or the story. Never to say, that Resistance was perfect, it had major flaws. Yet, with it's appraise and justification as a unique and darkly thrilling title, what was it's demise?

Timing! Resistance 3 launched in September 6, of 2011. We know how this society runs and timing is everything. Resistance 3 launched in quite possibly the worst time of all 3 of it's installments. Launching 8 days after, Madden NFL 12 and 14 days before Gears of War 3. Not to mention that it launched within the the same month as, Resident Evil 4 HD Sept 20, God of War Origins Collection Sept 13, and Dead Island Sept 6 just to note a few.

The same can be said for the complete other direction. The Last of Us, was an extraordinary game. During it's initial release of June 14th, 2013. No games had the hype or draw to even have a competitive edge over it, within the month of June. An argument can be made and fully justified that Resistance was not on the same level as the Last of Us. Yet, what would have happened>??? If Resistance would have came out in the same month, with the same drought that Last of Us had in it's initial launch. A month in a slump with the central attention being solely focused just on itself. Maybe, Resistance's story would be brighter and less grim. These are questions that cannot be answered, but a highly percent chance that maybe the IP would still have future plans.


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Well, Sunnysn raises some good points, but I think it has more to do with Publishers and Developers wearing out their welcome with annual releases that eventually turn what was once a novel idea a cliche (See Ubisoft and Activision).

Then you have long term rot, where publishers spend years and years and millions of dollars trying in search of something they have lost (see Final Fantasy). Publishers can also mis-interpret sales. Sales are a lagging indicator, so often publishers will take a franchise in a direction based on how the last one sold (not realizing the last one sold well on the basis of the game that preceded it).

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I think it depends onvarious things myself other than hype or even release dates. Look at GTA V, that game did not have the best launch window compared to others that are launching in late september/October/November when all the main games are coming. I think it's because of quality. Hell look at Remember Me and Mirrors Edge, two new ip's that tried something different, but were flawed. But they could improve a lot if there was a sequel to both of them. Games like for instance Last of Us doesn't really need a sequel(not played only heard people don't want a sequel) because the game is good and it has been succesful. Quality dictates most what game you want. Also being smart about your release date doesn't hurt, but that doesn't factor everything. If Resistance would have had a better PR team and planned better to the competition, because it was an exclusive game and it wasn't of AAA quality compared to those other games. Resistance might be a good game, but it does come in the shadow of games like Madden in production value and overall quality i feel. I am not saying one is better than the other, just saying that even though it is an annual release. Madden has a high production value

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A much, much more interesting question would be "why must every IP get infinite sequels?"

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@ReddestSkies said:

A much, much more interesting question would be "why must every IP get infinite sequels?"

Yeah, i agree with that. But the easy answer is money

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Why do IP´s die? simple answer is money and also because people tend to care more for their first time then the second or third.

And also because most dev´s are shallow and only hit that golden spot once :)

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@Jacanuk said:

Why do IP´s die? simple answer is money and also because people tend to care more for their first time then the second or third.

And also because most dev´s are shallow and only hit that golden spot once :)

True, but sad aswell

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IPs die because they either weren't meant to last, don't have any hype behind them in the
community compared to something else, and probably the biggest factor---refuse to adapt
to the times.

Zipper/SOCOM comes to mind. One of the most awesome 3PS/FPS ever to be made, then tried
to compete by being something it's not, and no one gave a shit.

In all honesty, a giant ass list of IPs could be made here---but only for nostalgia sake, because
every single thing that is popular now is gonna die too. Including BattleField, COD, and Assassin's Creed.