Who would you cast in the Uncharted-movie?

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So we have the confirmation, we get an Uncharted movie in 2016. The writer is David Guggenheim and the director is Seth Gordon. But now we need a cast and so let the guessing game begin. Here are my guesses or opinions on who I would cast:

Nathan Drake:

  • Chris Pratt, he is an up and coming actor, has done both comedy and more serious acting in his career and has been solid at both and his role in Guardians of the Galaxy is kinda Nathan Drake'ish. I think he could pull it off. Seriously just look at his profile picture on IMDb...give him the ring and a holster and you have your official movie poster.
  • Other candidates that we've heard over the past years would also be great but they all have age-concerns if this really grows into a series of movies in the next years. I know, I know Nathan Fillion would be perfect (or would've been perfect 10 years ago) but I think this movie comes (sadly) to late for him, the same goes for guys like Mark Wahlberg or Dylan McDermott. Other people also have mentioned Bradley Cooper, I would be ok with that but I'd rather have Chris Pratt.

Elena Fisher:

  • There is actually no reason not to take Emily Rose, she is a decent actress, still young and she is actually Elena Fisher (the character is modeled after her and she voices Elena). The only reason to pass up on casting her would be the fact that she's not a big name in Hollywood (decent but not a huge star), but that would mean that they would get a huge star and I don't see who that would be (Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence? I doubt they could get them and I can't think of any other huge names that would fit the character)
  • Another option could be Yvonne Strahovski, she's a good actress and she looks a lot like the character. Rosamund Pike should also get some consideration.

Victor Sullivan:

  • I personally wouldn't cast J.K. Simmons, but he seems to be everyone else s choice, he sure looks like Sully but I don't like him as an actor (I don't know what bothers me about him but I just don't like him).
  • I really like Bruce Campbell as Sully, but I have to admit he's not perfect either. I don't have anyone that I really like as Sully right now.

So what are your suggestions? (Chloe Frazer is not in the first movie but if there is a sequel Olivia Wilde is clearly the choice, at least my choice;). )

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Lara Croft

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Hmmm...Nathan Fillion would be my top choice for Nathan Drake, personally, if they made him look younger. As for Elena, I think her actress would fit for the reasons you posted. J.K. Simmons wouldn't be a good choice for Sully, but Bruce Campbell seems like a decent fit. As for Chloe...don't really have an actress for her yet.

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Jeremy Renner or Gerrard Butler as Drake. Don't know the other characters.

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Nathan Fillion is probably the best choice, but he's not a big name star and would never put bums on seats.

Nathan Drake is about as generic as you can get. Could get hundreds of actors.

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I real hope Mark Wahlberg doesn't turn out for the role for Drake. I like some of Wahlberg's films in the past, but I really don't want to see him play as Drake. There are better actors out there for this special role.

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Marky Mark would have to lose about 150 lbs to play Nathan Drake.

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I would cast the characters that give them life in the games:

Nolan North
Emily Rose
Richard McGonagle

Not casting them would be a travesty, in this HUGE Uncharted fanboy's opinion.

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1. Chris Rock

2. Gabourey Sidibe

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@nyc05: The problem is that Nolan North looks absolutely NOTHING like Nathan Drake in real life lol same goes for Richard McGonagle as Sully. Emily Rose as Elena is the only viable option.