Who here thinks that RockStar should remake the Body Harvest

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I think that the game should be remade because it was awesome and I would love it to be current gen.

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The game would be a great game for current generation systems and maybe they should send it to PC unlike GTA 5 and Red Dead.

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Never heard of it.

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It would be pretty weird, but it will probably never happen lol
Body Harvest was basically the prototype GTA

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I wouldn't mind seeing it. I wanted to like the original, but for some odd reason I could never find out where I was supposed to go most of the time. >_>

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

Never heard of it.

Same here.

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Ehhh, I would prefer maybe a spiritual successor of some sort. The original Body Harvest hasn't aged well, and a remake or sequel would probably be a bit generic. But hey, if they ported it to Xbox Live, PSN, and Wii U, I would not complain one bit.

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I never heared about that .let me google it..