Who are your favorite Final Fantasy characters?

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My top 10:

10. Selphie-I'm usually not the hugest fan of FF's upbeat girls, but Selphie is an exception because she's so much odder/crazier than the others and has a dark sense of humor that is at odds with her bright vibe.

9. Red XIII-I found his quite, reserved personality to be extremely endearing. And that scene when he found out that his his father was not a coward was touching and brilliant.

8. Quina-I don't care what anybody says. This weird thing is awesome. It's refreshing to have a character with such a simple outlook on life.

7. Wakka-Wakka has an endearing big brotherly charm and an interesting accent, but what makes him one of my favorites is his sophisticated character development. His bitterness toward the Al Bhed was fueled by the fact that his brother used Machina to fight Sin rather than the homemade sword that Wakka made for him. This, IMO, is a subtle and interesting rationale for his bigotry (not saying that justifies it; it's just a really good slice of characterization).

6. Terra-I'm a sucker for underdog characters who manage to stay pure of heart even when the world seems to be against them.

5. Balthier-Balthier probably has the most swag out out any FF character. He is incredibly charismatic and I loved just listening to him talk. All of the best lines in FF12 belonged to him.

4. Laguna-It was too bad that Laguna was the lead of a secondary plot because the aura he gave off of just being a really good person was such a refreshing contrast to Squall's terrible attitude. His convincing klutziness around women just added to his charm.

3. Zidane-With his upbeat personality and his endearing pursuit of women, Zidane was so preferable to other famous FF leads like Cloud, Squall, and Tidus. I especially liked the way he acted as a kind of big brother figure to Vivi.

2. Doctor Cid-Some of you might be surprised to see this guy on my list, but I thought he was easily the most interesting and overall best villain in the series. He had the same charismatic way of speaking as his son, but had a certain intensity that kept me glued to the screen whenever he was in a scene.

1. Vivi-The ultimate pure of heart underdog character. Not only is Vivi insanely cute, but his character development and quest for identity was both impressive and emotionally engaging. I don't think I've ever felt for a video game character more than I did with Vivi.

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Design-wise, Freya Crescent.

Personality-wise, Locke Cole.

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Auron, Tidus and Lightning

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Most of the cast from FF6 and a handfull from VII,IX and X.

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Main protagonists: Cecil (IV), Cloud (VII), Zack (VII CC), Squall (VIII), Zidane (IX)

Supporting characters: Kain (IV), Galuf (V), Locke (VI), Celes (VI), Barrett (VII), Tifa (VII), Laguna (VIII), Vivi (IX), Auron (X), Rikku (X)

Villain antagonists: Gilgamesh (V), Kefka (VI), Sephiroth (VII)

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@Jag85: Villain antagonist, as opposed to heroic antagonist? :P

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@1PMrFister said:

@Jag85: Villain antagonist, as opposed to heroic antagonist? :P

Yes, I should have called Gilgamesh a heroic antagonist instead.

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I think the main cast of FFIX is just about perfect except for Amarant. Vivi, Quina, and Garnet are my faves and Zidane would be up there too but his character design bugs me too much with the tail.

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Chocobo! IHe really helps you!

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1. Ramza Beoulve: Even though he and all of the characters in my choices in this list end lives, This character is my first choice because he honored his father's dying wish by keeping just morals and he is all overall good person. Plus he is a people-person with the ability to recruit many warriors. Also, his Guts skill is awesome.

2. Zidane Tribal: One quote attributed to him is a great one that defines him. It is, "You do not need a reason to help people." That statement can be used to describe his actions throughout Final Fantasy IX.

3. Squall Lionheart: He is a good leader.

4. Vincent Valentine: Other than the possibility that he goes into his coffin forever, he has a strong will to live for Lucrecia.

5. Tidus: He is almost ostentatious, but that was the character designer's responsibility. In-game, his character is troubled, yet full of hope and a strong will. That is what makes him good.

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1. Tidus

2. Squall

3. Auron (Most bad@$$)

4. Yuna (FFX Version)

5. Zidane

6. Sepiroth (best protagonist)

7. Cloud


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Hmm that is a tough question.I mostly prefer the villains(design and personality wise).

Of the top of my head and in a andom order.(i haven't played some of these in a long time)

Gilgamesh,Exdeath,Kefka,Jecht,Sepiroth,Caius Ballad,Auron,Squall,Terra,Lightning,Sabin(and while we are it the entire cast from 6),

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here are my top 5, the coolest characters of final fantasy

1. Shuyin of Zanarkand

2. Seifer

3. Jecht

4. Sephiroth

5. Gilgamesh

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1. Squall

2. Galuf

3. Terra

4. Red XIII

5. Bartz

6. Vivi

7. Auron

8. Tidus

9. Vincent

10. Shadow

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  • Locke Cole
  • Cid Highwind
  • General Leo
  • Kefka
  • Basch
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Balthier is my favorite. He's such a badass dude :p

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  1. Balthier-FF12
  2. Tifa-FF7
  3. Auron-FF10
  4. Shadow-FF6
  5. Sabin-FF6
  6. Kain-FF4
  7. Vivi-FF9
  8. Kefka-FF6
  9. Lulu-FF10
  10. Rydia-FF4
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Auron #1 to me



I actually like Tidus. he's really not whinny like people say.

Sazh is the best thing about ffxiii imo

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@t1striker said:

Auron #1 to me



I actually like Tidus. he's really not whinny like people say.

Sazh is the best thing about ffxiii imo

IMO, he is definitely whiny and can be annoying at times (and his voice acting is pretty hit or miss; sometimes it's on point, sometimes it's extremely awkward), but I don't think that makes him a bad character. I never understood the whole "if a character annoys me or if I don't like the way they look/act, they are a bad character" mentality. Characters should have flaws and yes, some of those flaws will inevitably annoy you. How annoyed one is by a character does not at all speak to their quality (I fucking hate Squall, but I wouldn't say he's a bad character). If the characterization in RPGs was up to the people that bitch about Tidus, you would get really one-dimensional casts in which everybody is just so flawless and cool, which would be a disaster.

That's not to say that one has to think Tidus is a good character (and I'm sure there's valid arguments for why he's not), but I find the usual criticisms against him to amount to nothing more than mindless dislike. Some people will even get so absurd as to argue that his goofy clothes contributes to him being a "bad" character. But then again, maybe I shouldn't expect legit character analysis on a game forum.

As a final note, the weird thing about the "I dislike this character's personality/appearance, so they are a bad character" mentality is I only really hear this sentiment within gaming communities. When I talk about books, movies, or TV shows with people, they generally don't judge a character's quality in that way. Maybe it has something to do with actually controlling VG characters.

/tangent that you probably didn't sign for when you quoted me, lol.

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I like Sephiroth because of his weapon and how he uses it...plus he's left-handed. There aren't much left-handed game characters out there...and also I'm a lefty so yeah... :P

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Balthier and Laguna.

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  1. Sephiroth
  2. Genesis Rhapsodos
  3. Zack Fair
  4. Cloud Strife
  5. Noctis Lucis Caelum
  6. Vincent Valenine
  7. Vivi
  8. Zidane
  9. Balthier
  10. Lightning
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