Which Xbox360 game is better Gears of war or Halo 3?

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I would say both the games are pretty awesome to play and for that it's a draw if you guy's like Gears of war it's fine by me or Halo 3 it's fine by me so which Xbox360 game is better Gears of war or Halo 3.

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I prefer Gears of War

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They are both good although I'm kinda biased against Gears. I think Unreal Championship 2 - The Liandri Conflict was a far better game and feel that Epic should have expanded on that.

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Halo 3 for me. But that's not a mark against Gears. I played both of them for weeks. Beat Gears on Insane, solo. Same with Halo 3 on Legendary. Good times. :)

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I almost feel bad for saying it but Halo 3. Forge and theater were great and I just prefer Halo 3's gameplay, there's more variety and freedom.

Gears of War was really awesome though, great atmosphere punctuated by with humor. The behind the shoulder perspective and cover system were refreshing and the game modes being dominantly one spawn a round really helped give Gears it's own identity and force players to be more cautious. Not to mention the graphics were jaw dropping back then.

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I like Gears of war better. Never been a fan of halo

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HALO 3 , i'm a big fan of halo series . but i never really liked gears of war . its just an action shooter , but halo has a great story and art design and a beautiful sci fi universe

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Sorry. Can't compare a TPS with an FPS. Not objectively anyways.

Anyway I prefer Gears "Reall Men Hide Behind Chest High Walls" !

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Gears because it wasn't just the same old shit that they did before.