Which GTA is the best ever

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#51 Posted by Gsig (90 posts) -
I only played three grand theft auto games and they went in this order San Andreas- Planes and free roam was awesome Vice City-Retro and vercetti was a great pc Gta4- Didn't like it at all
#52 Posted by Black-October (687 posts) -

I guess I'm a black sheep here because I prefer GTA IV.

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#54 Posted by Mr_Splosher (772 posts) -


I'd say San Andreas for the gameplay. But for the music, I'd definitely pick Vice City, so many good songs on there

for both gta san andreas it had some awesome songslike snoop dog and slick rick

Free bird ftw!
#55 Posted by Black-October (687 posts) -

[QUOTE="mastacheef789"]gta4 cos da grafx was da best lol look at san andreas and compare it to gta4 lol i meen can u onestly tell me that san andres is better????? lol u guyz must be jokinbigM10231
Dude GRAPHICS dont make the game GAMEPLAY does thats why more people choose gta sa over 4

There's no reason to get bent out of shape. It's his opinion and he's entitled to it just as you are yours. If he likes IV because of the graphics then that's his choice. I'm no graphics whore myself, but I thought the graphics in GTA IV were stunning. I prefer GTA IV, but for a different reason. I thought the game mechanics were excellent. Pretty much the very reason you hated it I loved it.

#56 Posted by mariokart64fan (19690 posts) -

gta san andreas . is the best one period not on pc though that goes to 3 ,,

#57 Posted by sofaking_bob (446 posts) -
london 1969 was always my favorite... but san andreas is probably my favorite game of the last generation of gaming.
#58 Posted by tequilero (9331 posts) -

GTA III followed by San Andreas which I was playing recently.

#59 Posted by EMOEVOLUTION (8997 posts) -

the best one is San Andreas.. and that deserves a 7/10.. the rest are 6's.

#60 Posted by Tezcatlipoca666 (7241 posts) -

My favorite was Vice City. I simply enjoyed the setting, story, characters, and music more than San Andreas. I don't really like GTA4, I haven't bothered to finish it yet.

#61 Posted by Second_Rook (3680 posts) -
I would go with San Andreas, it didn't take long for me to call the franchise dead after playing GTA4. I wanted to love it, but in the words of B.B. King, "the thrill is gone."
#62 Posted by Spoiledgenius (622 posts) -

For me GTA Vice city.I really enjoy the game..

#63 Posted by krunkfu2 (4218 posts) -

Vice City

San Andreas brought in too many unneccesary elements

plus i loved how the health was in number form in vice city the bar in SA made me feel too weak

#64 Posted by archvile_78 (8384 posts) -

Despite being awesome the only problem i had with San Andreas was how many spot on the map were useless and unused. I could have thought of dozen amazing spot that would have fitted for missions modding cars, eating and such are all good to add to realism but it wasn't needed. Anyway my favorite still remain Vice City for the music and story but San andreas is close to it.

#65 Posted by chadwick1343 (940 posts) -
Vice City
#66 Posted by Ravirr (7931 posts) -

GTA III only one I could complete. It has send the ground work for all coming after it.

#67 Posted by mattsnibbs (4234 posts) -
For me it's almost a tie between Vice City. San Andreas had so much to do and explore while VC just got the whole 80's feel right. They're all great but those two are the best in my opinion.
#68 Posted by enix165 (1848 posts) -

Well, technically, I'd go with San Andreas. But...Vice City's got guys in purple tuxes and Anthrax...=D

#69 Posted by gertjan88 (31 posts) -

GTA: Vice City

#70 Posted by gameguy6700 (12197 posts) -

Vice City. GTA:SA may have had a much bigger map, more weapons, vehicles, etc., but it included WAY too many unnecessary elements that turned the game into an RPG/Action hybrid.

#71 Posted by maxx1458 (1275 posts) -

San Andreas. Although I did like Vice City's setting and story more.

#72 Posted by laurensnaudts (399 posts) -

Vice City

#73 Posted by rockguy92 (21559 posts) -
#74 Posted by DonatelloToAll (813 posts) -

San Andreas is the best I've ever played,so I'm saying San Andreas.

#75 Posted by flclfanman (86 posts) -

A tie btw III and San Andreas

#76 Posted by full_on_gamer (424 posts) -

My personal favorite (Out of playing GTAIII, Vice City, San Andreas and GTAIV) is GTA San Andreas. It was just so much fun to run around and cause chaos. Now if only there could've been a multiplayer mode without sharing the same screen....BradHummr

I agree, but you cant really cause chaos. You can run about blowing the lifeout of anything that moves but its not causing chaos. It just gets boring after doing it for many hours, and you want to go back to missions. Well thats what I think anyway!! :D But San Andreas is best, I might go and buy Vice City after reading all of this. :D Should I or not, for £4, lol?

#77 Posted by CrimsonBrute (24032 posts) -

I'd say San Andreas for the gameplay. But for the music, I'd definitely pick Vice City, so many good songs on there

I agree. SA was near perfect and VC did have some good music.
#78 Posted by savebattery (3626 posts) -
1. Vice City 2. Chinatown Wars 3. GTA III 4. GTA 2 5. Vice City Stories 6. Liberty City Stories 7. Advance 8. GTA 1+Expansions 9. San Andreas 10. GTA IV
#79 Posted by DFen (590 posts) -

I definitely agree with u man, gta san andreas is one of the best to date, the only downfall of course is the graphics but the gameplay and what it has to offer makes up for it, gta iv on the other hand is pretty good also but the city isnt that huge, all the stuff that was featured in gta san andreas they left out in gta iv, its just lacking all the good things that made gta well GREAT lol but nevertheless the multiplayer is kinda fun anyway but san andreas definitely still wins :)

#80 Posted by JJAN23 (6 posts) -

San Andreas by far. The game had so many elements that made it a classic. Most importantly, it's the only GTA game I've played where I actually emotionally invested in the characters, and that's important for any good game. It was actually rather sad when the game was over and there were no more missions to do.

For me, the story was the best of all the series, the characters were the ones most relatable, there were almost endless things to do, a huge map with a good many myths to explore. The actual setting of the game was great, if you're like me and like the whole West Coast feel. Good number of vehicles to drive, good music to listen to, it was quite enjoyable to listen to "Hellraiser" when off on a mission, or listen to Pac or Snoop and Dre.

Can't beat that, honestly, no other GTA game even comes close, in my opinion, San Andreas all the way. Unless Rockstar can bring the SA feel back to the franchise, it's on it's way to a slow death.

#81 Posted by RageQuitter69 (1366 posts) -

This topic is from 4 years ago, but it is a good topic to bump, so there is no need to lock it.

Anyway, my vote goes to GTA V as it is a combination of all the best things from the series (vehicle variety, map size and diversity, customization, aircraft and lots of them, etc) , and I think it deserved a 10/10 so come at me story whores.

#82 Posted by Pffrbt (6596 posts) -

Pretty sure none of them are better than mediocre.

#84 Posted by sukraj (23975 posts) -

No love for GTA V

#85 Posted by RageQuitter69 (1366 posts) -

@sukraj said:

No love for GTA V

Not quite no love, I consider it the best game of all time.

#86 Posted by dethtrain (457 posts) -

San Andreas. But I haven't played 5 year. Here's hoping to a PC/PS4 release this year

#87 Edited by stizzal13 (609 posts) -

San Andreas is the easy pick due to its characters, gameplay, and world. But, I am going to go with GTA III. It was one of those historic games that just blew people's minds.

#88 Posted by Jacanuk (5621 posts) -

@sukraj said:

No love for GTA V

Well, considering the thread is almost 4+ years old its hard for these people to mention GTA V when it wasn´t even out.

And god i hate these idiots who keep dragging old threads out.

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@Treflis said:
The majority will most likely say Vice City. As for me, San Andreas.

Yep, San Andreas easily.

#90 Posted by speedfreak48t5p (9481 posts) -

@RageQuitter69 said:

@sukraj said:

No love for GTA V

Not quite no love, I consider it the best game of all time.

Someone bumped a four year old thread, a time where there was no GTA V.

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The best GTA game ever is the first you played.

#92 Edited by yngsten (256 posts) -

Though I've loved them all, I gotta say III if only for the revolutionary 3D experience, it was totally new and gorgeous.

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@Monster597: V

#94 Posted by tikhung01 (3 posts) -

GTA SA...because of nostalgia maybe?

#95 Posted by udUbdaWgz1 (633 posts) -

for me, sanandreas is easily the best.

as well, gta4 was the most overrated game in the history of gaming until it was overtaken by gta5.