Which Gears of War to get?

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I tried the Judgment multiplayer demo and it was really fun. Which Gears of War should I get? Which one has the most people playing? Which one has the best online play in general? Anything else you can add?

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I would say Gears of war 3 has the most people online. Judgement was a let down compared to the other games in the franchise.

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3 and 4 are complete garbage. I don't care what anyone says, if they like 3 or 4, they probably got the shit kicked out of them in 1 and 2.

Gears of War 1, while perhaps the least popular nowadays, has some of the most brutal, visceral combat on consoles. Playing online with a few other people and facing instant death every round will get your blood pumping like few other games do.

Gears of War 2 is nice for its graphics, the addition of bots (both local and online), horde mode, and the maps. Overall, Gears 2 is the superior game. However, the online multiplayer is lacking when compared to the refinement and simplicity of Gears 1. You can't go wrong with either, but if you're not an online hound, go for Gears 2, it has more features and is very fun. Not to mention, they're both insanely cheap.

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I'd say get Gears of War 3. It probably has the most people playing and is the best Gears game for both single and multiplayer plus Horde 2.0 is simply fantastic. Judgment was pretty good but lack of Horde mode really hurt it.

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Just how active is 3? My friends are claiming it's dead. But if anyone has the possibility, could you play a few games and then tell me about your experience?

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@CapnXtraObvious: It's not dead.... There are very, very few online games, especially on consoles, that are completely dead. Gears 1 and 2 aren't dead. Dozens, if not hundreds of people still play them daily. So I'm sure Gears 3 isn't dead by now. Although, let me say, I haven't played on Xbox 360 in over a year, so things could have changed. But, judging by the fact that there were still people playing Gears of War 1 when I played last, I'm sure Gears 3 is active.

PS: Please don't get Gears 3. It's really gay, honestly. Trust me on this one.

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@mwright469: I'd like confirmation that they aren't dead. My friend's friend who plays these a lot, said 3 is dead, for example. But I dunno...I'd like confirmation from an active player here. However, if the game is dead, active players aren't likely to come by here...

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@CapnXtraObvious: Or, you could actually just go buy the game, and if you don't like it, return it? There's more to games than just the online component, especially since all the Gears games are in the sub $9.99 range...

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I just checked the numbers for Gears of War 3 and Judgment and as of right now, about 5:30 EST, Gears 3 has 8,000+ playing mp and 7,200+ playing online campaign c-op so it still seems to be pretty active. By comparison Judgment has 1,100+ playing mp.

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@mwright469: I was never a fan of the Gears of War games. But the multiplayer seemed really fun. The rest doesn't deserve my time

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@Archangel3371: Well, that sounds awesome. Thanks. Whoa, looks like I'll have to worry about Judgment instead if I ever want get that too.

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@CapnXtraObvious said:

@Archangel3371: Well, that sounds awesome. Thanks. Whoa, looks like I'll have to worry about Judgment instead if I ever want get that too.

Yeah Judgment didn't sell as well as the other games. It's not a bad game just not as good as Gears 3. I think the lack of a Horde mode hurt it. Even though the numbers are low I still didn't have too much of a problem getting some human opponents for a couple of matches. For the one mp mode there were only about 50+ people playing but I played a couple of matches with about 6 or 7 human players the rest of the 12 were AI opponents. It's drop-in, drop-out play with bots taking over any open slots so even Judgment isn't too bad except for some mp gametypes which are usually dead. Gears 3 is definitely more active though.

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Judgment is a really underrated game, the reason is because of all the critisism about the singleplayer and then people started to act allmost like a flock of sheeps leaving the multiplayer as well, im not joking. The multiplayer is actually really good in judgment and this is coming from a long time Gears vet who was ranked top 400 out of 2.6 million or something on Gears 1.

Anyways here is how i look at the Gears of War games >

Gears 1 = The most fun and original MP gameplay

Gears 2 = Best Modes, if your an offline player get this one, online kinda let me down because of stopping power making the gameplay way slower than the original gears of war

Gears 3 = Technically the best 3rd person mp shooter ever made on any Microsoft system

Gears Judgment = The most fastpaced gears game of them all, not the best overall but if you just look at it as a 3rd person shooter and take it for what it is, it is way up there in terms of multiplayer gameplay compared to other shooter franchises out there.

Here is a couple of cool gears vids of me playing some gears multiplayer if this helps you on your decision to choose what game you want to get. These two are the gears games i would recommend

Gears of war judgment >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS_Vj3teiKw

Gears of war 3 >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b3KnZ2sb1o

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Gears 2 is the best of the series for campaign and also for the multiplayer maps. They all cost bugger all now anyway so you could pick them up for about 10 bucks each and try for yourself which works the best

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exactly. I just bought an used gears2 for 2 bucks.

buy em all.