Which Game Music Makes You Feel Nostalgic?

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#1 Posted by retro82 (658 posts) -

For me it's Sonic the Hedgehog (1st stage theme music). I always experience a time travel back into those days when i listen to that.

#2 Posted by mattsnibbs (4234 posts) -
Mario Bros for me.
#3 Posted by rasshirex (36 posts) -

most of the nintendo stuff (zelda,mario etc.) and Final Fantasy 7's music

#4 Posted by K1LLR3175 (12734 posts) -
The Egyptian type theme from Super Mario 64. It started to play when you got to the level with bowser in it. I love that theme and everytime I think about it I feel abit Nostalgic.
#5 Posted by Nintendo_Man (19636 posts) -

Super Mario Galaxy.

#6 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (23877 posts) -
Sonic the hedgehog 2 ending music, and sonic the hedgehog 3 the ending credits music,
#7 Posted by deathofaninja (2075 posts) -
Anything on the Super Nintendo or Playstation.
#8 Posted by Allicrombie (25560 posts) -
The original Final Fantasy theme.
#9 Posted by jaredcsimpson (415 posts) -

Opening theme for Chuck Rock...Oh yeah...get your metal on !

#10 Posted by doll94 (1559 posts) -
super mario bros 2 character select screen music.. i dont even know why . i dont even like the game that much.
#11 Posted by broken_bass_bin (7514 posts) -

Sonic The Hedgehog

I really like the Starlight Zone music, but all of the music gives me that nostalgic feeling

#12 Posted by Ulises2012 (499 posts) -

Mario Bros for me.mattsnibbs
For me too

#13 Posted by PSX-man (417 posts) -

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PS1)

Ridge Racer (PS1)

Goldeneye 007 (N64)

Ghost in the Shell (PS1)

#14 Posted by FamiBox (5481 posts) -

NES - Duck Tales - The Moon.

#15 Posted by stike22 (3401 posts) -
Nintendo's Ochestra and music for its games. Certain FF music. Certain Sonic music. MGS music. Banjo Kazooie.
#16 Posted by izdan (741 posts) -

the music when you go into battle in final fantasy

#17 Posted by N-REAL (2436 posts) -

Xenogears and Final Fantasy VII..... :cry:

#18 Posted by ShadowedSight (1902 posts) -

Anything Final Fantasy from I to X.

#19 Posted by dragonfly110 (27076 posts) -

um, the Banjo Kazooie theme Song, and the music that plays when you get into a wild pokemon fight in Pokemon Red.

#20 Posted by yokofox33 (30360 posts) -

Megaman 3 music always makes me feel like a child again. And Pokemon music.

#21 Posted by mattykovax (22693 posts) -
The original Final Fantasy theme.Allicrombie
This,and also the main theme from zelda.
#22 Posted by travisstaggs (10562 posts) -

Each of these games make me feel nostalgic

NES: Castlevania 2, Battletoads

SNES: Chrono Trigger

Sega: Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 2, Boogerman

Ps1: Chrono Cross, FF7, FF8, FF9, Legend of Dragoon

#23 Posted by Allicrombie (25560 posts) -
[QUOTE="Allicrombie"]The original Final Fantasy theme.mattykovax
This,and also the main theme from zelda.

I really like the Link to the Past theme, I played for so many hours when it came out on SNES.
#24 Posted by l34052 (3329 posts) -

Sonic The Hedgehog 1, the music from the first level stirs very good happy memories in me.

#25 Posted by PS2_PC_FAN (969 posts) -

Any of the NES megaman games including 9.

#26 Posted by anbu-black-ops (2380 posts) -
wild arms intro... into the wilderness i think is the title.
#27 Posted by Amnesiac23 (8288 posts) -
[QUOTE="Allicrombie"]The original Final Fantasy theme.mattykovax
This,and also the main theme from zelda.

Agreed. Also, Liberi Fatali from FFVIII.
#28 Posted by yazter (454 posts) -

Megaman 3 music always makes me feel like a child again. And Pokemon music.

Ditto, one of the best music on the SNES. But I liked Final Fight the most.. the track from the ring right (with the two-sworded guy) was my favourite..
#29 Posted by GAMECAMILLER (4994 posts) -
The original Final Fantasy theme.Allicrombie
Yes, from the NES games, Snes, and psone games, popping them in and hearing the classic theme just sends me back in time. :) Chrono Cross also does the same thing for me.
#30 Posted by bigM10231 (11240 posts) -

vectorman music

#31 Posted by Megavideogamer (5595 posts) -

The N.E.S That 8-bit First Nintendo. They did manage to make the most of it's limited sound capability.

#32 Posted by chadwick1343 (940 posts) -
FF7 theme
#33 Posted by joesh89 (8489 posts) -

the music in streets of rage 2 and SFII turbo especially remind me of happy childhood times.

#34 Posted by Oveeja (76 posts) -

Xenogears, Final Fantasy VII, VIII and X, Chrono Cross. From all these the most are Xenogears and Final Fantsy VII

#35 Posted by hedden93 (5496 posts) -

Super Smash Bros for N64. I spent have my childhood playing that game and it was totally worth it.

#36 Posted by DanKC25 (82 posts) -

Whenever I hear the Star Fox boss battle theme I feel very nostalgic

#37 Posted by NoQuarterGiven (461 posts) -

StarTropics and MGS.

#38 Posted by bigbeebis (705 posts) -

The original Final Fantasy theme.Allicrombie
The same goes for me. It's used for other games in the series.

#39 Posted by Alaiura (21 posts) -
The other i was walking down the street when some kind's cell started ringing one of FF9 themes. That always makes me smile. This is the one i choose :P
#40 Posted by Cherub_Rock (215 posts) -

punch out

Dun......dun dun dun. Dun...dun dun.

Edit: missed a "dun"

#41 Posted by betamon (306 posts) -

Good question.

I think any Street Fighter 2 song for sure. Then Mario and Zelda.

#42 Posted by Talldude80 (6321 posts) -

Mario Bros for me.mattsnibbs

totally love the original SMB music. Level 1-1 or 1-2. i play my GBAsp all the time. rarely even play anything other than Super Mario Bros.

#43 Posted by tequilero (9331 posts) -

Mine is Final Fantasy victory theme,too.

#44 Posted by Menalque2 (2630 posts) -

Street Fighter II

Gunstar Heroes

NiGHTS: Into Dreams

Daytona USA

Virtua Fighter 2

The main Twinkle Park theme from Sonic Adventure

Most tracks from Sonic 3, especially the multiplayer stages

Streets of Rage 3

A few Shenmue tracks

#45 Posted by Nifty_Shark (13137 posts) -

Everything that is 16 bit and before

#46 Posted by Ashley_wwe (13412 posts) -
Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Tomb Raider 1 and 2 just as equally... can't decide. Also, I now have Tomb Raider III's main theme into my head (the Jungle-ish version) ahh...
#47 Posted by Thedesolateone7 (5 posts) -
FFVI (aka FFIII) or FFX are the most nostalgia-inducing games for me
#48 Posted by Fantasy_Devil (75 posts) -

The classic Mario music, puts me off, dunno why people love it so much...

But most of the Zelda and Final Fantasy games has great sentimental music.:P

#49 Posted by 573927345 (48 posts) -

The Music for the Apple market in Megaman Legends....

#50 Posted by Klemna (30 posts) -
Any song from a Goemon game. lol what a weird series