Where's the hype for Doom 4?

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The talk of the recent announcement and teaser of Doom 4 has been quite lackluster imo, especially for such a revolutionary series. It's a disgrace and yeah, that maybe accounts to it not being Fallout 4 but Doom 3 was great, I applaud the change in gameplay from mindless shooter to survival shooter with horror elements.

Why isn't Doom 4 getting the attention it deserves? Id tech engine? not being Fallout 4? It plain being Doom and Doom 3 was shit in your opinion?


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Because it was a teaser trailer with no in-game footage. Wait for Quakecon, then they may have something of substance to talk about at any length.

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The two games I'm most hyped for are

1. fallout 4

2. doom 4

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The hype for Doom 4 died with the horrible game they call Doom 3.

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I guess they are waiting for games to be hype about.

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We haven't seen enough of the game.

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@Jacanuk said:

The hype for Doom 4 died with the horrible game they call Doom 3.


Also I think ID have not been watching what has happen to FPS for a while. They are using some very old FPS staging that is out of date. Even Wolfenstein the New Order had a large amount of it.

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They haven't released much info about it yet, wait for Quakecon things will pick up then as well as when the beta demo will be released. I really enjoyed Doom 3 so I'm pretty pumped for Doom 4.

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They haven't showed any gameplay yet

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Id software is no longer a respected developer. I still love them and their games though.

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Because so far there's only been a teaser which is simply a " We're working on the next Doom game" message . I'm looking forward to Quakecon when we might get a little more info and maybe a small gameplay video to get some interest.

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Uncharted and Bloodborne were of the same vein in terms of offering, yet they received an insane amount of hype.

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I'm psyched as well, it's a new Doom game after all

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Have you seen gameplay? Because I haven't.

I can't by hyped about a game that hasn't had anything shown for it besides a single, minute-long teaser. Even though I loved Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil.

I'm almost a little pessimistic considering none of the original id Soft staff are left at id. Not even Carmack. It might end up just being a modern shooter in the guise of Doom... which would make it a terrible game.

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Well if the new wolfenstein is anything to go by, it could be good.

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@Chozofication said:

Well if the new wolfenstein is anything to go by, it could be good.

Wolfenstein New Order is not a bad game but he has a number of problem with it that keeps it from being one of the better games. I would played a number of CoD games before I play it again.

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I think it's because Doom fans have burnt out waiting for this game and have moved on. I was pumped when I heard Doom 4 was being worked on shortly after the release of Doom 3 but then there were talks of a cancellation or talks about the game being scrapped and being reworked on etc.. I pretty much lost interest like I lost interest in Duke Nukem Forever. Glad I did too because when I played it, I wasn't expecting anything good out of it and it was a pretty damn bad game.

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We all know its going to be nothing like the other Doom games but perhaps it'll be a good game itself, we can only wait and see.

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It just needs more co-op....

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Quakecon is when the hype will really start building up.

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

It just needs more co-op....

Doom 3 had co-op, so Doom 4 might have it as well. No way to tell for sure though.

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I mean Local Co-op.

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My guess is that people are smelling crap, hence the lack of hype. After Daikatana and Duke Nukem Forever, when a game gets delayed, cancelled, resurrected, put on hold, scrapped and redone as a reboot and the lead designers leave the project, its popularity goes down the drain.

Hopefully not, hopefully it will be amazing, but I'm bracing for worst possible scenario. Still, the only thing they need to do is remake Doom 2 with modern graphics. We don't even need any new guns or monsters. Just make Doom 2 with next-gen graphics and physics. How can you fuck that up?

My hope is that the game is exactly that and it was put on hold for no reason other than the publisher thinking it was too old school to sell.

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we haven't seen anything yet.

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@sukraj said:

we haven't seen anything yet.

This. If the game looks great when they gameplay there will be hype.

There is too much time inbetween installments for the majority to get excited about a teaser unlike games like Uncharted,

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meh, I dont get hyped for Id Software games anymore.

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After I played The New Order all my hype for Doom 4 vapourised.

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@hello505 said:

Uncharted and Bloodborne were of the same vein in terms of offering, yet they received an insane amount of hype.

because both companies have a track record for great/popular games that have been released in the past few years. Naughty Dog is Naughty Dog and Bloodborne is being done by the guy responsible for Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Doom 3 was awhile ago and Id is largely perceived as a tech company first and a game developer second. So much time between games has made them a bit irrelevant to a lot of gamers.

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@Star0 said:

After I played The New Order all my hype for Doom 4 vapourised.

Why is that? I do agree with you. I just want to hear you reasoning.

My biggest problem with the New order is that the staging is from the Doom 2 time and is out of date. There are just too many narrow hallways and most FPS have much wider areas to fight through and even the narrow areas have more to them.

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@Star0 said:

After I played The New Order all my hype for Doom 4 vapourised.

Yeah, I agree with this. I did not get why people kept saying New Order was "shockingly good". It was another mediocre me too FPS. Same old stuff, different day. A boiler plate FPS can be a good time, if it's executed well at least. But New Order just felt "off" pretty much all the time. Like it just had no soul at all.

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People are worried that it'll be consolized . So they are waiting for actual footage to judge it .

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Wolfenstein: The New Order was developed by Machine Games (ex Starbreeze members), not id Software. I believe people aren't hyping Doom 4 because id Software pratically doesn't exist anymore. Most of their talent (the people who created Doom and the very FPS genre) has left the company.

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@Randolph; @wiouds

Poor AI, linear levels, the dreaded enemy wave mechanic [supersoldatens x 1000 does not equate to great game-play. After a while it just becomes annoying], lack of interactivity etc.

I enjoyed the first 11 chapters on the hardest setting then gave up. It just got too repetitive for me. Shoot, kill, move on, shoot, kill, move on. There's no variety. I loved the weapon heft, they got that spot on and the music is excellent as are the cut-scenes. Kind of a dick move they pulled after the opening chapter and then throughout the game with the short follow up base levels.

It's just an average game all round, to be honest. Not exactly good to look at either.