Where do you think the next ES game should take place?

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I totally think it should be Valenwood. I'm all about nice looking worlds and there is so much potential for an enchanted forest like area such as Valenwood.

I will be very disappointed if it is not Valenwood, but what about you?

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Will they stick with the Dominion storyline or jump forward an age as they always seem to do with each sequel? If they're sticking with it, Valenwood makes a lot of sense as it was seized by the Dominion by way of an internal coup. Many of the wood elves are still loyal to the empire from my understanding, so it would certainly be a good place to continue the story. However...that's basically the same situation as Skyrim so it might also be kinda redundant. Spanning the Summerset Isles and Hammerfell would be good in my book, as they are the two seats of power in this war, with Hammerfell being the only nation defeating the Dominion in open war.

If they're jumping forward/back in time, who knows? How bout Elsweyr? Been a while since we've gone there and it's the polar opposite of Skyrim's climate, so it would certainly make for a change of scenery.

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Either Valenwood or Sumerset. Those would be awesome.

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the giant migratory trees of valenwood would be a cool setting although i suspect bethesda would get rid of them if they made a game there. still, the bosmer live so close to nature that i doubt there would be any big congregations of people. this would fit well with bethesda's problems making giant cities.

i'd like to see black marsh too. you'd slog your way through dark and dirty swamps to find the pristine architecture of the ayneids, only to discover daedric magic in the ruins.