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When playing stealth em ups do you like to spill some blood, go for non lethal, or avoid confrontation all together?

Also what is your favourite stealth em up series/game?

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I like to think that some of these guys are just doing their jobs, they got a family back home that depends on "cookie cutter guard number 3". So I won't kill anybody I don't have to. Thats I love hitman... Infact in hitman I don't even knock them out for their disguises..... I don't want them to get fired either. :p

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Lulu thats an awesome way to play haha.

I hate getting discovered. Been playing MGS V Ground Zero lately on PS4 and I got bored and ended up running around seeing how long I could last just picking up bodies and throwing them at the guard, then picking up that guard and throwing him at the next and so on...

Generally though, I dont mind killing the odd guard but I dont like to take them all down as it starts to feel unrealistic. I like to be completely un-detected, I'm just not good enough to achieve it.

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absolute favourite was Tenchu on PS1. i also liked the early Hitmans, but i haven't played the new ones cos they seem too same-old same-old.

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I always go for non lethal. My favourite stealth series is Hitman.

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@Lulu_Lulu: it's only a game, live a little lol

I guess you will be running up to the guards in watch dogs and hugging them, hacking their bank accounts and putting money in their account lol, I think I read an article that said you will be able to get background details on guards e.g wife kids etc which will make the player think twice b4 killing them, I don't know if we would see the effect on the family if we killed the guard, but it's only a game gosh darn it lol.

Saying that, the fort take overs on AC4 when you have to kill the guy to complete the fort takeover, I always think "I wish there was another way" as he begs for his life but there isn't another way you have to kill him bless him.

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Haven't played many stealth games but in deus ex hr I found stealth somewhat boring/tedious so I run and gunned my way through.

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For me one, my coolest Stealth moment was in Prototype.... Yes Prototype has Stealth ! :p

anyway, I snuck into the base (Far Cry style) and quitely killed all 30 soldiers on the inside with out being detected (the minimum requirement is usually just 3 soldiers)..... It was a Slow and Silent Masacre ! :D.

Its very unfortunate that Prototype is dead and infamous lives on.... :(

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@thereal25: stealth requires a lot of waiting around peeking round corners waiting to make your move, I can see why some would find that boring, but I love it. It's good to have the option to go loud though.

Deus ex HR is one of my favourite games of all time.

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I did kill everybody at first.... But sometimes the guards talk... They talk about the favourite sport or bitch about their wives... It humanized them and I began to feel alil guilty. In the Absolution tutorial mission, when you finaly scale up the cliff side of the house... One of the guards was standing right by the window preventing me from pass through, but he was on his phone, judging from the side of the conversation that I could hear. He just got great news from his Urologist, probably just dodged a major STD, and couldn't wait to take his dick out for a spin when he gets off his shift.... I didn't want to take that away from him. It seemed really important to him... So I waited, he finnished his call and then he left, I got passed the window with my integrity and morals intact ! :D

best hitman game ever ! ! !

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oooo I like Stealth games . I'm a fan of MGS , Splinter Cell , Deus Ex and Hitman . and My favorite Stealth game is Hitman Blood Money .

mostly because it requires Strategy and Thinking and my main goal is not being detected at all . If i get detected I'll load from last checkpoint .

I've beaten Deus Ex HR and Hitman Blood Money without killing anyone . ^_^

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Thats an Odd achievement for a game called "Hitman"..... ;) just kidding... I know what you meant.

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@Lulu_Lulu: @kingcrimson24: haha yeh I do that with splinter cell black list, if you get spotted you have like 2 secs to take em down b4 they raise the alarm, if they raise the alarm I reset.

@LULU: your to nice. I may have to look into this HM Absolution.

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lol. I've come a long way from Killing hookers in GTA SA. :p.... I've grown as a person.

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I'm glad you liked deus ex hr. I was SUPER hyped about it before it came out but somehow the game just didn't quite do it for me. Probably my bias from having played the (incredible) original.

Having said that though, I might give another run through with stealth sometime - but I just don't like how the boss encounters kind of force you to have good combat skills.

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@Lulu_Lulu: lol it's to late for you your going to video game hell lol

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I like to be stealthy and deadly and take out all guards (if the level allows it without failing) with a silenced weapons and/or hand combat. My favorite series will always be Splinter Cell. Sam Fisher is a bad ass and I love creeping through different environments taking dudes out with some of the coolest gadgets ever. Deus Ex was good about that too. I loved using my hacking powers to turn their machines against them. Nothing says win like bloodshed by their own bots!

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@Lulu_Lulu: except the targets of course :p same with Boss fights in Deus Ex HR

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But I'm sorry ! ! ! :(

I guess theres no coming back from certain things..... And yet Fallout 3 lets you live down blowing up an entire town !

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Depends on the game. In games where there's an emphasis on human life (in its narrative themes) I will always try to go non lethal simply because games like that make me feel bad about killing bad guys. Plus I find that non lethal is a lot easier to cover up and makes you less likely to be caught. It's just quieter.

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I've been meaning to get around to playing. The updates in the Director's Cut really caught my Interest, particularly the stealth for bosses thing (reminded me of Fighting Mr. Freeze in Arkham City). Its the One thing Bioshock has always been missing.

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@thereal25: @jasean79: I loved hacking the turret in deus ex HR then carring that mofo around with me as long as the level permitted, I even managed to take one to the boss fight with Jaron Namir.

@Thereal25: I really didn't like the boss fights but luckily they were few and far between.

Played deus ex ps1 and invisible war xbox amazing games.

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I play based on whether it makes the game more fun. So in SC Blacklist, I found that a non-lethal, no-takedowns walkthrough was the absolute best way to play it. On the other hand, in AC4 although it is possible to get through most of the game unarmed, doing non-lethal takedowns, it just wasn't a fun way to play. Double assassinations with the hidden blade are just so satisfying, not to mention ledge takedowns and aerial assassinations.

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Deus ex for Ps1 and invisible war for Xbox were amazing, you said that right. I remember in invisible war with the final boss fight I kept using my invisibility shield and attacking the bosses. They could never figure out where I was coming from. Good times.

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@Lulu_Lulu: "I guess theres no coming back from certain things..... And yet Fallout 3 lets you live down blowing up an entire town !"

Yeah I'm on my third play through with F3 and I still can't bring myself to blow up megaton it just seems so wrong to do that lol

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Go For it !... You can get your Karma up again by giving a bum a 500 bottles of water.

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@ariabed said:

When playing stealth em ups do you like to spill some blood, go for non lethal, or avoid confrontation all together?

Also what is your favourite stealth em up series/game?

With how few stealth games there is, i always go full stealth.

There is enough brainless "i go Rambo" games out there so no reason to also ruin a game when the devs try to give you some stealth.

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@groowagon: "absolute favourite was Tenchu on PS1. i also liked the early Hitmans, but i haven't played the new ones cos they seem too same-old same-old."

Yep tenchu was a good game for its time, big open environments good stealth mechanics and sword play you really felt like a ninja. I'm thee same with Hitman last one I played was blood money. Don't even know how many there has been since that one.

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Non lethal if I can help it. Just from a role playing and efficiency perspective.

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@Lulu_Lulu: yeh my in game karma might be restored but my soul will be forever blackened :)

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If you're Character's Intelligence is below 10 then you can just Plea an insanity defense

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I heard there will be a Deus Ex for next gen too ( Deus Ex Universe ? ) . lets hope the fish AI gets fixed :D

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@Lulu_Lulu: I think boss fights in Human Revolution weren't that bad . Reviewers didn't like it because they thought it takes away the choice of being stealthy . but I think those 3 Action Boss fights (won't count the ending boss ) in a 20 hour game (which I played it Stealthy all the way) were a good break and actually quite fun . I won't pay again for directors cut :p

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Yeah... I mean that was how the game was suppose to have been in the 1st Place ! Now they want you to buy it again.

Its like Capcom and Super Streetfighter IV.

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@kingcrimson24: @Lulu_Lulu:

"If you're Character's Intelligence is below 10 then you can just Plea an insanity defense"


@Kingcrimson24: I heard there will be a Deus Ex for next gen too ( Deus Ex Universe ? ) . lets hope the fish AI gets fixed :D


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Theres Fish ? :o

#37 Posted by Ariabed (1620 posts) -

No thread I will not let you die!!!

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@ariabed said:

When playing stealth em ups do you like to spill some blood, go for non lethal, or avoid confrontation all together?

Also what is your favourite stealth em up series/game?

I definitely don't kill anybody. Once in a while I try to ghost it so that I leave all the guards on patrol and just sneak by them, but that's often more trouble than it's worth, and depending on the game, aggravating. Generally, I do non-lethal takedowns - especially in games where you can interrogate them, since you get more info, and it's fun to casually walk around and explore a cleared out area for loot and subtext. I really enjoyed MGS V Ground Zeroes where you can 'hold up' everyone on the base. Takes a while, but the Intel and sense of accomplishment are worth it. While I think that the MGS games are great stealth titles, I supremely enjoyed Deus Ex Human Revolution's stealth, and despite the fact that it didn't sell well, I adored Splinter Cell Black List. Dishonored was also really solid, though not as exciting for me as similar game Deus Ex.

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I try to go in stealthy, but in the end I usually end up clearing the entire area of enemies. I'm not very good at playing stealthy

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I like the stealthy approach. Non lethal, hacking, incapacitating and other creative ways of getting to the goal. If I wanted to spill blood, there's plenty of other games that would allow me to do so. If the option is there, and it's enjoyable, stealth all the way.

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@donalbane: I'm glad someone finally mentioned dishonoured, I like it a lot the gameplay is really good the powers are cool, and it's a unique game gameplay wise. I like to be stealthy but deadly I can't help but slay everyone, I may play it through again and try keep chaos to a minimum.

I don't see the fun in just ghosting past everyone, it maybe challenging but not fun especially if you have to come back through that area and sneak past them all again. I love stealth but I like to get my hands dirty.

MGS is prob my favourite stealth series, I think their games are consistently good, when I first played MGS1 all those years ago it blew me away. Splintercel is my second favourite series though after chaos theory I left the series and only returned when blacklist came out. Yes Deus ex I played all their games it's an amazing series, I was excited for deus ex hr and it didn't disappoint, can't wait for the next one hopefully it will be set in a time when the bio mods(more advanced mods) are available.

Actually, flip that round deus ex then splintercell.

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@Lulu_Lulu: you're far too kind. :o

I take everyone out. Unless it affects the score, like in mgs.

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When it is a stealth game I try to play it like it should be played, "stealthily." I try to avoid confrontation. Maintaining contact with targets only, or even of that is avoidable, I'll avoid it. But then some stealth action games do call for you to confront the enemy. I go for non lethal in that case.

My favorite stealth series would be Splinter Cell series while my fav stealth game would be Hitman Blood Money.

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I find the non lethal way to be more challenging and rewarding, but sometimes going the bloody path while staying in the shadows makes you look like a badass, so that's fun too. Generally I tend for the first option, it's more professional :D

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Most people think its those choice moments like in The Walking Dead or Mass Effect that best execute moral dilemas..... but I've always believed Hitman and Bioshock 2 do it much much better. In hitman the developers had 10 seconds to humanize one of the many cookie cutter guards (or else they're just another obsacle in your way). And I just find it way more effective than the game coming to a complete halt just to give me an ultimatum.... And on top of that theres no commitment or follow through.

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No kill no alert. I am not good at it but I always try to get better. Love Metal Gear been playing since the original with the nes port, also really loved the original Thief games.

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The best stealth games offer "ghost runs" or going through an entire level without anyone noticing you or you leaving any evidence of your presence (including killing someone). It's extremely rewarding to accomplish, especially in difficult games.

The first three Thief games are excellent for this.

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Heres another problem with Hitman.... The difference between the methods in which you deal with targets isn't emphasized enough. Heres the Problem, when you sneak up behind a guy you can either Kill Him or Knock hiim out... But the only is like 3 seconds.... If you knock him out they never wake up again... They might aswell just be dead. Another thing is theres no blood stains when you shoot someone with a silenced pistol. Adding these lil features will go an extremely long way to making the game alot more strategic.

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My philosophy when playing stealth games is stay undetected and clean-handed and if things go wrong then do whatever it takes to contain the situation even if it means killing a guard. Favorite games are Dishonored(well.. I killed some more because I wanted revenge :P), Hitman Absolution and Deus Ex HR(when played stealthily).

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I've been playing Dishonored. I'm beginning to wonder if the title refers to the accusation against you or the person it turns you into throughout the campaign. I mean, being the empress's bodyguard and being framed for her assassination and her daughter's kidnapping can be pretty dishonoring, but then, so can performing evil deeds for not-great people in order to get the currency required to upgrade your occult abilities. Perhaps even more so.

Personally, I enjoy the challenge in killing every enemy on a given map without being spotted. Particularly when that creepy clockwork heart tells me something particularly nasty about them.