What's your favourite Onimusha game?

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#1 Posted by GreekGameManiac (6439 posts) -

Onimusha 3 for me,my friend chose the first game though.

#2 Posted by kitty (115012 posts) -
I've only played one and two, loved them both. I'd like to get my hands on 3 and dawn of dreams
#3 Posted by Business_Fun (2282 posts) -

Onimusha 3, on account if its great looks, brutal combat and the opportunity to play as Jean Reno. J'arrive!

#4 Posted by SonOfChewbacca (653 posts) -

Warlords: Definitely the creepiest and most "survival horror" of the two that I've played.

Samurai's Destiny: Had great action, was longer, and deeper. It also had some of the best pre-rendered backgrounds until REmake came out.

Demon Siege: Purchased it not too long ago and have yet to play it, but it has Samanosuke returning and Jean ****ing Reno, so I'm looking forward to it.

So, between the first and second game, I think I'll go with the sequel, but the first I have far more nostalgia for :)

#5 Posted by LordBrew (269 posts) -

I've only played the second game but I'm eager to play the rest of the series based on how good number 2 was.

#6 Posted by Blueresident87 (5340 posts) -

2 is my favorite

#7 Posted by LJSEXAY (1866 posts) -
I only played the first one.
#8 Posted by benleslie5 (7994 posts) -

I like the 1st game and Dawn of Dreams

#9 Posted by Alchemist3001 (120 posts) -

Dawn of Dreams. It had a faster pace than the previous games, which was one of the things I enjoyed the most about it.

#10 Posted by thebest31406 (3586 posts) -
Onimusha 2. The gift system was quite cool.
#11 Posted by SciFiCat (1750 posts) -
Onimusha 3, the 3D environments really enhanced the gameplay and you get to play a freaking Jean Reno and his weapons and skills are bad ass.
#12 Posted by Eikichi-Onizuka (8173 posts) -
I really like all four of them, if I had to pick I think I would go with 3. I also liked Onimusha Tactics for the GBA. I didn't care much for the fighting game.
#13 Posted by LP4EVA2005 (8585 posts) -
I only played the first one.LJSEXAY
#15 Posted by Bubble_Man (3098 posts) -

The 1st one. I didn't enjoy the 2nd one as much and never tried the 3rd.

#16 Posted by TheZanmato (23 posts) -

Dawn of Dreams is the best in the world! It's even better than the original Onimusha trylogy! :) It's just a perfect game :)