What's your favourite Grand Theft Auto game?

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#1 Posted by ShermheadRyder (83 posts) -
For me it has to be San Andreas. Best video game in history. PS Apologies for having to group I, II and III together. Only allowed five answers to a poll!
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III should have had its own choice instead of the 'Stories' games.

#3 Posted by SoNin360 (5604 posts) -
San Andreas. GTAIV was great, but the open world and overall enjoyment wasn't up there with San Andreas. On the flip side, San Andreas hasn't exactly aged well, but it still remains on of my favorite games of all time.
#4 Posted by Namgis (3591 posts) -

The next one. Each time they up the ante and improve the formula. I see no reason to expect anything different with V. So on topic, right now it's IV.

#5 Posted by isv666 (114 posts) -

Went with San Andreas.  I feel it was a great culmination of all the previous GTA games.  IV was just too serious and dull for me, even though I still overall enjoyed it.

#6 Posted by Ballroompirate (23446 posts) -

Have to go with GTA 4

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#8 Posted by drekula2 (1952 posts) -

1. San Andreas

2. GTA IV + Episodes

3. Vice City


5. The portable games

#9 Posted by nyc05 (10183 posts) -

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is my favorite.

#10 Posted by marcheegsr (2962 posts) -

For me, Vice city. I like the whole Scarface feel to it. San andreas is not too far off.

#11 Posted by benleslie5 (7923 posts) -

Vice City was my favourite in the series

#12 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (6579 posts) -
Easily San Andreas.
#13 Posted by HipHopBeats (2921 posts) -

San Andreas followed by Vice City. The rest were crap but GTAV looks like it may take the title as best in series.

#14 Posted by Jacanuk (5158 posts) -
[QUOTE="ShermheadRyder"]For me it has to be San Andreas. Best video game in history. PS Apologies for having to group I, II and III together. Only allowed five answers to a poll!

I don´t have just one But GTA IV for its story and immerision followed by GTA VC and GTA SA But for its map, creative extra things and time spent, its GTA SA, then GTA IV/GTA VC
#15 Posted by famicommander (8524 posts) -
1. Vice City 2. Chinatown Wars 3. Grand Theft Auto III 4. Grand Theft Auto 2 5. Vice City Stories 6. Liberty City Stories 7. Grand Theft Auto+expansions 8. GTA Advance 9. San Andreas 10. Grand Theft Auto IV+expansions I dislike San Andreas but can have fun with parts of it. IV is one of the worst games I have ever played.
#16 Posted by MirkoS77 (7975 posts) -
Chinatown Wars.
#17 Posted by rojbin100 (60 posts) -
For me, it is san Andreas.
#18 Posted by RageQuitter69 (1297 posts) -

San Andreas, I still play it frequently, easily the game I have put the most hours in.

#19 Posted by sukraj (23441 posts) -

San Andreas

#20 Posted by I-AM-N00B (410 posts) -

GTA 4 - I spent alot of hours playing this game, and while you can just have fun messing around, I also found the storyline to be one of the best in gaming history! All the other GTA games were good but for me GTA 4 is currently the best in the series by a distance, and hopefully GTA 5 will be even better!

#21 Posted by Bigboi500 (30409 posts) -

San Andreas. Beat it like six times lol.

#22 Posted by Michael0134567 (28651 posts) -

IV's the best.

#23 Posted by shellcase86 (1934 posts) -

Was IV, but V is taking its place.

#24 Posted by Ricardomz (2329 posts) -

San Andreas > Vice City > IV > Stories Series > III > Old GTA games

But I think GTA V will have a place on 1st or 2nd on my list.

#25 Posted by nooblet69 (5162 posts) -

San Andreas stands out as the one with best gameplay and features / story. Though I do have really good memories of GTA 3 and Gta Vice City. The newest installments were the weakest imo.

#26 Posted by spike6958 (4938 posts) -
Vice City is my personal favorite, I have a lot of great memories of that game. I really hope they go back there in a future game.
#27 Posted by Jimn_tonic (819 posts) -

never played 1,2

3 got a little repetative after a while.

SA had too many useless features to it, as well frustrating rural environments.

IV would probably be real fun to play. Too bad i couldn't see it.

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I'd go vith VC

#28 Posted by Eikichi-Onizuka (8063 posts) -

Hard for me to pick, I like San Andreas a bit more for the gameplay additions but like the world/story more in Vice City. From what I've seen I think my favorite will soon be V.

#29 Posted by Granny_Spanked (1326 posts) -

I like III.

#30 Posted by dbtbandit67 (353 posts) -

san andreas, best story, RPG elements


4 was a big improvement in core gameplay, but i couldnt take those accents. the only character in 4 that captured the essence of san andreas was Little Jacob. that guy was a thug, he was down for whatever. but thats 1 guy. in san andreas, everyone was like that

#31 Posted by jcopp72 (5341 posts) -
San Andreas
#32 Posted by The_Last_Ride (73501 posts) -
Vice City was my favorite